Monday, November 19, 2007

10 year old reflections upon viewing his mom's doodle stuff..

this is a painting of an island in black and white.
when you look up close it looks like, kind of like.....pause...
pieces of rice.
it looks kind of like a crescent.
ummmm, like those horn looking things filled with vegetables and fruits.
what do you call those? cornucopias. that was my spelling word once in the 3rd grade but i forgot how to spell it. you are writing exactly what
i'm saying? are you really going to write that. giggle, laughing....big
ummmmmmmmm. .... hehehehhehehe....
is that going to be a thanksgiving card?

what do you think? (foam)

i don't know..

but it's good.

it looks like, let's
a battle horn...

what would your big brother say it looked like? (foam)

(big brother) would probably say it looked like a curled up centipede with a top heavy body.


anything else?

"no" (foam)



pss: and for curves, i reckon....mine, that is..

and for
kate for providing the inspiration for the color purple..
which along with anything gray and charcoalish are my favorite colors


Anonymous said...




whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Great answers!

..................... said...

yes, of course, that is what that silly doodle is..
although i might just decide that it's a top heavy centipede.

yes, i thought so.:)

Wizened Wizard said...

A one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater...?

An island in a storm...?

Perplexing purple plop puzzle for pre-teens...?

You have great kids, Foam. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wiz'd Wiz'd

Kate said...

awwww... you are thankful for little ole me??? =]]]]]

OK so I asked my 12 year old son and he saw a body... (I think it must have been a female body as he pointed out the belly button on the far right side then looked at me and left quickly! hehehe

I see a dog on top, eating a cat eating a large dark fish!


X. Dell said...

I had to really zoom in to see the island, the rice etc.. When I first saw it, though, I got the impression of a fish eating a cow's head.

Bad eyesight. What can I say?

..................... said...

hmmmmmm, lol, wizard, a one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater?
kate, a dog eating cat eating fish or something like that? (and what a difference 2 years makes in a boy, eh kate?)
a fish eating a cow's head,
bad eyesight, my foot...!

i wanna be on what ya'll apparently are on...

all i see is a flat organic shape.

..................... said...

i just asked my 16 year old, he says it looks like a crab..

Ruela said...

I see a pectoral :)

foam said...


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