Thursday, November 1, 2007

t with dali..


Ruela said...

/t run about from one place to another :)

foam said...

i see that you are still not in bed. don't ruelas need sleep?

Ruela said...

that's why use sun glasses

foam said...

ah, you are covering up red rimmed eyes....tired with lack of sleep.

i think i'll go to bed early tonight.

Rach said...

I loved this pic, so fascinatingly bizarre.

dd said...

foamy - glad to hear you had some gourmet brains for Halloween. We didn't get a chance to compare notes between headstones.

Anonymous said...



X. Dell said...

I'm thinking that if Dali were a vampire, that would explain the cross in his face.

Or am I seeing things poorly again?

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Very cool! I like that he is look at me from two perspectives.

foam said...

actually i decided i was on a brain diet..
feels like it anyway.

actually i doubt it..:)
t's or crosses .. not much difference..;)

the squoshed and unsquoshed dali at work here..

HLiza said...

Hi Foam! this from your dreams?

..................... said...

...perhaps from my nightmares then..:)

she said...

t with dali? i think i will have a cappacino with dali and FOAM.
nice tribute foamy....i see you added the maze from the shining ooooooooooooo

foam said...

actually, a cappacino sounds pretty good right about now.
...and that's a maze from one of my ojos..:)

Little Lamb said...

This is very nice.

foam said...

thank you! :)

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