Wednesday, February 6, 2008

has it been almost 20 years? ...


Anonymous said...

20 years
ago today

sargent foamie
taught the hand to play

now she smiles as she walks the aisles and draws with her toes all day

¤ ¤ ¤


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Sargent Foamie??? Sounds like another story here. The question is... has it been a memorable and exciting 20 years? Would you trade it for something else? Behave yourself today and TAKE YOUR MED'S.

Pink said...

Yep. Thank heavens we're still here counting them :)

she said...

im too irritable to think of anything fun to say. so just "hi" and nice drawings

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

No, it couldn't be!

HLiza said...

20 years of togetherness..hmm..that's amazing! I love the drawing..time flies isn't it?

Ruela said...

good drawing!
well 20 years it's not too much,
Time is relative.

..................... said...

you are exactly right...;)

it certainly has been memorable..

..and you are right too..

poor baby .. xo..

..but yes..!

almost 20 years since the drawings..
..within 10 days of 25 years of togetherness with that man that's sitting over yonder watching tv..

thank you..
no 20 years is not a lot..but it did go by fast ..

Ruela said...

yes my dear friend...I understand,
next week it's my birthday and I think the same.

X. Dell said...


Is it your wedding anniversary today? Is so, do I have time to make dinner reservations and buy flowers?

foam said...

ah, ruela the aquarius turns 40...'s not so bad .. ;)..
i liked being 40..:),
no, since that drawing..
you are a bit early for the wedding anniversary .. but it is fairly soon.

SJ said...

Would you 20 years are "drawing" to a close? :D Cldn't resist the pun.

..................... said...

yep, the almost 20 years are drawing to a

Kate said...

you really are very talented!

foam said...


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