Tuesday, February 26, 2008

lunar eclipse over funeral home


The Ramblin Irishman said...

A lunar eclipse over a funeral home. Sounds like a Vincent Price movie. It was quite an event to watch. Cheryl turned into a werewoman and I had to lock her up for a few nights. Maybe she was a vampire cause she kept trying to suck on my neck. Hmmmm.

Indigo said...

That seems appropriate somehow. I have a Wiccan friend who says that the lunar eclipse is symbolic of the ending of one thing and the beginning of another. And life-energy does not dissipate with the physical body. it travels on to begin its next life and the next stage of growth and learning. The end of one thing, and the beginning of another.

Little Lamb said...

You got pictures of the eclipse!

LADY LUXIE said...

Kinda' eerie...Very dramatic too.

I've only seen an eclipse once in my life...I hope I get to see more...I did see a meteor shower once about 5 years ago...That was really memorable. It wasn't just one shower..It was a succession of showers. My friend, Janet, baked brownies and we sat outside her house eating while waiting for the view.

And I've literally seen a ball of fire fall out the sky. I thought it was a wing or part of an airplane that must have crashed overhead or something. Turned out it was a rather big meteor that landed in the rice fields a long way off from where I live. Read it in the papers the next day.

The night sky is an awesome drama really. Full of surprises. I love watching it.

Piercing The Veil said...

nice ... looks eerie but there is smoething with the moon that makes me think of being romantic ...

nice capture foam ... long time no see

hope you are ok


she said...

what a great title!

SJ said...

That second pic with the "ghost effect" on the man walking out of the home is priceless. Maybe I should use that photo as an inspiration for writing a horror movie script... send it to a Hollywood studio.. become rich... invite you and other blog pals to my yacht party... anyways.

Pity I find horror a boring genre.

ANNA-LYS said...

Once in a life-time,
I agree on former speakers
send it it!
This is priceless!

(Understand, that emotions
must take the time, they
need first)

Gledwood said...

hey I don't remember no eclipse of the moon... I've only seen one full-one ONCE in Goa man it was AMAZING! The thang hung there so ultra 3D you wouldn't believe it... a great sphere of red rock looking like it ought to drop down any second... it was quite something... 2nd time t'was in London and not 100% when i saw it... (you can barely see the clouds in London (possibly bc there are so many of them: wood for trees type situation); let alone stars...

yeah: anyhow eclipses: yeah when we had a solar eclipse here about a decade ago I really wasn't into being too bothered too much. I stayed in London where we only got 96% but sure enough how DARK it went and how the birds in the trees ceased their chirping!... have to say all that was NOTHING on the spectacle and glory of a lunar eclipse... now THAT was one of the true 7 WONDERS ... know what I mean..?

Anonymous said...

v. cool,
foamie wonder!

we had a great view of it here, but i never thought to grab some pics...

¤ ¤ ¤


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Somehow that just fits perfectly.

Pink said...

Yes...an eclipse...an ending and perhaps the herald of a new, as yet unknown, beginning.

Angel... said...

Wow.. what a great pictures

Ruela said...

love that sky

foam said...

sounds like you were having quite the good time with your werewoman vampirish cheryl.. ;)

it's comforting to thing of things as not ending but as just being a new beginning ..

little lamb..
sure did..!


i wasn't even aware that an eclipse of occurring. i stepped out of the funeral home to get a breather, looked into the clouds and thought that the moon appeared a bit more unsual through the clouds then normal. it was as if it was putting on a light show for my cousin. so i photographed it.
and then later found out that i had photographed an eclipse.

yes, i was down south for a bit..
and thank, i'm fine.

an obvious title .. really ..


i'll come to one of your yacht parties anytime. even if you do write boring scripts and produce boring movies..:)

yes, it was an almost once in a lifetime event. the only other lunar eclipse i witnessed happened when i was sleeping under the night skies of montana ..

i do remember at least one or two solar eclipses. i remember putting on the glasses to watch it. it was pretty cool too.

well, really ..
not everything need be photographed.

yes, i thought so too.

i do like to think of it that way.

and thanks for visiting!

thanks .. :)

X. Dell said...

I saw it live on a city street full of light. Twas an awesome sight.

..................... said...

i bet it was an awesome sight..

The Phosgene Kid said...

That's my soul up there... Great shots...

Anonymous said...

you are very photogenic then ..

are you sure you're other alias is not barbara?


Mayden' s Voyage said...

It was cloudy that night- the eclipse was shrouded by fluffy puffs in the sky and only allowed the partial moon to peek out here and there.
My son was in bed, it was after 10- and I went outside and stood among my daffodils- straining my neck to see the ruddy shade of the moon...and then- suddenly, silently-
there it was!

I ran back into the house- called for my sleepy boy- roused him from the top bunk of his bed with a plea, "Son...come with me! I want you to see this!"

Sleepily- foggy almost...he stumbled down the ladder- I was already ahead of him- down the stairs and at the front door, soon he stood with me- and both of us among the daffodils and peered into the cloudy sky- shivering...waiting-
and there it was~ we watched the moon become eclipsed between the passing clouds...

But the beautiful moment gave way to something deeper- when my eldest turned and looked at me and said, "Thanks Mom- thanks for showing this to me."

Mom, son, moonlight, and thankfulness-
not the power of the eclipse-
but the power of love.

The same love that rests with you Foamy- and your cousins- and your family.


Gledwood said...

Everything in America seems far more sophisticated than over here. It just does.

Ruela said...



worms with blue links!

foam said...

thanks for the warning, ruela.
i didn't open it. i never open spam.
but i did trash it so other's would not open it.

well, i wouldn't go that far....
sometimes it seems more sophisticated over yonder. i guess it's the grass is greener on the other side syndrome.

thanks so much for sharing your special moment with your son. it'a a memory he will cherish. i have no idea if my sons experienced the lunar eclipse. i really ought to ask. they were probably infront of the tube at their nanny's.

Anonymous said...

i saw it too! here it was clear as day... the orange film over the moon. Just breathtaking!

somehow, I bet it felt a fitting event for your occasion.

i miss your 'less is more' posts!~

**¤ ¤** said...

oh, it's my favorite anymoose .. :)

i wrote 'less is more' posts? and here i thought i was just a lazy writer..

she said...

thats why its good. not your everyday obvious. you know?

The Lone Beader said...

That's wicked cool!

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