Sunday, January 20, 2008

gloves /.......... and a followup answer to /t.

....inspired by the mayden fair

and here's
an answer to /t's question


Anonymous said...


and the
foam feet?

(do they match?)


she said...

grrerhahaha! i love these little ditties...your choice of subject matter is off the wall! grrherha. what version of imovie do you have? re: your audio. i dont know if you run a mac or not, but since i use an external hard drive to render my movies, it had to be partitioned to be "mac os extended" before i did that i couldnt do the effects or fancy transitions...maybe that will help? either way, i find what you do do charming. mayden will love it. (i like hearing your voice too!) auf veedersain (i dunno i hear heidi klum say it)

foam said...

i need to check ... wait ...

yes, mac osx. i have an external hard drive too. i keep it on for back up purposes. it might be full, come to think of it. i need to check. i can also do effects, mirror images, fancy transitions, lay over music, but i loose the sounds that i've picked up with my camera in real life.

Little Lamb said...

foam's gloves don't match but the foam foots do. Hmmm. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha haha hah ahah ha haha hahahah ah ahahah aha hahah a hah ah ahah ah aha hahah aha hahah aha hah a hah a haha ah ahha aha ha ah ha ha!

what she said -- these are great :)


foam said...

little lamb,
yes, it's mystery. i can't quite figure that one out..:>

i see you are a man who is easily amused. :)
anyways, thank you..:)

SJ said...

the hand and feet match - but do the gloves and socks?

Had a thought when I saw those gloved hands - why do killers in movies always wear perfectly matched gloves?

LADY LUXIE said...

These videos remind me of Sesame Street...

I'm glad your foot not so sure if mine does..

foam said...

sesame street? lol, but i think in a certain way you are right...
they are very elementary after all!
my moms feet look alike but one foot is a 1/2 size larger than the other. so, her feet actually do not match. it can happen..

Aunty Belle said...


Merelyme said...

one of these things is not like the of these things just doesn't belong... crack me up! i just love your foamy self.

Anonymous said...

i am
a man
of simple
amusements :)

(you must treat me as a child)


Casdok said...


foam said...

aunty, ;>

and for the world of me i can't figure out what doesn't belong..:)

can do..

if you treat
me as a child too..

since i'm also easily amused..

:) and welcome .. good to have you here.

she said...

im scared some foot fetish people are going to come over grrerhahaha. is the sound level on your imovie turned down? also, is the box on the far left for the audio checked? make sure you didnt drag that purple bar down to turn your sound off.

grrrrrrerhahahaha to LUX. it is like sesame street. er, whats next? im sure the gentlemen bloggers are wondering. grrrrrrherhahahaha


row row row (thats slo mo barkin')

Merelyme said...

hey foamy...stop on over at my place...i am having a love-in. bring your friends! :>)

Rachel said...

Cute tootsies honey!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Nice feet!

Ruela said...


love the sound of your voice.

just play
two videos at same time :)
v. cool
foot and hand
hand and foot

and they don't match...oh this is true art

foam said...

I didn't mean to overlook you. ..
how do you know my hands match?
but many of my socks definitely don't match anymore.
and i think killers in movies wear matched gloves cause all they got to do is get them out of the costume department.

i'm not worried about the foot fetish people. it's the mixed match glove fetish folks that i'm worried about. now that's a strange bunch.
i'll have to look a little more into my imovie stuff. it's still pretty new to me. conceivably i could read the directions which i think i have someplace..
you mentioned the gentlemen bloggers. and that's exactly
what they all are. any wonderings will be kept to themselves..

rrrrrrrooooooooowwwww grrrrrhaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaa

blogging buddies,
merelyme is having a love-in and everybodies invited. so pop on over if ya'll feel so inclined..:)

rachel and whimsy,
thanks...:). i think getting complimented on my feet is kind of funny.


thank you. and guess what? i did play both videos at the same time..

ThursdayNext said...

Moses supposes
Foam's toeses
smell like roses!

Ruela said...

both videos at same time it's cool ;))

foam said...

moses precisely supposes
that foam's lively toeses
smell quite nicely of roses..

and to think i have /t. to thank for the other video..

X. Dell said...

Cool. I've waited hand and foot for this post.

Is it my imagination or is there a big gap between your big toes and the little ones? Or are you saluting Vulcan foot fetishists?


Just teasing. I still love hearing your voice and seeing your hands, even if they don't match.

Kate said...

lol to the post and the comments! You have cute feet there Foam (and I HATE feet! lol ICK YUCK GROSS >>>)! Sorry about the glove situation... It often happened in my house too... now we are having issues with nonmatching socks! Good thing we are in Flip FLop land!

I am loving all the videos! I didnt even know I was keeping up with the trend when I posted mine today! lol Gosh I am psychic!

I liked hearing your voice too... but it was more fun to talk to ya on the phone! =]

foam said...

i can do a proper vulcan live long and prosper greeting with my toes.
and that's a fact (although that used to be easier when i was younger)
oh, and i can pinch with my toes too. they can be bruisers..
so watch out..

yes, that's exactly what i thought when i went to your mute monday post..

many of our socks are mismatched too.
and those actually are not my gloves. they are the mismatched gloves of my 10 year old. i couldn't find mine whatsoever.
and yes, i liked hearing your voice too. it was fun speaking with you over the phone. you are very easy to talk to. :)

Middle Ditch said...

:- (



:- l)


nephew said...

hey miss. you got some purdy feet. can i come over?

foam said...

only if you suck on them..;)

foam said...

middle ditch,

foam said...

i forgot to add
on the end of that statement..

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Foamy- LOL!
I'm sorry I missed this when you posted it! I love it :)
I thought of you last week at the ocean- the beach was mostly empty- but the birds and dolphins were pretty active...just the way I like it :)

Carol said...

Those are some cute feet you got! Maybe sometime you can do a nekkid hand video, too!

But then... who knows where this body part video theme could take you.

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