Monday, December 24, 2007

(photo taken by the foam spouse)

From my neighborhood to your neighborhood


it was looking too peaceful up there..'s a bonanza christmas..


Merelyme said...

am i first? love the photo. i want to wish you a most joyous christmas and new year. and i also want to thank you for being such a wonderful blog friend. i am glad you are in my cyberworld. :>)

she said...

merrry christmas! i like the lone winter tree. NC is such a beautiful state. merrrrrrrrry merrrrrrrrry



she said...

oh...the music service i used was "lifelogger" you upload and then it gives you the code...i erase part of the code so it just plays without the reader needing to click..i think its &autostart=false....i need to check on that.


Anonymous said...


beautiful pic
a GREAT neighborhood!


Ruela said...


foam said...

thank you, merelyme..
i'm glad you are in my cyberworld too. :) xo

thanks for the tip on the music service. i'll try it after the holidays.
and a merry greeeeeeeeehahahoho to you too.:)

/t. and ruela,
thank you on behalf of my husband.:)
yeah, i'm a liking my bloggy hood.

Anonymous said...

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Wizened Wizard said...

Thanks, Foam. And the best wishes from my end of the woods to yours.

Here's a seasonal card for you, and my hope for good health and happiness in the coming year.


Little Lamb said...

Very nice.

..................... said...


well, it's certainly a lot of hugs and kisses..
let's see..
i know ..
it's a christmas bison.
thank you /t. just what i always wanted.

wizard, wizard, wizard...
what can i say....chuckle.. i clicked on your seasonal card .... good thing i didn't have my glass of red wine by the computer. i would have spewed it all over the keyboard and onto my screen. there's nothing like a wiz in nature, huh? lol

little lamb,
thank you. :)

LADY LUXIE said...

You know...I hate to sound like a Scroogie Grinchy Luxie..but this season has been one of the most frantic in my life...wheeeeeew! That tree there...that place overlooking all that pretty land there...I want to fly right now...

and I have just about had it with wrapping remote cars and having someone tell you an hour after unwrapping that it has to be taken back to the store because the wheels don't turn right...and just after that..another call saying the shirt I got was..heck'..too big...

sniff! Don't mind me ( blowing nose here)..I'll get over all these crazy rush soon...sigh'..

foam said...

actually for me this season has been remarkably non hectic ...
because i refused to participate in anything unless it was a 'have to do it' work related event...
i didn't even go to the stores (except the grocery stores) ...
and, except the last wednesday before christmas when the men in my house basically forced me to go shopping with them.
i let my husband do all the shopping this year, including the shopping for the children .. except for the few items i purchased for him and for my mother, of course.

and i don't do returns..
.. although, and only because it's my youngest son, i might eventually make myself leave the house to return a duplicate gift he received and let him pick out another one.

X. Dell said...

Christmas on the Ponderosa? I get this image in my head of decorating a cactus with lights and an angel on the top.

Hope your day was a merry one, friend. Mine was.

foam said...

why we have a cartwright christmas song collection i don't know, but we have it. it's rather hokey as you might imagine.
yes, i had a good day. i enjoyed watching my children play and interact with their cousins who they don't see very often. and i'm very happy to hear that you had a merry christmas, freund..:)

Enemy of the Republic said...

I hope I wished you a merry christmas--if not, happy new year.

This page is so damn cool.

foam said...

well, and i hope you have a good new years too. hope you had a good christmas..

Little Lamb said...

Christmas is over.

foam said...

no it's not..

foam said...

In my book the Christmas season lasts until January 6th which is the Epiphany or Three Kings Day (Dreikönigstag, Día de los Reyes) and which actually is 12 days after Christmas.

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