Tuesday, January 15, 2008

okay, my spouse is not home...
on a flippin' business trip.....again...
i'm not going to be going to bed soon....
don't have anybody to tuck me in.....
or to aggravate me enough to where i'll end up in my mom's bed.....
who's presently in a nursing home...
just to have some peace and quiet and read some borges...
jorge luis borges..
which i've been reading lately...
his poems..
not that i'm much of a poetry reader..
but there's something about his poetry..
prose like..
it appeals to me..


Little Lamb said...

I'm not into poetry much either, but I do like the way it rhymes.

lonesterdog said...

In an imaginary world I would tuck you in and read you borges til you fell asleep, then disappear...

Anonymous said...

i love

his prose is poetic!

crisp and engaging -- and vivid -- i love his stories -- also nabokov and hesse -- foamie, enjoy!

¤ ¤ ¤


HLiza said...

I love that photo of yours with your dad..so cute! I'm not so much a poem girl but I can appreciate them..never heard of this guy but I'm sure he's great by the way a lot of people here love him.

PS: I will spend the whole night in front of the laptop if hubby's not around..freedom at last!

Ruela said...

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Ruela said...

Its great-grandfather was of here...North of Portugal

portuguese name- jorge luis borges

foam said...

with me it always depends on whose poetry it is.
and usually i do read prose and not poetry.

that actually sounds very nice..

yes, his prose is poetic and his poetry reads like prose..

i read poetry when i'm in the mood. most of it is short and when i really like it i will reread the same poem many times.

and what a big smile you bring to my comment section.

yes, i was aware of that connection, but didn't know the specifics.

Anonymous said...

you're having
a great evening!

¤ ¤ ¤


LADY LUXIE said...

So is mine....out on a business trip...Am alone here...sniff!...Can't read poetry...need to do the tax thing instead..sigh'...


foam said...

i know i already posted a friggin' comment here...

anywho /t.
i reckon i'm having a fine evening. my footsies can't get warm. i might have to pop on back to your place. you have quite the fire going on over there. probably a nice place to warm the feet.

mine is coming home tonight...sometime...
taxes... ugh...
i feel for ya'!

Anonymous said...

time, foam!

¤ ¤ ¤


X. Dell said...

Um, I guess hard drugs isn't an option for you on nights like this.

Maybe someone's invented a tuck-in machine?

Or a page-turner for your Borges?

foam said...

thank you, /.t
you are very kind and hospitable..

no, i'm really not a hard drugs kind of gal ... lol ..
i'm loopy enough as it is..

surly somebody has invented a tuck-in machine. but i prefer my own hands for page turning although sometimesi have fallen asleep while turning a page apparently.

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