Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sideways 2 - Auf Deutsch.. .......... ..... ..... and foamy critters


she said...

grrrrrrerhahahaha! i happened to watch your video while the "big lebowski" was on in the background; they worked in sync beautifully! you hats your wine your dog and cat and dead plants. not too worry about those dead plants...make a sculpture out of them.

what a beautiful dog!!!!!!!

good to see you postin a video...blogger makes it easy i hated it when you had to go thru u tube.

yayayayayaya/ yes we got more snow but now its over. trout is pestering me to play play play but its cold and i got my heaviest jeans wet yesterday so...poor dog. im going out. see ya later today. ice tonight and very very cold.

Anonymous said...


i gotta
try one of
these videos...

you guys are havin' way too much fun!

¤ ¤ ¤


HLiza said...

I dunno why I can't play the second video..will try again later when I come back! Hey your blog background looks different each time I and now greyer and greyer..

Pink said...

i like your critters. I need to get me some. :)

foam said...

the big lebowski!.. the duuuuuuuuude~~

seems like i've known plenty of dudes in my lifetime.

seems like i've been the dude at one time or another ... maybe ..

and dead plants get thrown onto the flower bed where they nourish the soil..

our snow is finished it seems. it's just wet now. and it will probably ice over.. ech ..

please do, /t.
.. and you have to add your voice too, of course ..

i don't know why you couldn't open it either. it's worked for me when i've tried. but then i've had problems like that on other folkses blogs before too. yes, it seems that i'm lightening up here, doesn't it..:)

critters are nice. they are always underfoot, want to be fed, loved on, groomed. i also have a fish and another cat.

Little Lamb said...

Do they get along?

..................... said...

little lamb,
i get along quite nicely with my wine and my hats..

..................... said...

as far as i know the hats and wine get along too...

Anonymous said...

get a
long what?


X. Dell said...

Cool. Darf ich deinen Wein trinken? Komst du hier nach New York, und teilen:-)

Horen ich recht? Sagst du "mein Hutte?" Okay?

Besser tote Pflanze als tote Frau cat und Mutt.

X. Dell said...

BTW, I love your voice. Thank you.

foam said...

the hats gets along on top of my head..
when i wear them..
the wine certainly gets along down my throat quite nicely.,

1. ja.. und ja..:)

2. ja..

3. JA..,

and thank you..
hearing my own voice outside my head is always odd..

HLiza said... works this time. Glad I can hear your voice! And it still amazes me that cats now live together with dogs, yours are not the only ones I see. They're nicely groomed..I see. Hmm..why don't I do something like this video idea..

X. Dell said...

It's odd for everybody.

ANNA-LYS said...

Hello & Thank You!!!!

U C I can keep it short


..................... said...

yay, it's always good when the media finally works. you've posted really nice family videos at your site already. but i guess you are talking about including sound?,
yes, it it, isn't it? folks who have their voice recorded on a regular basis for whatever reason just get used to it over time, i think.

don't make me laugh like this so early in the morning!!

ANNA-LYS said...


are You foam ...
I mean from N.C?

I have actually lived there ... once upon a time :-)

..................... said...

yes.....(said real cautiously)...
but i didn't do it, i promise!

you have? would you say where you lived? i've lived in germany for many years. the one year i had a chance to visit sweden, chernobyl went off and we decided for that particular trip to spend most of our time in the southern european states.

HLiza said...

Foam, I mean..including my voice sound..he don't get to hear that often..

ANNA-LYS said...

Moaha ha ha ha ha ha

You didn't?!? :-D :-D

Darn! (ups my son did that)

lonesterdog said...

foam love

ThursdayNext said...

Oooooo these videos are fantastic; as great as our two dimensional words are in peeking into our lives, this is just wonderful!

foam said...

i'll be looking forward your voice sometime soon then.

yes, let's blame it all on the children. good plan..:)

yep..., i guess..:)

thank you. i hadn't thought about it, but it does add another dimension to a post, doesn't it..

Monique said...

So cute!

ANNA-LYS said...

Appalachian ... something
border to Virginia

Ruela said...

cats and dogs
words by foam

Aunty Belle said...

pretty puppy! (ain't too much into kitty thangs, but fer some reason they ALWAYS come rub againt Aunty--as if to let me know they know I ain't a cat person.

try some stuff called surer-thrive fer yore plants, chile'.

foam said...

thank you monique and ruela..

well, you were in the mountains then.
the appalachian mountains run through nc. i live in the blue ridge mountains which are a part of the appalachian mountains. and i'm about 25 miles from the virginia border.

this cat would have tried to sit in your lap ... if the dog had not gotten there first, that is....

ANNA-LYS said...

You don't know that area?

foam said...

ech, i'm stupid anna-lys..
go see the answer i wrote hliza up above. she probably wondered what on earth i was talking about. yes, i'm very familiar with the live in it.

SJ said...

Geil !

Your critters are the cutest of their kind ( and you of yours ;) )

LADY LUXIE said...

Foamy..your voice is sooo sexy!!!..Oh'..just like what I had on my mind!...A movie star voice!! :>>

foam said...

lol, it's been a long time since i've heard the german equivalent for cool ... although that word does have other connotations too.

really? no it's not... i certainly don't hear it that way at all.
but thanks..:>

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

You have a lovely voice and adorable pets.

Kate said...

musta had myself a bit too much of minwine... its looking kinda crooked to me! *wink

Cute critters too! lol

Who know Dell could speak German!?!?!? orrrr did he us a fancy translation program??? hummmm

foam said...

thank you, whimsy..
yes, my pets are cute.

yep... that's why the movie is called sideways 2. don't know why, but it seemed an oddly appropriate title for
my wine movie.

no, no, no..
dell, doesn't need a translation program at all. he's been speaking german to me off and on for a couple of years now. he's really quite good.

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