Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i was tagged by pink ..

1. Two things you do well.

  • ...laying curled up in the spoon position against my spouse's warm body on a weekend morning and knowing i don't have to get up soon.........
  • piss poor prior planning....

2. Two things you're not so good at.

..tsk... but i'm perfect..

okay, seriously.....
hmmmmmmmm,errrrrrrrrrrr, i dunno.......................

oh, but of course....
  • housekeeping...
  • organization

3. Two extraordinary things you plan to do this year.

  • ?
  • ?

and i need to do some serious thinking on that one, cause change is needed..

4. Two items in your house you should get rid of...

  • the items are too innumerable to mention...

5. Your two favorite beverages.
  • a good cup of coffee in the morning with a little bit of milk, no sugar..
  • a spicy hot bloody mary...

6. Two of your nicknames.
besides mama?
  • sweetheart (occasionally)...
  • and i reckon i've given myself the nickname of foam

7. Two places you've never been that you'd like to go to
  • Canada

  • i've visited so many European countries, lived in Germany, but i've never visited the scandinavian countries. i think any of them would be interesting..
  • but then, of course there is asia... hmmmm

8. Two of your favorite authors.
i've had many favorite authors over the years ranging from hesse, mann, brecht, steinbeck, austin, the bronte sisters and others... for several years i really have not had any. i perhaps have favorite books by several different authors, books that i like to come back to and peruse. i usually have them laying on my side of the bed. one such book is:

  • Aphrodite - a Memoir of the Senses by Isabel Allende....truly a delicious and sensuous book. even the artwork is seductive and lush..

oh, and i really haven't spent much time with this book yet. my oldest son received it for christmas, but it's the type of book that has great appeal to me and i think i'll start keeping it by my side of the bed:

  • The Totally Useless History of the World by Ian Crofton. for example, if you need to know how to cook up an albatross this is the books for you. oh, and did you know that in 1804 a dog crashed through a window which was closed and landed on the back of the english poet coleridge who was rather quite surprised.

9. Your two favorite outfits ...
  • i like my summer dresses..
  • a favorite pair of jeans and just about any of the charcoal gray tops i have or any of the soft pink tops i have.. which are not many. i don't keep a lot of clothes..

10. Two words you hate hearing.

  • dumb fuck when both words are used together to form a personal insult. it's been used towards me a couple of times and i didn't like it much .. talk about foaming rage unleashed....


Pink said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bloody Mary!!! yum

Come to Canada! Skip Alberta - there's only werewolves, weird artists and cowboys there. But Vancouver is not to be missed!

Or better yet, merge into the atlantic, foam over to England, pick me up and we'll swim to Asia.

Ok maybe that was a bit too out there ;)

foam said...

ahhhhhh, pink, were you in need of a bloody mary this morning? i make a fairly decent one. ;)
yes, i have heard that vancouver is a wonderful city. and i have a sense of
actually i should have also put london and england on the list. so, after i foam on over to england i can sit a spell and visit london and then we can create a foaming pink wave and ride that wave to asia..

SJ said...

I've already expressed interest in the Bloody Mary thou maketh.

#4 - includes any homo sapiens? :)

#6 you forgot ding bat **ducks**

#7 you MUST come to India

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Hmmm, Cheryl and I like the curled up to each others back also. Since my surgery my back aches quite often and the heat sure feels good. I would love to go to Ireland and Scotland, home of my ancestors.

Monique said...

I've been in Sweden and Denmark but I'm told that Norway is the country to visit in Scandinavia. One day I will go there.

X. Dell said...

2. Are we talking American standards, or German standards?

5. I'll bring the vodka if you supply the hot sauce.

6. I kinda miss Schaumi. But I guess you don't.

Nice thing about web nicknames. You can drop them as often as you like.

8. That totally useless history sounds like something I want to buy.

9. I love summer dresses. That is, I love seeing women in summer dresses. What I mean is that I love looking at women who are wearing summer dresses.

I don't like wearing summer dresses.

