Tuesday, November 27, 2007

what? harumpf......!

....and the irishman may not want to read this one:

fucking shit..
the c..nt word....


Little Lamb said...

Oh dear! Such language!

WOW!!!! I'm first!

foam said...

never mind, little lamb..
i'm working on changing the G rating of my blog.

Little Lamb said...

I guess you are. I think you accomplished that with one single post. :-)

foam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Little Lamb said...

Oh! What is one to do?

Such language! This is not like you at all! Have you been taking your medicine?

foam said...

i did forget this morning again. had to go back home to take it....
but what can i say..
t'is the season for bad foam language. and as you can see i took that particular comment off.

Little Lamb said...

Oh! I hadn't noticed, but yes you did. No one knows what you said, except for me and you. It will be our little secret.

Anonymous said...


rrrrrrrrrrrr ;)


foam said...

yes, /t.? you hollered for me?
oh, and i see you rang my doorbell too.. ;)
well, i'm off to bed.
gots a workshop to attend manana

foam said...

i'm very glad you can keep secrets, little lamb.

Little Lamb said...

Thank you, foam.

she said...

someone ought to wash your mouth out with foaming soap...but not my handmade olive oil soap that makes me smell so purdy. foamy, you need me to range up thar and lay a hot brown down? (damn that aunty speak)

she said...

is it possible to get an X rating? i got R but when i think of some of K9's raps....i should get X! grrr

she said...

er,,,,i forgot the thank you portion of my comment. thank you. *see also at SK9*

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Holy smokes.... What could have been so bad to have brought that on? You are right I should have not read that post but how else can I keep tabs on my bud? Get back on your med's and take a double dose of niceness pills.

Ruela said...

I've learn new words ;)
less penis...is the same in portuguese...I guess penis is an international word :)

..................... said...

i'm glad you like the little token i sent:)
and, alas, i reckon i'm glad you are not here to wash my mouth out ...lol

i really wasn't upset at all. i just didn't realize that i had such a non risque type of blog. a g rating?
i reckon it's good.

well, i'm certainly glad to have taught you something.

Ruela said...


X. Dell said...

Well, I don't suppose your blog is G-rated, anymore.


foam said...


but i think it still is..

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