Saturday, February 2, 2008

scene from new years...

just for a change of scenery

and some questions ..

why does the house appear so cold between the hours of 2 and 5 in the morning?

why is it a chill that despite wearing a hand knitted wool sweater, slacks, seems to seep through body and bones?

why are my feet cold?

why can i not sleep more than 4 hours a night regardless of the time i go to bed?

why are decisions concerning elderly care so difficult to make?

why is elderly care so expensive?

why can effective communication be so difficult?

why can effective communication between spouses can be so difficult?

why am i told that i am lacking in nurturing qualities?

why do i still blog?

why are the primaries so long?

why have i rolled my eyes at almost all the candidates?

why do i believe that even the candidate(s) i might actually like will not be able to affect anything?

why have political adds been invented?

why do I find political pundits so annoying?

why does bill maher get on my nerves?

why does rush limbaugh make me want to puke?

why do i not embrace the mainstream middle class churchgoing community around which
this smallish town seems to click?

why do i forget to take my medicine at times?

why am i so salt sensitive?

why am i so spacey?

why is salt added to frozen vegetable items?

why do i even post this dribble?

(okay..... no answers required.. i've answered many of then anyway)

ps: i wrote most of the questions last night..)


and a question by my 10 year old ...

why is protoplasm so limiting? ..
feel free to answer this one .. :)


X. Dell said...

Interesting looking party. Looks like fun.

Of course, some of us were sick New Years and missed the festivities.

foam said...

poor baby....!!

Monique said...

Questions, questions. Don't know. Am useless in answering any questions.

Try and get a good night sleep.

Anonymous said...

why is
so limiting ???

i have it on good authority (ok, i'm really just making it up) that protoplasm is not at all limiting -- rather, it is our limited view of the subject that is limiting -- try viewing protoplasm as photoplastic -- whole new worlds of possibily are opened !!!

¤ ¤ ¤ to foam


..................... said...

it's those sleepless night timey type questions, monique..
during the day i hardly have time for them..

yah, that's my thought's on protoplasm too..
but i'll have to look up photoplastic .. never heard of it ..

Pink said...


I'll have to think on that one :-s

Ruela said...

I have an abbstract tought about it, it is postulated further that protoplasmic reorganisation involves both cytoplasmic and nuclear structures which alike undergo a redifferentiation following dedifferentiation toward a primordial stage which represents the initial stage of the life cycle. While these changes may differ, with respect to the cytoplasm and nucleus, in the time, manner, or completeness of their occurrence; it is suggested that their visible manifestations have to do with dynamic processes which are fundamentally the same.


jin said...

I so totally forgot what I was going to say after reading Ruela's comment.

*jin tries to process all that info & fails miserably*

omg... he's cute AND smart.

foam said...
indeed he is quite brilliant

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......I dunno' about protoplasms.....siiigh'...but I have a limited budget my hubby' reminded me about last night after seeing the bills...

Me twinks' this is the first time I've read a question post..:>

Luxie doo'

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

"why have i rolled my eyes at almost all the candidates?"

Because they are all tools.

"why does bill maher get on my nerves?

Because he is so smug?

"why does rush limbaugh make me want to puke?"

Because he is a self-righteous ass.

The Phosgene Kid said...

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