Saturday, November 24, 2007

this is what i'm listening to this morning

thelonious monk quartet with john coltrane at cargenie hall.

Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall cover

mr foam pulled it out of our cd collection.
what a great cd to listen to on a thanksgiving saturday morning.

the concert was held on this date:

friday eve. november 29, 1957
8:30 pm and midnight
at carnegie hall for
the morningside community center
thanksgiving jazz
miss billie holiday
dizzy gillespie
ray charles
chet baker with zoot sims
thelonious monk
snny rollins

if you know anybody who loves jazz, this would make a wonderful christmas present.

this is not the concert, but it is from 1957 (i think) and one of the songs on the cd that i'm listening to

well, the cd is over..
i might take it downstairs and listen to it again while i work in my studio space..
yes, it's small, real, real, small..
but it's mine and it's a start..

pss: it's been 10 years since i've had a studio. my youngest is 10. wonder if that had anything to do with it. it's about time to have one again.


Anonymous said...

love jazz
reefer madness
foam on my beer
legs on my knee hairs

rinky tink-a-tink-a tingle!


foam said...

i'm not going to live down the "legs on my knee hairs" i see...;)

Anonymous said...

¤ ¤ ¤


..................... said...


antonia said...

monk is great. there was a time when i was eternally grateful for the repeat-function and that was when i listened to "straight, no chaser."

foam said...

hey, antonia..
i was just thinking that i ought to link you if you don't mind. if i don't link folks, i forget to go by to visit. esp. since i am statcounter and sitemeterless again.

i do love my monk.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

You know She is going to be very happy about your "studio space"- :)

My husband loves Jazz- and this would b a great surprise for him!

HLiza said...

I'm not a fan of jazz..maybe because I don't grow up listening to it..but this is sound of cool too! The studio sounds great!

Aunty Belle said...

Cool..I oughta send that to me brother who is a jazz fan, too.

Studio huh? I'se pleased fer ya-- we'uns will be expectin' to see the fruit of that space real soon--know it will be therapeutic.

Hope youse had a swell weekend.

X. Dell said...

Monk's always been a favorite of mine. He's like Billie Holiday in a way in that both make these wonderful sounds with techniques no pro would ever teach another. That's a shame in a way. Then again, it makes both of those perfomers so unique. Priceless.

Never saw Weir by himself, but I did manage to see the Dead a couple of times in this life. I even remember most of the performances.

BTW, I've never seen legs on hairs.

foam said...

yes she was be pleased. she has always been very encouraging about that.
it's a great cd. i think your husband would like it.

not everybody likes jazz and that's okay. this particular melody seems to appeal to many different musical tastes though.

maybe i'll show stuff, maybe
depends what i think of it. right now i'm working without worrying about showing it ... just getting my feet wet again.,
i remember most of the dead performances i've seen too. i've seen 4. ...and i remember most of them too...:)

what? you've never seen legs on knee hairs? ...gasp...

Ruela said...

v. cool.
jazz is cool.

foam said...


LADY LUXIE said...

Oooooooooooooohhhhhh...Luuuuuuuuuv this...luuuuv this...fabulous!!!!!...Just fab!!! I'll leave this open for a while and just listen....:>>>

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