Sunday, November 25, 2007

okay.... i'm ready...

....for the christmas holiday season...

bring on the christmas musac piped eternally through any stores i will venture into...
bring on the plastic christmas tress...
bring on the plastic holly...
bring on the gigantic plastic blow up snowmen...
bring it on...

foam is ready...

ps: actually, i was rummaging through old photos in meat space and stored on my computer. i'm putting together a photo album for my mother who has Alzheimer's.
i came across this photo that mr. foam took when i was 30 (pre kids). here's anti gun, anti NRA foam blasting away in a northwestern countryside. shooting at cans a long ways away. turns out i'm a good shot when i sit down. all the other guns and rifles of my friend (who's an NRA member) just about knocked me flat on my hiney when i shot them standing. as i said, mr foam took this photo and developed it. this, of course is not the original. the original is very good. i don't have a scanner that works. so i took a photo of the original a couple of years ago. cropped versions of that appeared on a previous blog. i manipulated this version a bit more early this morning. it's a bit distorted and blurry, but on purpose so.

pss: i'm thinking of putting some kind of alert on my blog or email account that will remind me to take my blood pressure medicine. i dealt with the effects of having forgotten to take it last night. not really fun....
and makes for weird dreams of blogging buddies, husbands speeding off on motorcycles. so, not a good night.
so, if you see something weird and blinking, it's for me.
unless, you need it too...:)


Anonymous said...


great pic -- ready for the holidays

"gigantic plastic blow up snowmen"
and like plastic blow-up dolls /w huge boobs...

i'm not on track with this one, eh?

& weird and blinking --
oh yeah, i need some of that :)


Ruela said...

foam is ready ;)
I like your new style.
Great works.
foam in a flurry ;)))

foam said...

ah, haha..haha..chortle
the maniacal laughter of the /t.
my comment section is not complete without it.

blow-up dolls /w huge boobs, huh? i see you are a typical male, a strange one perhaps.. ...;)...
how does ruth do it?

i'll see what i can do about the weird and blinking. never can have enough of that.

foam said...

thanks ruela..
hopefully foam will not be in a flurry that much though.
your english is really becoming good.
maybe i should hang out on spanish sites. might improve my spanish. no hope for portuguese since i don't speak a lick of it.

Little Lamb said...

Ok, I'm ready too. We're all ready now. Let's get to it. Ummm, what are we ready for again?

foam said...

little lamb,
i forget..
i thought a birthday..
but with all the hoopla hoo, i'm not sure anymore..

HLiza said...

Christmas sales started officially here yesterday..gonna look for my favourite pudding soon. If you need constant reminder for the me..I'm a good nagger here..

LADY LUXIE said...

hee! hee! hee! hee! hee! hee!..You sound real excited ad ready he!he!he!....

You dream of blog buddies?..Wonder if you've ever had a dream ov' me...Hmmm'....I had a dream awhile ago...I was back in high school only I got kicked out..(??)...

foam said...

in general i'm not in the habit of dreaming of bloggers at all. least, not that i can remember.
this would be the second dream i've had. the first one very early in my blogging career.
i don't think you were in this one.
i'm not even really sure that i was in the whole dream.

X. Dell said...

I cannot rcall where, but I'm sure I told you of that dream I had where you and Mr. Foam were bikers. Are you aping my dreams, or is there something really weird going on?

Maybe I should check my blood pressure.

I remember when you first posted this gun photo. That might be my favorite of you, I think. Nothing more exciting than women with guns, I say.

Speaking of which, I never thought to face the Xmas season locked and loaded, but the more I think about it....

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Oh I can be an excellent nag when it comes to reminding you to take your bp meds. Now if I could just remember to take mine. Hmmmmm. I like the picture. Reminds me of an old country gal protecting her home and loved ones. Hmmm. What is wrong with plastic blow up dolls? Let Christmas rip, I am ready.

Merelyme said... picture. i could not "see" that it was you at first. my mind kept making it into flowers...don't ask mind works in strange ways. just stopping on by to say hello and...hey don't forget your meds.

foam said...,
i believe it was in an email that you told me about the dream of mr foam and mrs foam as bikers. it is conceivable that that is why i dreamed of mr foam driving off on a motocycle. kind of clumsily, since he's not a biker. you were in the beginning part of the dream, my mother who was her usual spritely old self, She dawgy... an art museum.. a vague memory of mayden being part of the dream.
mr foam... me.... some strange country type close minded folks ...
dreams can be bizarre. it wasn't really a pleasant one.
last night i dreamt that i sped off on a motorcycle except i had my mother, my kids, the pets, my in laws with me...on a motorcycle. if the motorcycle returns in a dream tonight i'm gonna dump that sucker down a ditch ... sans moi....

everybody should occasionally check their blood pressure.

well, as far as guns go, that's the only exciting photo of me then..:)..

maybe we should remind each other...
as as matter of fact, i might pop over in a 2nd to make sure you have taken yours :)..

your mind does not work in strange ways at all. some of the overlapping transparent stuff that is part of this photo are weeds, bushy plants and trees.

Kate said...

I say you use THAT photo for your holiday card! hehehehehehhehehehehehehhehehehehhehehehhehehehehhehehehehhehehehehhehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehhehehehhehehehehhehehehhe

Oh and take your medicine

..................... said...

yes, kate, that is actually not a bad idea. i think it would really go over well.
and, yes, thank you, i did take my blood pressure medicine this morning.

Enemy of the Republic said...

This kicks major ass. But I'm not ready for the holidays. Even an M-60 won't help me out.

foam said...

nah, i'm not ready either..

she said...

grrrerhahahaha! yes yes foamy shoot the big inflatable lawn ornaments. i hate the holdiays. it just interrupts work and is an imposed vacant ceremony of excessive commerce. i make everything i give so as to not go insane. i go to NO stores in december. except grocery. and art.

btw i saved the package for today (my my age you need to hoarde things to "open" they are so rare) grrherherha

Kate said...


Rach said...

Great photo, took me a few seconds to get it. Go for the christmas spirit honey and can you send some this humbug!

..................... said...

i'm with you completely, she. i've been telling in-laws, hubbies, relatives that i want nothing for xmas. unless, it's a token... like a photo, something they've made or baked. backrubs/footrubs from hubbies....
btw., happy birthday you young thang! :)

you're too late. i forgot my blood pressure this morning AGAIN...and had to drive back home to take it.
just kidding :)..
Hi back atcha..!

another fellow ba humbug person..
i like it ..:)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Great post!

Whim wants to take a shotgun to it all.

Maybe you could have a blogging buddy send you a reminder email when it's time to take your medicine.

foam said...

yes, i know you do, sweet pea..

Little Lamb said...

You keep changing your avatar.

Wizened Wizard said...

Now I know who I'm gonna call when my right-wing, religious nut-case neighbor comes after us with his arsenal... ; ) Foam, you continue to inspire and surprise!

And by the way, I had such a chuckle over your song lyrics comment. Soooo funny! Ever since I read it I've been humming Arlo and also remembering the non-musical line from the movie about "litterin'" - having a choice between "bringin' that garbage up here to ours or throwing ours down there with it."

How about a giant inflatable Foam with Firearm? Could be very festive! Ho ho ho!

foam said...

little lamb..
me? surely not..
you must be weeing things.
oops, no i meant seeing things, of course..;)

wisest of all wizened wizards,
when your neighbor comes a running with his arsenal i might just hide behind you. you are a lady who can handle yourself...
and an inspiration to me.

a giant inflatable blowup version of foam? with gun? i wonder if that would be marketable. my husband wants me to find a business i can go into.

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