10. Who the hell would call you that?

foam said...

sj ... so good to have your batty dinginess back! ;) ..
come on over! i'm drinking a bloody mary right now..
as an after dinner drink..
but i think i made it a bit stout though ... hmmm ..
as far as #4 ... just me perhaps ... of course i must come to india..
that's a given ..

yes, spooning is good. much better than a heat pad in bed .. and much cuddlier .. most of the time. i hope you make it to your wished for travel destinations.

any of them would actually suit me just fine.
standards? there are standards? yikes.. i was just going by my standards.
okay, i'll bring my favorite hot sauce then..
no, i liked schaumi. just forgot about that nickname momentarily. and then, of course, sj reminded me of ding bat..:)
...and i'm really glad you clarified the issue with the summer dresses. i was already envisioning us walking through time square during the summer months (should i ever make it to new york that is) .. me in my little summer dress and you in yours .. "ducking" ...
#10? that happened a while ago .. i really had not thought of it until i thought of two words i disliked.

HLiza said...

I have to laugh at myself when I decided to google Bloody Mary..seriously never heard of I know though. He he..
I love Austen and the Bronte sisters too but I can only recall very little of their works..haven't been reading much for ages. I only read Harry Potter as it's the craze nowadays..but can't imagine reading books like Lords of the watch the movies yes..not to read the books. The mind had become lazier..scary.

LADY LUXIE said...

1) Must be quite an experience having been to so many parts of Europe...My MIL has as well...but for me this remains a dream. I'd specially like to see Vienna and Paris and Tuscany and Florence...In the United States I'd like to see the places where all my bloggy friends are...specially zee' Foam...and also San Francisco..I'd like to see San Francisco...and in New York I'd like to see that big library...I'd like t walk in between its aisles...I'd like to pull out the oldest book it has in its possession and sniff between its pages..( I like the smell of old books..)...

2)I've never had a Bloody Mary. I dig something called Zombie. Maybe it's about time I try the bloody stuff...

3) I can't believe somebody called you that!Grrr...

4) My mind cusses a lot. My fave is the F word..

5)I'm reading Lord of the Flies right now. It's my son's reading assignment but it looks interesting so I took it from his bedside last night. I have never read Steinbeck, Hesse, or Mann...but since I am determined to read one book a week...then they will be on my list..oh' and GBS as well.

6) I like reading all these interesting things about you :>

Princess Banter said...

Me toooooooo! I'm so bad at housekeeping and organization! *high five*

Little Lamb said...

Very interesting.

foam said...

haha.. i reckon you do know what a bloody mary is ... great name for a drink, huh? and really i don't drink them very much at all, but i do enjoy a well made one.

well, travelling through Europe is not as exotic as it perhaps sounds when you've lived there for a while.
i lived just 25 miles from the french border. a couple to 3 hours from holland. to me, anyplace in asia seems like a dream ... i would love to visit you in the phillipines, just to sit in a cafe and chat ..
i'd love to see you here, of course too. it would be great fun to walk through nyc with you.
okay, i've never had a zombie ...
i'm gonna look it up and try one .. one of these days ..
my mind cusses a lot too ..
and sometimes my mouth actually verbalizes what my mind cusses .. oops ..
i've read lord of the rings years ago .. good book ..

yes, lol ...
but wouldn't life sometimes be easier if we were better at these things?

little lamb,
of course. it's all about me after all .. ;P

The Phosgene Kid said...

Sleeping in and disorganized, we do have a lot in common...

Ruela said...

"... but i'm perfect.."

ok ;)
you are

Merelyme said...

i would like to get that history book you talked about. i love books like that. so is dumbfuck one word or two? i don't think i have ever used this term before. and i can only imagine your foam rage at such an insult. what is your favorite term of derision for another?

foam said...

yes, it would appear so :)

you got that right .. ;)

i really don't know if dumb fuck would be one word or two. you want to know my favorite term of derision? but, alas, it's unprintable .. not fit to be heard by even the toughest, foulmouthed sailors or academics ... and i only use it in my thoughts ..

Kate said...

This is fun to read about you!
I am partial to Schaumi also... I really never had a nickname until 2 years ago! kinda funny really. now Kate or K8 or 'H'... of course there are the babe and Mama calling here too... lol I consider them more universal 'pet' names more than nicknames though...

I think your issue with #3 needs to be addressed! Perhaps once with that cup of Joe and then again after a Bloody Mary (or 2)-


foam said...

excellent idea about #3 ...
i think between the cup of coffee and the bloody mary i'm going to let it all hang out .. at least once this year ..

The Lone Beader said...

I love Bloody Mary's too! They go great with New England seafood, or steak & eggs:)

And, you lived in Germany?? I was there last April. I flew to Frankfurt, then visited my friend in Wetzlar. Beautiful country! I hope to go back sometime soon. Perhaps to Munich or Berlin.

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