Saturday, January 5, 2008


a few days ago my spouse went to a large box store and purchased tons of groceries ... and a simple printer.... or so he thought. our older printer bit the dust a few months ago .. i managed to destroy it, i guess. i hated that thing anyway. it took forever to print, the cartridges were hard to load.. why, just a few months ago i had to force the issue which the stupid printer didn't like.

now this new printer turns out not to be just a simple printer. it's also a scanner and has photo printing capabilities.
i'm glad it has a scanner. it's not as if we didn't have a scanner ... but when we purchased a scanner about 5 years ago, i waited over a year to install it. i only ever managed to scan one photo with that scanner...
after that it wouldn't scan anything. said the installation wasn't done properly or something like that. i never did manage to figure out how to
uninstall it and/or reinstall it. i hated that thing. it's the same company as the old printer.

i'm also glad this new printer has photo printing capabilities. of course, we already had a photo printer ..... somewhere anyways... a year ago for christmas, i actually received a photo printer for christmas. but, alas, since we were planning on selling our old house and i had plans on starting to pack and organize everything, i decided not to unpack and install the photo printer. i planned on taking care of that in the new house ............err, we haven't found the stupid unpacked, never used photo printer yet. oh well, i figure we'll find it for our next move ... in 20 years or so ..

so, as you see,
i'm glad my husband reached for the wrong box when he thought he purchased a simple printer. it was easy to install .... although i almost skipped an important stop ... but i caught myself just in time. and best of all the scanner works. i'm in awe.
this afternoon i was rummaging through old photos. i was totally surprised to find photos of 3 old boyfriends of mine. i found my uncles scrapbook from the 40s ... all photos taken in germany before he died in a czecheslovakian lazareth (hospital) in the 40s. he was barely 18 when he died. he was drafted the last 2 weeks of the war. he must be between 15 and 17 based on the photos in the scrapbook. i might scan some photos from that album and show them.

the above photo is a photo of short me, dd (in the middle), and another dear longtime friend. the photo was taken about 20 or 21 years ago by my husband (boyfriend at the time) who also developed it. i cropped it of course and since dd is such a privacy freak i hid her face including the face of our dear friend.

we had fun that afternoon ... obviously ...
and we still have fun when we get together.
although i certainly don't show the bellybutton anymore ... not after 2 c-sections...


Enemy of the Republic said...

The secret to printers is that you use them until they break down, toss them and buy another until it breaks down. Printers are always getting marked down cheap--the cartridges are what kills your wallet.

foam said...

yes, it's the stupid cartridges that are outrageously expensive.

Rachel said...

Ooooooh you've gone over to the dark side, are you at risk of becoming a teckie sweetie? lol

X. Dell said...

My printer broke down years ago. The damn cartidge is almost as much as a new printer (twenty dollars difference). It's almost as if the things are close to disposable.

Um, I don't know what was on Mr. Foam's mind at the taking of this photo. I don't know if he asked you another question before this. But if all he get was two of you flashing your navels, then that would have to do, I suppose.

LADY LUXIE said...

You have a cute belly button. I had 2 c sections as my belly button is surrounded by circles of scratchlike designs...can't show it.

Hmmm' thinks am' going to scout around for a printer like yours..:>

foam said...

dd was just way more creative in flashing navels then we were at the time..

had a cute belly button... emphasize on had..
i don't show mine anymore either.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Congrats on the new printer!

I'm with Enemy, the cost of the cartridges is what will kill your wallet.

lonesterdog said...

Printers and belly buttons...there's a poem in there.

foam said...

whimsy, yes cartridges are expensive..

there is? i reckon there could be..:)

dd said...

ah, the flesh of youth. If I could I'd gladly show the belly button I had when that photograph was taken... if only I could remember w h e r e it was taken. If the context were different I am not sure I'd recognize any of us.

..................... said...

dd, i'm thinking it was taken in raleigh. i could ask mr foam.
he might remember.

Kate said...

lol I am with Enemy on the printer gig...

I dont think my belly button was EVER that cute! lol Even b4 babies!=]

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