Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i'm thinking of using this as a xmas card..
it's got lights, a building...kind of...
and best of all a foam eye...
reflects my feelings of the season..

i guess it's kind of inspired by ruela although i can't approach what he does with his photoshop stuff...

but i could use the one i posted below as a card too.


Ruela said...

cool ;)

foam said...

but thanks ;)

Ruela said...

see the e-mail

foam said...

i did see the email. thank you! :)

Ruela said...

cool ;)

Ruela said...

Digital photograph… 3 works taken off in the last year… I sent and never more I remembered… had telephoned to me... to say it that exposition is in the weekend...

crazy thing I let a matter drop :)

foam said...

well, congratulations then..!
and just think, by forgetting about it, you didn't have to worry about it. and now it's a nice surprise..:)

Ruela said...

yes ;)

Ruela said...

use if you want...to send to your friends

Anonymous said...

less painterly

another good one, foam

¤ ¤ ¤


HLiza said...

I envy you creative people who can always come up with something exclusive and special..I always buy what people produced..never invent myself! That is cool..wow..Christmas is near..

foam said...

thank you!:)

and thank you too..:)

creativity comes in a variety of forms. I'm sure you are very creative in many aspects of life at which I would probably suck.

Aunty Belle said...

Foamy--Aunty gits that it is good art. But it is dark doan ya think, fer Christmas?

Baby, c'mon on down heah and let's us'uns git ya rested up and ready fer the holidays--Aunty will spoil ya and pamper ya...put some cheer back in the Foam. Bring yore mama...she can entertain and be entertained by mah mama--ho! That oughta be a somethin ter see!.

Happy Thanksgivin'.

foam said...

yes, aunty...
it is dark...lol..and not necessarily good art..:).
and i probably won't send it.
if i do manage to make any handmade cards i promise they will be on the lighter side.
coming down to your neck of the woods with my mama and letting us get spoiled sounds awfully tempting.
i need to be going down to florida sometime anyway. i have relatives down there anyway. it would be fun to meet up with you and kate and anybody else who could make it.

Ruela said...

foam here's a link about
AdobePhotoshop: Cs 2


...but is in spanish

foam said...

thanks for the link, oh skulled one..

Little Lamb said...

I like this. One could frame it as well.

X. Dell said...

This is really a nice bright color. I see your picture in it, though, so I know it's yours.

I like the previous one too. Maybe a wee bit better because I'm in a kinda blah mood, and this one looks really happy.

LADY LUXIE said...

Am I getting a card too? ...sniff!

I like this one...For me it has a warm fuzzy but mysterious kind of feel. Like hiding but for fun...I can see me there..maybe it's because of how I feel right now..

Can I save it in my computer?

..................... said...

one could..
if one had a printer that worked..
i broke mine, i think..

oh, i'm sorry you're feeling the blahs.
i can get like that too. i know how it feels.
sending love your way.


i'd love to snail mail you a card
and not just email you one. just let me know where? but that is completely up to you..:)

Rach said...

Love it, great idea honey. Your blog is taking on a whole new artistic quality that I love

Little Lamb said...

Some art I've seen around these blogs I think are good enough to frame.

..................... said...

oh, luxie..
of course you can save and print it out..

thanks, rach..
i still do some writing. but these doodles are more of a stress relieve for me at the moment.

little lamb,
i appreciate that. i feel the same way about some of the art sites i visit.

Little Lamb said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Hugs, Hugs, Hugs! Your package arrived today! I love it! :D
You are most definitely on my "fudge and cookie list"!
Thank you! I can not wait to use them...they smell sooooo good!
Hugs again- I love it!

foam said...

thanks, little lamb,
we had a good visit with the in-laws and my mother was even able to attend.

what can i say, mayden. they had your name written all over them....:)
i couldn't resist.

Kate said...

I LOVE the colors! It really is lovely! Just needs a foamy eye and some dots... and it would be perfect! hehehe Not to say it isnt now!! It really is great!

Hope you had a good TG!

LADY LUXIE said...

will doooooo....

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