Sunday, January 27, 2008

yesterday i sat ...

by the creek..

(click to enlarge)

and listened and watched..

so.... it's sideways .. my specialty..

and found these shells..

i stayed until...
my butt frooze...

then i climbed back up the river embankment..
moseyed along the path..

and came across

some of the first signs of spring... January..

aren't they a bit early?


Anonymous said...


are these
your photos?

they're beautiful! i love the black waters, and babbling brook sounds, too :)

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

yes, they are my photos..

Anonymous said...


they look like
paintings by eakins

nice work, foamie one!


foam said...

thomas eakins? that's high praise..:)

he has painted wonderful river scenes with reflections and boats and boys jumping into the water..

alas, my painting skills are nothing like his..
they suck..

LADY LUXIE said...

I love the first picture!....It does look like a painting...sooo dramatic!

ThursdayNext said...

LOL its never too early...once the superbowl is over I long for baseball season!

foam said...


foam said...

oh, never mind the above comment..
i just momentarily got turned around..

lez see,
luxie, Vielen Dank!

i know you are an avid baseball fan. mayhaps they'll be back next saturday.
why don't you pop on over for the afternoon and come watch a preseason game? i might even stay and join you.. :)

Little Lamb said...

Yes, it is a tad early, but what the heck.

..................... said...

little lamb,
yeah .. what the heck..

Little Lamb said...

I like those pictures a lot, too.

Anonymous said...


Little Lamb said...

you're most welcome.

foam said...

how polite you are.
that's a nice trait for a little lamb to have .. :)

Little Lamb said...

Thank you. I try to be polite.

The Lone Beader said...

Two words. Global warming. LOL!

Anonymous said...

photos are
beautiful, foam

and i don't know what you're doing to them (if anything) to get them(!)

check out some of the work here:

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

yes, you do ..:)

global warming? haven't you heard .. it's supposed to be just a myth..;)

once again, thank you..:)

all i did to get these photos, is take my husband's little sony 5.1 megapixel camera, walk along the path least treaded, pay attention to the light as it changes and happens, adjust the camera to a setting that doesn't have a flash and take the photo. these are not cropped or manipulated in any other way. except the panorama shot. i took several pictures in a row of the view i had and then pieced them together to make the panorama.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Great pics!

I think those guys are way early.

Anonymous said...


well, it works

these images are at once subtle and dramatic, and i'd say they're pretty much on par with many of the works at summit gallery, which specializes in 'nature' subjects

wondered about that pano shot -- there are some edges if you look close, but very nicely done

please bring us more of these!


Pink said...

yes - they are gorgeous!

global warming - its not just a myth for breakfast anymore.

and what? how can you blaspheme baseball? Its never too early for men in tight pants.

HLiza said...

i love how photos capture beautiful moments hardly noticed by every day life..I hardly had the chance to see this kind of nature..but it's so beautiful. And the sound of the river is so soothing...water always calms my feelings. I would love to be there and feel the cold..tell spring not to come yet.

foam said...

thank you, whimsy.
i wasn't surprised to see them really. i first thought they were practicising, but then i realized that it was a game.

and if you look really close at the pano shot, it tilts slightly on the right side .. i guess, i was starting to tilt my camera.. :)

me blaspheme baseball? the all american sport where the men wear tight britches? ... as they do in football .. like my mother says about football .. look at all those tight little butts .. and this at 84.

i love the sound of water too. as a matter of fact, i recall a little movie you posted awhile ago with you sitting smack dab in the middle of a babbling brook....:)

Anonymous said...


tilts are
easily fixed
with distort tools

i think i'm most impressed by the wonderful sense of light in these images -- subtle mid and high tones and rich & deep blacks -- awesome!


**¤ ¤** said...

tilting.. i think i'll check it out..
although for this post i'll leave it tilted. i kind of like it.
and thanks for the tip, /.t.

X. Dell said...

It's never too early for baseball. Or too cold. Russians sometimes play with orange baseballs so they can see them in the snow.

Sorry you froze your butt off. Wouldn't recommend sitting in a fire to warm up, though.

