Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Epiphany is a triptych painted by Hieronymus Bosch around the year 1495. This triptych is also sometimes referred to as "The Adoration of the Magi

The left panel: St Peter with the Donor
The centre panel: Adoration of the Magi
The right panel: St Agnes with the Donor
The centre panel: Adoration of the Magi
The right panel: St Agnes with the Donor


foam said...

...and today the tree comes down...

Ruela said...

I like very much Bosch
v. cool

Wizened Wizard said...

I remember Bosch from an Art History class I took while in Austria - seems to me he painted some pretty scary stuff!

Baby Jesus is looking a bit gaunt in this one, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Hieronymus Bosch
Hieronymus Bosch
Hieronymus Bosch

i love the way it rolls off the tongue, across the floor, is picked up by a mutant bird headed rat, and thrown down a hole into the fiery bowels of hell

Bosch is probably one of my three most favorite artists of all time

hope you're having a great weekend, foaming wonder!

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

yes, i like bosch too.

he did paint some really nightmarishly bizarre and surreal stuff...bizarre even for his time.he used all these weird images to convey a sense of the evil of mankind. so, yes... they are scary perhaps. and yes, that poor little jesus is one gaunt baby. other artists at the time also often depicted babies rather gaunt and skinny. i don't think he spent a lot of time looking at babies.

foam said...

i'm having a pretty good weekend i reckon. i'm about ready to quit being a hermit which i was for the most part during the month of december ... except for working, of course.
i did a painting of that mutant bird headed rat... when i was an art student. it was an assignment to take a detail of a famous painting and paint it.

Little Lamb said...

That's very nice. See? I said more than two words. You should be grateful, I only say one word at Ruela's.

foam said...

little lamb,
i am grateful. :) that's 20 words or so more than what ruela got..

Kate said...

lovely... this is a nice peaceful scene... I have seen others of the 'Epipheny' that are a bit scary! lol nude people hanging out with animals... I went to another site today who had also posted a painting of the Epipheny... I didnt like it. Freaky!

I really dont know about the holiday though... I will google it later... if I still cant sleep! uggg thats my new thing. I cant fall asleep and want to sleep in! We all know THAT cant happen! hehehe

I have missed you Foamy! I am going to go surf your blog now to catch up!=]

X. Dell said...

(1) /t, to me, Hieronymus Bosch has always sound like the name of a James Bond villain.

(2) Foam, I've not seen this triptych before. So, I find a couple of things about it rather curious. I won't articulate those here though. I'll just look them up for myself.

foam said...

kate, i hope you've managed to get some sleep. peaceful? lol ..
peaceful is not often an attribute associated with bosch's work. i don't think i find this tryptich peaceful, but then i haven't seen the ones you have ..,
why won't you articulate on what you find curious here? i'd be very interested ...

X. Dell said...

I'm wondering where Bosch found a model for Kaspar.

foam said...

good question, i've often wondered about the semi nude/semi clad man lurking in the back of the stall. and, truthfully, i'm really not sure. i do know that bosch often used the same type of face for some of his faces. i do know that during the renaissance artists often times used folks they knew as models.
i did do some googling and came across this jstor link which unfortunately i can't access. (something which has at times frustrated me when i do casual research on certain subjects).

Connotations of Sin and Heresy in the Figure of the Black King in Some Northern Renaissance Adorations
Yona Pinson
Artibus et Historiae, Vol. 17, No. 34 (1996), pp. 159-175
This article consists of 17 page(s).

just in case you are interested.

i'd be interested but can't access it.

Merelyme said...

we took our tree down on the same day. i really don't know much at all about art so i do like it when you post about it.

feeling cranky at the moment as some dweeb left a weird comment on my last post. i am going to leave it there as i am sure it will promote a good discussion. anyways...thanks for continuing to visit me. oh and happy belated new year!

ThursdayNext said...

Being Armenian, the true Christmas day in Armenia is the Epiphany. My mother would never allow us to take down any Christmas decorations until after the 6th! Oh this painting is lovely...thank you for sharing. said...

just saying hi ... today is the big travel day.

X. Dell said...

Well, I have JSTOR, so I went and read the article. It gives a good deal of information about why the figure is there, and what he represents--specifically, the sin of Luxuria (if you notice, he's--ahem!--"pimped out"). It doesn't talk much about where Bosch would have gotten the model, however. There is a comparative Bosch painting of a black figure in this article, and it's clear that the model was European, but had been colored black by the artist. The man in this picture features prognasticism, a flat nose, and full lips.

