Friday, January 18, 2008

inspired by the she/chickory photos ... foam home in the snow ...

and others...
detail of foam sculpture..
yes, i used to twist and weld metal at one time

they blend in nicely with nature..
you can barely tell them apart sometimes..
nature is a great inspiration..
sometimes i wonder..
why bother?
but the need to create is there..
so, i create..
at times..

ps: the photos are more interesting perhaps when enlarged..

pss: it's been a couple of years since we've had snow..
this here is really nothing..
i have photos where we've received a foot or more of snow
(ca. 30cm or more)
i grew up on the metric system.
it took me years to get used to thinking in terms of inches, yards, feet and miles..


she said...

i love those sculptures! i think the integration of them to the environment is excellent. look out andy goldsworthy!

i have a ton of rhododendron which is very twisty wood. im using it to make display trees for my ornaments.

my snow is gone but more might come saturday night and it is going to be VERY cold. i was going backt to ATL cause im starting to get bored...mostly cause im not outside as much and so i get cabin fever. plus i busted my ass yesterday and jacked my neck. slipped on ice at the waterfall. shouldnt have been down there.

did you get a vacation from school because of the snow???

love the stick sculptures!!!!

Anonymous said...

to what
she says about
those cool sculptures

also, we got snow the other night, too, but then, we have snow here about 9 months of the year, so not a real big deal -- i didn't get any new pics, but following on she's and your lead, am thinking i might post a panorama of snow i did back in 2000

anyway, cool to see something of your 'home' environment... and foamy, love your place(!)


HLiza said...

Your house looks like one of my dreams..

Ruela said...

love foam sculpture too...abstract feeling

ANNA-LYS said...

Thanks for visiting :-)

I love when art n' nature amalgamates this elegant, and most of all when architecture takes consideration to the surrounding so you barely notice there are a house ... guess I am kind of a cave woman *lol*

Have an artful weekend!

foam said...

thank you..:)
yes, i did get a snow day yesterday. today was a workday anyway. i did go into work but just a bit later.
i'm kind of tempted to give you a lecture about hiking alone, etc. etc...
but i won't...
hope your neck is okay..

thank you very much..:)

yes, it's a nice house..
what you see up there is actually the back of the house.

and thank you too.
yes, i can imagine ya'll getting a lot of snow. it's not as unheard here as most folks think. but it's still a big deal when it happens. when i lived in germany, we never got off for snow..
i'd love to see your snow panorama.
i actually pieced together a panorama, but the effect was lost because blogger won't let me show it full size.

foam said...

hey there anna-lys!
the photo of the house is the backside of the house. but i've always liked how it looks like when i stand in the wooded part and look up.

..i'll try to have an artful weekend..;)
you have one too.

Aunty Belle said...

Gorgeous! Love yore creative work--yep, awesome. Delight might be so "see" it after passing the nature's tangle then seein' the forms ya made --fun.

The urge to create--ain't it interestin'...Aunty ain't no theologian, but but Genesis has always made me wonder about what "image" we have, being made in the image of God..who, after all is the Creator--so of course we's got the urge to create.

Bundle up Sugar, keep warm.

she said...

whaaaaaa? you mean God doesnt look like an australopithicus? grrrrrrrhaherherhehre

in his image: creator. i can live with that. creativity will be our salvation

insert *angelic choir noise* here wasnt a real hike. a local hike. today i climbed a little mountain. im out of shape from all the being still. and fat too. help!

The Lone Beader said...

I think Blogger ate my comment on your last post. What meant to say was, when you feel uninspired to post something, post a picture or a song! I see you have done this. Very good! :)

foam said...

lone beader,
could very well be. yesterday i posted some comments, or thought i did, and they never showed up ... even on my own blog.

i don't know if God looks like an australopithecus or not .. i just know that I often look like one when i first get up in the morning... ... actually that's an insult to the poor australopethecus...

actually i believe that God looks like a blade of grass, a pebble in the sand, a worm in the ground, the clouds in the sky, the eagle that soars high up..
i believe that God looks like a shooting star, the the tsunami that devastates the shore it lands on. i believe that God looks like a black hole in the universe ... well never mind..

i do believe that being able to express ourselves creatively is a gift from the divine ... i can feel it within at times ... when i'm quiet and listen. we are often too noisy in this world. too busy.
..and all the above don't mean feel compelled to go to a friggin' church on sunday...;/

aunty belle,
thank you..
hmmm, oh go read my answer to she..
it's actually meant for you too..:)

Anonymous said...

glass to foam*




X. Dell said...

I remember something about a big snowstorm in the South a few years back. Are you referring to that?

I used to live in Wisconsin. They don't even notice snow there unless it's over three feet. Because it's so cold there, the snow never melts. It just gets brown and gray and ices over until the next storm. They have drifts as high as twenty feet, sometimes, that collect in the corners of buildings. Sometimes people jump off of the roofs into the snow just for fun.

But who am I to razz. It was almost shirt-sleeve weather today on the East Coast. I can gloat all I want to.

..................... said...

razzing me and my poor snow, huh? should i ever see you with snow around, i'm stuffing some down your shirt., there!

no, i'm not referring to that. it used to be fairly common when i first moved here to receive a couple of big snows a year (what the locas called big). and for this area a foot of snow is a big snow. the one you are referring to, i believe, happened in mid march ..

"whoa, /t.
steady with the hand there. you don't want to be spilling rum all over your keyboard", says foam, as she pushes her glass of wine away from her own keyboard..

Middle Ditch said...

Love the house, love the sculptures (real trees?.

Merelyme said...

wowee...we have been invited to foam's home! i love it! it looks all poetic there in the snow. and your creation is lovely. thank you for sharing all this with us. now where's my hot chocolate?

..................... said...

thank you, monique.
no the sculptures are actually 1/2 steel rods.

come on over anytime..
hubz went to one of those big box stores where items can only be purchased in quantities. we have a shitload of hot chocolate..:)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

How lovely!

Yeah, snow has been scarce in this state for a couple of years. but there's no such thing as climate change.

foam said...

yes, and at least the mountains should be getting snow..
but they really haven't.

LADY LUXIE said...

If ever I come visit you...can we sit down and sip coffee in that pretty balcony???..Your house would be a house of someone heft hefty rich over dream home...

I would also like to taste snow...someday....

foam said...

absolutely! i also have a screened in balconey. it's a nice home. the nicest we've lived in. but it's considered quite middle class over here in this part of the united states. if we had to move to a large metropolitan area like the dc or nyc area we couldn't afford a shack.

Kate said...

oh the foam home is lovely in the snow! It looks as though you have a fabulous view! Great sculpture too!

foam said...

no, not much of a view .. it's not bad .. in the winter we can look through the trees and see the backsides of our neighbors houses. in the summer it's completely private.. you can't see a thing, except green .. i guess not a bad view after all.

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