Wednesday, November 14, 2007


the foam is translating..
but then she started drinking a glass of wine..
while watching oliver hardy being womanhandled..
and the stan saying "now we will get justice"
.and a sheriff chasing them out of town..
along with a donkey..

sometimes one just has to make time for the important things in life.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'm glad you did it sounds like fun. :-)

antonia said...

this is exactly the right sort of intermission. lovely poem. wine while watching stan and oliver & donkeys. you know how to enjoy life.

Jay said...

I love your version of a good time.

foam said...

yes, it was fun. i ended up only seeing the last 1/4 of the movie, but i continued by watching a chaplin movie called 'the circus', i think. ironically it also featured a donkey ... chasing the tramp around ..

Aunty Belle said...

Foamy Lady, youse one smart thang--at least ya KNOWS what is important.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

I agree. One has to keep their priorities in order.

Anonymous said...




sounds kinky to me


foam said...

belle, irishman,
yes, generally i knows what's important, what ought to be priorities. don't always act on it though.

dear /t.,
you are warped......
i like that.

X. Dell said...

Gee, if a glass of wine gives you that kind of poetic perspective of Dick und Doof, imagine what you would see with something stronger.

Sounds like something more worthwhile than blogging, at least right now. I hope you enjoy it thoroughly.

..................... said...,
lol, i'm not surprised you know their german names ? i guess you can't really call those names though.
the intermission is not a blogging intermission , per se. it's more about me deciding whether i should even finish translating my mother's story. maybe it should stay as is.

Ruela said...


Kate said...

see you were whooping it up on Friday night too! hehehehe

HLiza said...

My English language comprehension must be very bad first visit I couldn't interpret what you're trying to I think I do..with the help of all the comments.Ha come back when all the important stuffs is done.

foam said...

recently more like housecleaning foam. the translations on the back burner.

yep, my friday nights are out of control.

you missed a WWII story I posted that my mother told me. it was in german. i had started translating it, didn't have time to finish and put all of it in draft.

Kate said...

I am sitting here whooping it up on a Saturday night... drinking a glass of wine and blogging by the moonlight alone on my patio! lol It made me think of you! hehehehe

Hope you are having a good night! lol (I am not complaining! Just sayin!)


foam said...

your evening sounds lovely actually, kate. it's way to cold to spend anytime on our deck during the evenings and really even during the day unless you a re moving.
our evening consisted of watching a marx brother's movie - a night at the opera.

Merelyme said...

hmmm....exactly what kind of wine was that? i need to buy some.

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