Thursday, February 7, 2008

snippets ... cont..

  • at work this morning i noticed that my drivers license was not in my wallet. why i felt the need to check it out is a long story. alas, my license was at home .... sigh ...and the reason i had to take it out of my wallet the evening before is also a long story ..sigh again ..

....and this is for ruela, basically the condensed and shortened version of what is written below.

  • foam is spacey. if she didn't have her head attached to her body she would loose it.
  • her head is in the clouds and her brain a fluff of feathers when it comes to dealing with ....



Anonymous said...

is married
for 25 years...

foam is no feather

foam is strong and smart and sexy

and creative and fun

in the real

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

well, i see you are a wise one too .. ;)
and thank you..
that's very nice of you to say..

Piercing The Veil said...

i did have that moment this morning ... i was supposed to stopped on the 82nd street ... but i was floating but ironical i was absorbed with some thoughts and then i realized I was already on the 84th.... i said to myself "geez... what have i been thinking?...what was i thinking???"

and to think i saw a leaf being flown like a feather by the wind....while walking and thinking.

gd am foam

HLiza said...

Am I the one who wrote this? I'm just as forgetful as you LOL..this is one obvious reason why I get lectures nowadays from everybody, even from my 8 year old daughter..sigh..

Little Lamb said...

I can be like that, too.

foam said...

that leaf you saw floating was probably mine ..

yes, i'm thinking being spacey can be a universal condition .. :)

yah, perhaps we all can be at times ..

X. Dell said...

You're an artist. It's your job to be spacy. Wear it proudly, like a badge.

Pink said...

foam is cool.

Ruela said...

foam is double cool ;)

..................... said...
i'd wear it proudly ..
but i just can't find my spacey badge ..i misplaced it..

pink, ruela ..
i'll take cook and double cool ..
works for me ..:)

All of Me said...

oh but i love feathers...this way you can fly. i am spacey too and sometimes this is not an entirely bad feeling...

foam said...

well, i love feathers too ..
i love getting lost in my thoughs ..
when they are good..
but this spaceyness was accompanied by lingering headaches .. not good ..

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'm glad your license was at home instead of lost.

Indigo said...

Man... I do that ALL the time! I finally got into the ritualized habit of keeping certain crucial things in the same place every day. When I forget to do that, all hell breaks loose, heh heh :)

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