Kate said...

idk if they are early... but definitely they are cold sitting on the benches! lol

Great shots... the shells are really neat. I really should spend more time at the lake myself... seeing that soon I wont have it steps away! Plus... I wont even have to freeze my tush off!

foam said..., i figured you'd write something like that. as far as those russians go ... they might still be having snow in april.

oh, you don't have to be sorry about my buns. they are rather resilient and i would never plopp them into a fire .. although i do like toasted buns, you know of the pastry/bread kind...

foam said...

well, hey there kate ... posting at the same time i see..
there were only four people huddled on those aluminum bleachers. i bet there buns were freezing. while not being unbearably cold, it definitely was on the cold side. your lake probably does have shells. i usually find them right along the banks of the water though..
you have to be careful of those gators though, i believe. i remember visiting one of these parks .. (i'm drawing o blank on the name) when i was 12. i was standing by the water and saw a 'log' close by in the water. i was there with my cousins. we wondered if it were a gator or not. well, smart and clever foam decided to pick up a stick and whap that 'log' to find out. man, you should have heard our screams when that thing pounced out of the water at lightning speed. later on a park ranger told a group of people that that gator was 'old fred' and was leashed by a leg ... like a dog.

SJ said...

Great photos... super (in German :)

She sells sea shells by the Seychelles sea shore. Say that aloud over and over again.

foam said...

toll .. :)
She sells sea shells by the Seychelles sea shore. She sells sea shells by the Seychelles sea shore. She sells sea shells by the Seychelles sea shore. She sells sea shells by the Seychelles sea shore. She sells sea shells by the Seychelles sea shore. She sells sea shells by the Seychelles sea shore.

Is that enough?

Anonymous said...

BBC has left a new comment on your post "":

Copyrighted, sure, right. Don't post things that you don't want others taking copies of then.

Copyrights are almost a thing of the past.

Nothing on my blog is 'copyrighted', feel free to take anything you like. Including my thoughts, because I've never had an original thought anyway, and neither have you.

Happy trails.

foam said...

you are right on all accounts..

Piercing The Veil said...

i think so ... weather is crazy...

nice photos...
gud eve

The Phosgene Kid said...

Beautiful pictures - they take me back to when I was younger. The woods look like the area I used to fish and hunt.

foam said...

tnx veil..
& a gud eve 2 u 2

well, a lot of people around here like to fish and hunt ..

LADY LUXIE said...

How's everything? Funny but my RSS reader read a post that isn't here...N'ways..hope everything is cool with you...and about the 2 hour was my hubz who gave him the talk..gaawd' I wouldn't even know what to say...I just wanted to shake him and twist his ears at the same time...course I can't do that to someone significantly taller than me....This kid has been acting hoity toity lately and demands..demands that we buy him a pretty expensive toy...

ANNA-LYS said...

I love those places,
tnx 4 sharing!!!
(( hug ))

..................... said...

oh, luxie and anna-lys, i was going to write some nice answers, but i'm just so tired and headachey ..

Piercing The Veil said...

tnx for dropping by foam

gud eve

Ruela said...

beautiful photos and places!
well donne.

foam said...


jin said...

I love the sideways video!!!

*jin tries to get the kink out of her neck*

The Phosgene Kid said...

At least you weren't up the creek!!

Merelyme said...

ahhh baseball in january...i remember it well. actually i don't remember it at all.

how are you doing dear foam? just breezing by to pay you a visit this friday evening. have a great weekend!

Merelyme said...

oh and if you or any of your friends remember their first come by and tell the story. my love fest is still in full bloom after a short depressive hiatus.

foam said...

suggestion for a kink in the neck ..
neck rub ..
ideally by a nice non libra single male ... ;)

but only because i wasn't trying hard enough..


i did write about my first kiss in another blogging life time..
perhaps i ought to rummage for it.

ANNA-LYS said...

Still headache?

foam said...

kind of ...
and sleepless nights ..
and the major blahs ...

jin said...

Yes... a neck rub would be fab!
Especially considering I've spent the last several weeks cleaning up the immense MESS he left me with. Think SIX 45 gallon trash bags full of... well... trash!
Our seperation may not have been as "nice n easy" as I posted at my blog. That was more for the nosy locals who came to find out what was up. Let's just say I'm soooo much happier now, since he's gone, that I actually want to start blogging/commenting again! That is... just until I find that "nice non libra single male" you spoke of!

..................... said...

i knew..
hardly any seperation is nice and easy. and even those few are still stressful..
i'm glad it's over with for you.

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