Friday, November 23, 2007

being gratefully grateful this weekend

i reckon i'm still in a grateful, thankful kind of mode.....
you know, for family, for my mother being able to spend a few hours with us..
for women being smart...;)...most of the time anyways, or at least a little bit of the have their moments, i being a little bit smart..
it wasn't this particular show, but i saw this tour in raleigh in 1989. least i think it was the same tour.
i saw bob weir this spring. with mr foam and mr mini foam. mr bigger mini foam was elsewhere watching music. anywho, the weir was so close to me i could have pulled the legs on his knee hairs.
i'm not kidding.

ps: and now, since this weekend during which time i venture no where...
it's scary out there in commerce land..
is almost over..
i can turn into my regular curmudgeonly christmas self.

oh the joy of the season....sigh..


Anonymous said...

aww foam,

your little
christmas elf...

you can pull the legs on my knee hairs any time :)


dd said...

do the three male bears, um, I mean foams... share this conviction that woman is smarter???

HLiza said...

Never known this singer, but the music is kind of okay to me. Glad you all have fun during the celebrations!

foam said...

awww /t.
you'd really let me pull your knee hairs? :)

the oldest know, the bearish one, doesn't get it, of course...gotta love him anyways..:)
i've been working on the younger ones since they've been babes. they are getting a clue..

the Grateful Dead were a rock band that formed in 65 in california. they're known for a rather eclectic style of music that encompasses the blues, folk, rock, jazz, country, psychedelic spacy drum sequences...
and they put it together in this rather unique way. they have a large following who are known as the deadheads.
i'm not a deadhead though..:)

..................... said...

did my colorful alterego really say "pull the legs of my knee hairs...?"

that is so typical colorful foam....:)

the smart dotted foam

ThursdayNext said...

I wish you all sweet things this season, Foam. As for women being smarter, my dear sister- you state a fact, not an opinion. ;) Jane was ten times smarter than Rochester, that is for certain!

foam said...

thursday! good to see you out and about..
yes, i agree. jane, indeed, was smart and wise beyond her years. certainly wiser and smarter then rochester..

Ruela said...

cool image.

foam said...


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