The article does raise further questions for me. I'll send it to you (it's brief).

she said...

happy new year. we take out tree down on the feast of the epiphany as well.

at the prado after several floors of rather baroque and dark spanish paintings you enter the netherlandish galleries which is not unlike leaving a heavy canopied forest and entering a light filled field alive with color. the first thing you see is the garden of earthy delights by bosch. first of all, in a time where paintings made in the 1930s and 40s are falling apart this 12th (?) century wonder remains luminous thanks to the layering of pure pigment suspended in glazes of egg. if you have ever had your car egged you well know that egg is there to stay.

but beyond the technical facility the forms and ideas represented are relevant and modern and will remain so for all time. as freya said on the topic of cloning it is a boschian hell we enter together.

how far off was the ear grown on the back of the mouse from the odd hybrids as conceptualized by bosch? we may add prophecy to his many talents.

seeing his paintings live was a highlight of all my travels. in fact the entire gallery of netherlandish painters was devastatingly impressive. when i consider much of contemporary art i see with clarity how far we have not come.

as to xdells observations one of bosch's many strengths would be the ability to make beauty and horror, light and dark, good and evil exists in a picture plan together as a yin yang of universal truth. like i said, as modern as modern gets. eternal. correct.

lonesterdog said...

What's in the third panel yo? Very cool. These guys were so meticulous with the distant landscape. Dig it.

Pink said...

Have always loved Bosch and Bruegel (both).

Glad you're rousing from your hibernation

foam said...

yes, i understand..

in germany we celebrated christmas on christmas eve..
traditionally that's when the tree was put up and taken down on the 6th.

i so wish you the very best .. xo,
thanks for sending the article...and thanks for taking the time to read it. i quickly perused about 6 pages or so. i'll have to get back to it shortly.
it's very interesting. stuff i hadn't really thought about and known about, although i'm not surprised. i studied the renaissance, of course, but not in an indebth scholarly manner. the usual undergrad classes. i actually at one time spent more time with the middle ages.


i actually went to the prado when i was in madrid about 22 years ago. i remember seeing bosch. i wish i had more recent memories though. i wish i could see him through the eyes of an older adult..... although i was already intrigued by him then. and he certainly was a master at creating this oddly detailed fascinatingly horrid vision ... beauty within horror, horror within beauty.

are you referring to the partial panel? that's actually also the middle panel. when i copied and pasted from wikipedia for some reason i must have doubled clicked on the central panel and it also copied onto my blog. i'm just to lazy to delete it. i dig the art too.

foam said...

i also love bruegel. i'm basically forcing myself to rouse from hibernation. can't help it.. i got to go to work. i have yet to set foot in a store though..:)

Jay said...

Sometimes you can just taste the history.

foam said...

and it dooesn't always taste so good

LADY LUXIE said...

That place on the roof doesn't look very secure for people to hang on to..tsk!..It's about to cave in.

I think this painting has captured close to the close to the actual conditions of that time...You can just feel the simpleness of everything...

Thank goodness those wise men didn't bear gifts of remote control cars coming from Toys R' us...Saved them a lot of trouble I tell you...

SJ said...

Well Luxie Jesus was supposedly conceived by remote control...

..................... said...

luxie, they're not called wise men for nothing. they know better than to shop at toys r us.
also those folks on the roof must be early paparazzi. and they wouldn't care that much about safety.

..........oh, well..
best to leave my thoughts to myself..
my mind is in the gutter this afternoon.

Aunty Belle said...

Wow--this is an informed blogville--we's never takin' down Christmas until Epiphany. Thanky fer this triptych.

Thar's a BBC interview that is interestin' on Bosch:

I'se like PINK gravitate to Bosch and Bruegel.

Monique said...

They knew how to paint impressively in those days.

Ruela said...

Hieronymus Foam ;)

foam said...

thanks for the link, aunty belle. i'll be checking it out.
and, i do consider myself lucky to be blogging with informed folks.

yes, they did..
and to think it was considered a craft..

methinks you are more of a hironymus than moi..;)

Monique said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. On my other blog, Middle Ditch, I have indeed an audio book. It's a different story, quirky tales of village life, recorded at home and put on line once a month.

The link is on my blog.

Thanks again for visiting.

Ruela said...

just a little bit ;) haha!

HLiza said...

That's nice. How are you over there Foam?

Ruela said...

now i'm weather man :)

today it's raining

foam said...

i'm alright..
too busy..
too much work..
too much family stuff to take care of..
but, c'est la vie..

yes, you are the weather man indeed.
you just gave me your local weather report...
ohhhhh, weather report. i love weather report. i think i'll go listen to weather report right now.
thanks for the musical inspiration.

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