Saturday, December 8, 2007

i saw a fallen star
glittering from afar...


Little Lamb said...

Interesting picture.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I like it but I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

Anonymous said...

excuse me,
but can you tell me,
is this satanic ritual 101?


X. Dell said...

Looks a little too big to put in my pocket and save for a rainy day.

foam said...

little lamb,
i always love your 2 word commentary..;)

i wasn't quite sure what to make of it until i walked up to it.

i believe you took a wrong turn. i think that class is meeting over yonders somewheres. you know...
over there, see?,
yes, it is too big. i tried to take it and put it in my pocket, but, alas, it didn't fit...

Little Lamb said...

Thank you, foam. :-)

I'm a lamb of few words, but only sometimes.

Merelyme said...

where...did you see this? very...interesting. so howya doin foam?

Kate said...

looks a bit like a satanic ritual... everything ok there friend? Hey... did you ever get my message?

foam said...


where did i see this?
why in the side yard slightly up the hill in a friend's yard..


satanic ritual? i guess i don't know much about satanic symbols. all i know is that at my friend's party last weekend i stepped out into an extremely windy night to look at the stars in the sky. i walked out down their gravel driveway, looked at the stars and when i turned to walk back in, I saw something twinkling in the grass beside their house. as i got closer to the side of the house i noticed that their christmas star had blown over which had been perched against the chair that you see. a chair which has no seat, btw. i thought it was an interesting image, so i took a photo of it.

did i get your message? i need to check my emails more closely i think. i've been so amazingly, amazlingly swamped at work and at home..
but then again..who isn't?

Ruela said...


Ruela said...

one word ;)

foam said...


one word ;)

LADY LUXIE said...

Over here we call that a "parol"..

Almost every house has a hanging lighted star...some big..some small...some astoundingly glittery...some...serenely welcoming..

foam said...

i would like the serenely welcoming parols.

Kate said...

no I called you a couple of weeks ago. (redialed the number from your original call on my cell) dont know if it was correct as the message wasnt a humans voice. =] Anyway, I will take that as a no and try again! hehehe

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