Wednesday, February 6, 2008


1. my husband is so proud. he finally beat our ten year old in chess.

2. that photo/drawing from below was supposed to be part of a post. i had meant to put it in draft this morning .. but, alas, it was fun to come back from work and find such nice comments.

3. it's extremely windy outside. the wind is beating and flapping against .. you know ..what's it called? .. oh, yeah .. the great outdoors ..

4. this wednesday morning i was late for work. but only because i was on my way to a place i work at on thursdays.. oh well .. that's what i get for working at more than one place during the week.

5. this afternoon i drove the 30 minutes back home only to realize that i left my purse at work. since i work at another place tomorrow i drove 30 minutes back to retrieve the purse ...
all together i spent 2 hours on the road today. ....because i'm so spacey at times ..

6. apparently my brownies cause me to have headaches. every time i eat one lately, i come down with a headache. i ate one earlier ... headache. drats ... and i make good brownies too.
i do know that chocolate can be a cause of migraines.

7. yesterday i successfully met a deadline which looms dauntingly every year. 90 invitations had been sent .. by me, 90 names submitted to the newspaper .. by me, 90 art pieces matted and correctly identified (whew) .. yes, by me.. the turn out was great, folks were pleased, children were pleased, i was pleased and even managed to enjoy myself. my initial instinct is to always call in sick when this once a year art exhibition occurs. i'm actually by nature fairly shy.. but, i've learned to overcome ..

8. today i had a professional observation.. he was pleased .. and of course, i was pleased that he was pleased.

9. i do have a headache right now.. it's that brownie i couldn't resist earlier.

10. oh, that photo from below .. yes, i was rummaging over the weekend and came across an old portfolio case. i unzipped it and came across drawings from 1989. these drawings were done during weekly life drawing sessions .. for the first time in my life i was able to draw from a life nude models. this was not a graduate class. a group of students and professors planned and pooled money to hire models who posed for us during the drawing sessions. those faces i posted below were 5 minute charcoal gestural drawings of a friend of mine who posed for the first time.

....actually, it was also after one of these sessions that a male model asked me out. i had never been asked out by a nude man. but, alas... mr. foam was already in my life.. and even though i was able to check out the goods and could have conceivably been tempted .. i am faithful to a fault .. even though we weren't married at the time ..

11. on the 16th or 17th of this month mr foam and i will celebrate a wedding anniversary. after forgetting that date for yeeeeeeeaaaaaaars ..
i finally am starting to remember .. i remembered last year and now this year .. i'm so proud of myself ... see .. at least now i sort of remember the date .. 16th or 17th? ah, the exact date is not that important, i reckon we will have been married 15 years . it's really just a technicality since we've been living together for 25 years come this summer.
we met 25 years during the last day of august in germany .. and pretty much without much further ado we moved in with each other ...

12. yah, i met mr foam at my kayaking lake in germany. i was supposed to meet a girl friend, but she stood me up, abandoned me to my fate .. yeah, it's all her fault... :). and although i knew i had been dumped, i didn't mind being by myself, minding my own business, laying on my tummy in the sun reading a book called "Uncle Sam Must Be Loosing the War: Black Marines of the 51st" by an author named Bill Downey". (I only remember the author because i could google the title) The other book i had with me was a book about sharks amongst the great barrier reefs of australia .. can't quite remember the title of the book though. i was working at a library on an air force base at the time and came across all kinds of interesting books.
anywho, i only noticed mr foam because he was not only laying close to the proximity of where i told my friend i would be. he was also playing really loud music from a tape deck ...The Police.. and at the time I could have cared less about that band. the future mr foam was obviously an american g.i. with the typical american g.i. haircut, bermuda type swim trunks (at the time german men and boys wore little olympic type swim trunks). oh, and he was a very pink young man, possibly the pinkest man i had ever set eyes upon....
however, my glance in his direction was only cursury, slightly glaring .. the music annoyed me. i had decided to withdraw into the world of books and loose myself within by minding my own business. i had pulled a t-shirt over my head to keep the sun off my head. i was slightly astonished, but not by much when a male voice politely asked if he could borrow my sun screen lotion. of course i lent my future boyfriend/spouse some sun screen.
oh, he still burns easily, btw... tsk.... these fair skinned folk with their blue eyes..

