Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Ruela said...

fast and furious

foam said...


Anonymous said...




foam said...

actually, /t., I just cropped a photo that I took of my spouse about a month ago. That's the only manipulation I did.

Kate said...

is it me or does it look like someone is smoking in BOTH of the photos???
Oh and I think I am officially losing my mind.. Just thought I would share that with you! hehehe

I like them! The first is my fav!

foam said...

oh, kate, if i were you i'd be loosing my mind right about now too.
and nope, at that particular time, nobody was smoking in any of those photos.

X. Dell said...

I can name that picture in four notes.

..................... said...

that's cause you are a musician
and the musician teacher i worked with over the past years always told me musicians can only count to four...;)

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