Tuesday, December 18, 2007

foamys stillenachtwithfroth

from k9/she


i especially love the nussknacker with beer mug.. lol

and she found my wildschwein..;)


Ruela said...

mp3 the very best of foam ;)

Anonymous said...


it's a beauty!

she is so talented
and generous with her talent to do these(!) makes me feel all christmas-y :)

¤ ¤ ¤


Little Lamb said...

It looks very Christmassy.

she said...

God!! dont tell everybody i found your wildenschwein! now others are gonna want to see it. hussy! grrrerhahaha

im glad you liked the nusscracker....what a find! grrherhahaha!

is that ruela? or bono!? grrerhahaha

Kate said...

how very fun!!!

she is so talented AND sweet!

I miss Germany... I can only imagine how you must feel! I was really thinking that I want to go back this spring... whether I get there or not is another story! lol!


**¤ ¤** said...

it's all good...;)

yes, she is talented, generous and warmhearted..:)

little lamb,
it's the nutcracker with beer that makes it all christmassy.
that..and the oozing blood red foam..:)

hussy? lol....
of course, i liked the nussknacker.
we have one. it's authentically made in ...... China ....
bono? hehe... that's just a bonoesque neopostmodernromantic ruela.

**¤ ¤** said...

hey kate,
yes, it is fun.
yes, she is talented and sweet..
yes, and, at times, i do miss Germany at this time of the year.
i do hope you get there in the spring.

Pink said...

very cool!

SJ said...

I saw this at she's yeah she is so talented...

Fill them beer mugs and pass it around I am sure the beer is "foamy".

foam said...

hey there, sj..
it warms the heart to see you out and about again..

she said...

foamy!! when i got home from the studio i arrived just in time to stop the hawk from eating red, the chicken on chickorys cover that you liked. that poor bird was inconsolable. im going to have to prevent them from free ranging for a while that hawks always lurkin around now and sooner or later he' ll get lucky. grrrrr
i hung up my little bead tree! ;-)

Ruela said...

Soy bono...gracias ;)

Ruela said...

Soy bono...gracias ;)

Ruela said...

two times ;) ops...

Soy Neo Ruela Bono ...lord of the bones...formely know as lord of freaks ;)))

**¤ ¤** said...

i like hawks..
but not when they want to eat my pets!
yah, i thought i'd start small...lol..


si, yo sé..:)

...and why not be lord of the bones and of the freaks?

Ruela said...

These words are all I have
To make you understand
That no matter what may Happen
I'll always be your friend

To come closer
And there be still
To stand by your side
When No One else Will

I'll cry your tears
I'll fear your fears
I'll share your pain
But never in vain

That's what love is all about
So you have no need to doubt
Cause To see your smile
Makes It all worthwhile

So you don't have to worry
Cause as you can see
I'll be watching you
Wherever you may be

I'm your friend

foam said...

a gift of words!
the sentiment is very lovely.
thank you very much, ruela.

Ruela said...


X. Dell said...

So what are the songs on your CD?

..................... said...

ja, das weisst du doch...

it's full with the usual

humpa humpa humpa täterä

..................... said...

y a tu tambien..

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