Saturday, January 12, 2008

foam with the first man she loved

click to enlarge..
if interested..


Little Lamb said...

That is so cute.

Anonymous said...


you loved
paul bunyan!!!

(and now it is men all over the world who love you!)

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

little lamb..
almost as cute as your wooly avatar..


mais oui. ..:)

foam said...
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SJ said...

Cute! Then as now :)

Your granddad? The one who fought in the big war?

Pink said...

:) there is only one true love....and it is usually your first...then we seek him everywhere but there is only one. Lovely pic.


foam said...


nope..that was my daddy..
but he did fight in the second world war .. he enlisted at the age of 17.
and i have to say that i'm happy that you are continuing to visit folks even though you have cut way down on blogging.

interesting notion. and, who knows? conceivably there is truth in that statement. i did think on the subject before. actually, enemy of the republic had, if i remember correctly, blogged about something very similar before. i had thought about blogging about it, but can't seem to get my words together to come out to make sense.

Kate said...

ahhh. Ya know I dont have any photos of my Dad and I alone that arent recent. I guess a bitter divorse creates many many layers of dysfunction.

I too have read that a girl looks to marry someone just like their father figure. In my case I married the complete opposite! My parents were very similar in disposition and personality... I guess when I saw how that worked out I went in a different direction! lol

Oh and bty you look exactly the same! *wink

foam said...

kate, and i don't have a picture of my dad since he died when i was 7. so, when i was rummaging through my dad's old army footlocker yesterday in which my mother had stored paperwork and old photos i received a really pleasant jolt of surprise when i came across these photos. it had been years since i've seen them. and, alas, now i have a scanner that works, so there might be more.

i don't know really much about my father's character except from what my mother and aunts and uncles and friends of the family have told me...and from what i remember. to me he was perfect of course. he apparently was a really nice, devout, gentle man who adored his family. he was also an army mp.

did i end up marrying my dad? i don't know. i did marry a cancer which my father was. i did marry a tall man which my father was. but i had always been interested in men that had more bulk on them like my dad...and i ended up with this really lanky, slender tall fellow instead...:)
my husband in character is much like his dad..
for some reason i don't think my dad and my husband's dad are alike in character ... doesn't make it bad, just very different.

Ruela said...

lovely pic and beautiful foam
very nice

X. Dell said...

Ah, we get to see you as a little baby Foam. I guess back then you were just a sud.

..................... said...

thank you, ruela, lol..a sud, yes..
now i know my title for my next blog..
sud c'est moi

Anonymous said...


ha hah ha aha hah ha hah aha hah aha hah aha ahah aha hah ah ah ah aha aha haha hhah aha hahah ah ahah a hah ha ha!


she said...

grrrerhahahaha you totally sucked me in i thought i was going to see you as a teenager or something. i love that photo. sud? whats that southern foamy?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Just been going through a box of old photos my brother sent along. It has been bittersweet going through them - days gone by...

dd said...

I can't wait to see the rest!

foam said...

clever she..
good pun..
but then, you are a smart pup.
el sud,

hey there phos,
yes, reminiscing can be bittersweet..

the rest? yes, there are others. i just might have to email you a few. i don't think i was planning on a life of foam as seen through old photos blog though.

ThursdayNext said...

Foam, you got me. That made me cry. So sweeeet...

LADY LUXIE said...

Noooooooo's Foamy beauty with her handsome daddy!!!:>>> Oh' look at both your eyes...that was a giveaway!

Such a very very sentimental picture...

Ironic..just a while I go I yelled "You are not my daddy!!" to my hubby...And now I see this..

Enemy of the Republic said...

I can't show mine!

Rachel said...

Such a cute pic honey.

Kate said...

I can remember when I was 15 sitting at a table in a diner with both my Mom and Dad. First and last time since I was 5. They were hashing out issues of custody and I kept looking back and forth for traits that I got from each of them... and also keepin an eye out so that no one pulled a gun, knife or poisoned the others meal! lol Ya it was a shitty divorse! lol I guess I bring that up because it was so monumental to me to get to sit with both of them. I can only imagine the longing you must have gone through (and probably still do to a certain extent) for time with your Dad... to have him see your husband and boys... your home and life as an adult...

Sorry I am getting sappy on ya.... I've been pouring through old photos too... and am PMSing lol

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

That's so cute!

The Ramblin Irishman said...

As it should be my friend.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

By the way cancers are considered great people, just ask me.:)

Monique said...

Foam, this is so lovely. I must admit I didn't get on with mine at all.

Aunty Belle said...


I got the same photo--different daddy but not by much, mine was 16 in the marines in WWII.

When we all did the baby meme a bit ago? Mah version clipped Daddy out, but same thang--me a wee one on Daddy's lap.

Sorry yore Daddy ain't heah to see what a fine miss you is! (Well, akshully, he has his own front row seat and sees you jes' fine!)

Merelyme said...

awww you are such a sweetie cutie wootie pie! :>)

foam said...

i didn't mean too! but thanks..:)

my brother and i both seem to have gotten our eyes from our dad.
btw, anytime you have to tell a spouse that he's not your daddy..
he probably deserves it.

you don't have to, sweetie. this is not a tag..:)


i'm so sorry for the little girl you were. what a memory of your parents! i reckon when you loose a parent or sibling early on there will always be a certain sense of longing.. or, perhaps more wonder of what could have been.
why don't you post some of your old photos?

whimsy, ...:)..

yes, that's how it should be..
btw, i don't need to ask you about cancers..;)
this libra has been living with one of 24 years.

thank you. i got on with mine. i was a daddy's girl. of course, he never had to deal with me through my rebellious years.

i was hoping you'd come by to see this. i remember your baby photo very well. and based on your photo i realized how close we actually were in age.
i can't imagine my 16 year old going off to war. not even as a 17 year old, 18 year old, etc., etc., .... ....

awww yourself, i can just hear how you were with your own babies

Ruela said...

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Anonymous said...

wow!!! cool! i love it when i receive art in the comment section. and surly, that's the biggest online kiss i've ever received.

The Phosgene Kid said...

On the bright side, it wasn't the local priest...

foam said...

...yes, phos, thank goodness..
..priests make me hyperventilate..

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