i guess, i'm reminiscing because of looming anniversaries ... .. and lately the titans have been clashing a lot .. a cacophonous noise of clashing discordant cymbals.. oh, but then there's the loving .. the casual, yet lustful grope under the blankets.. yes, the sex is great after 25 years .. oh, and he did recently tell me that i'm getting sexier and sexier all the time ..
we have similar tastes in music, art, politics .... we have many things in common.
i guess, we'll get through this roughish type patch of married life too ..

to post or not to post..
the last part was not a snippet at all..


ThursdayNext said...

I love this snippets from your life. I only wish I got headaches when I ate brownies, for I would be two sizes smaller! xoxo

foam said...

good heavens, thursday..
you read the unedited version.
this one is cleaned up .. sort of..

The Ramblin Irishman said...

So your man thinks you are still a sexy babe... nothing wrong with that. I didn't know chocolate gave you headaches. No wonder my head hurts all the time. I LOVE my chocolate binges.

Monique said...

Flipping heck! You call that snippets? I've got a headache now!

Anonymous said...

is good
if you're foamie :)

¤ ¤ ¤


Anonymous said...

is good
if you're foamie :)

¤ ¤ ¤


Anonymous said...

is so true
i posted it twice!



HLiza said...

Yummm..the brownies and the greater sex life..I feel it too after many, many years of togetherness. It's nice that sex feels sexier after all those long years huh! Oh the joy of life..

Ruela said...

I come back tomorrow!

Need a few hours to read everything


The Phosgene Kid said...

I think the title of the shark book is "Why Australians Don't Swim". Happy early anniversary!!!

foam said...

when i was looking into possible things that could trigger a migraine, chocolate was one of the food items that came up.

usually i'm not so long winded ..
take a couple of aspirin and chill .. :)

it can be..
it can be..

no need to apologize .. i repeat myself all the time ..

:) .. yes, some things do age well with age .. :)

oh my ... hours? please, don't worry about it ..:) it's really not worth it anyways..

yes, come to think of it, that very well may have been the subtitle ..

X. Dell said...

(1) I'm wondering what you're putting in your brownies. It would be a shame if you've developed an allergy to chocolate.

(2) I'm glad the show came off great, but I'm not surprised.

(3) Professional observation? For your teaching, or for your art?

(4) I can't recall getting asked out by a naked man before (or a naked woman, for that matter). So you're one up on me.

I do see the advantage of that, though. No surprises.

(5) Mr. Foam has excellent taste.

..................... said...
1. all ingredients in my brownies are legal ..
yah, but that is a good point.
3. professional observation for my teaching ..
4. well, i've never been asked out by a naked woman either ..
5. thank you..

LADY LUXIE said...


Fun snippety' snippets to read! Oooooh' you have me thinking of brownies...I want one as well!


Kate said...

soooo sorry i missed this when you initially wrote it. thats what i get for retreating into my 'meatspace' as xdell would say.

Great about the observation and the invites! You have been busy!

How is Mom?

happy anniversary soon. you may as well celebrate the entire month! lol then you are sure to be on time!

Oh and about those brownies... you could add a little something something to them... it'll cure what ails ya I hear! lol (ya not my speed either, but your comment did remind me of a THAT 70'S SHOW episode with them in it... everyone was stoned! lol

Have a great day FOam. Hey, I texted you from NJ did you ever get it?

foam said...

hey kate,
what's texting? ;)
besides, i'm already spacey enough as it is .. special brownie ingredients are certainly not what i need .. lol ..

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Great post! Your husband sounds very wise.

Indigo said...

Yay! Fun snippets!! :)

I was always pretty bad at chess. I'm glad you're celebrating an anniversary soon.

I've read that chocolate can cause headaches. This body has a defect that makes a 45-day heaadache happen on 2-year intervals. No chocolate for a month-and-a-half during that time. Ugh!

I always liked the Police, but Sting ended up being kinda wimpy, heh heh.

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