Thursday, October 18, 2007

things that have made me feel good the past few days

Junk Yard Band playing Go Go Music

Grupo Fantasma playing funk, mambo, merengue, salsa

going to Richmond, VA over the weekend where i went to the 69th National Folk Festival..

and subsequently,
....despite being afflicted with "the crud" ..

....visiting my mother in the nursing home just very, very briefly a couple of days ago ..
a gent, not really very old, perhaps even my age, resides at the nursing home. he does not talk much. but i talk to him and always greet him when i see him. as i leave i wave at him, say his name, and tell him goodbye. Without words his face and eyes beseech and plead with me to come over. i walk over to him. he gives me his hand. with some hesitation, since i do have "the crud" I give him my hand. I had actually used hand sanitizer before entering the facility, so I felt somewhat okay about it. And my crud is really a severe case of being allergic to fall.
He takes my outstretched hand as if to shake it, but then turns it around and plants a kiss on it. I was rather surprised and found the gesture touching. I wonder how many conquests he's made like this ..
ps: my mother's therapy is progressing nicely ..

...going to work yesterday morning despite still feeling the effects of "the crud"... (for a telling of how that day actually went, see post below)
some of you have probably gathered that i've been slightly overwhelmed with work, etc. etc, etc, infinitum... don't want to talk about it too much.
so, i'm getting ready to receive my third class of the day ... I teach 9 on Wednesday ...
I'm feeling grouchy, slouchy, headachey, grumpy, sluggish. I'm in an awful mood. My attitude sucks. I have dark rings under my eyes, my nose is red from blowing it so much. I'm wearing clothes that are pajama-like as possible .. baggy t-shirt, mismatched baggy pants. (and wouldn't you know it would turn out to be picture day.) I'm realizing that I really shouldn't be there even though I'm technically not contagious. The teacher who brings them looks at me and says: "You know.. (with a big grin on her face)..I can tell you love this job. The children are always so excited to come and they always leave excited and proud of their artwork. I can tell by just looking at you that you love what you do."
Well! That really surprised me. I'm glad I can still convey a sense of excitement in creating art apparently. For afterall, it's not the children's fault that I am burned out ..


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I think that lady gave you one of the highest compliments you can give a teacher.

Thank you for making kids excited about art! Too many people think it's unimportant.

LADY LUXIE said...

Wow! I'd have loved to have a teacher like you..Oh' Foam..I think you will always be a teacher no matter what condition you're in...

I miss teaching..I miss the kids and the hugs and the giggles..I even miss asking a kid to go face the wall...

Reading you transported me back to a time when I was having months of severe rhinitis attack. A portion of the building was being renovated and even if it was a long way away from where my classroom was I still was so much affected by it all. I felt whoozy and sneezy and my head was chest constricted and my eyes swollen and with the most awesome dark rings ( I always have dark rings and they're getting darker through the years..)and everbody who see's me would say I'd better go back home and get better...But I had to teach..and I knew I wasn't going to get better totally until the construction stops..So I went there in that dreadful atate day after day..

Reading here made me miss even that time...but by golly' do teach a big lot of kids..That's soooo many people Foam..You're famous! They'll never forget you...Isn't that something?

foam said...

actually the particular lady who gave me this compliment is probably the kind of teacher every student would want. ..she has a genuine smile and a twinkle in her eye. i need to compliment her back .. just as soon as I feel well enough to go back to work.


it's odd, really. i'm not one of those lovey dovey type teachers. i don't baby the children ... unless, a student really seems to need it on a particular day.
i love this particular age group, luxie ...
but the load is just to much. maybe if i was 10 15 years younger.
.... but the foam is middled aged ..approaching 50 ..
never mind, i'm feeling my age this week.

Kate said...

i am sorry that I am laughing... i sooooo just know where you are! lol (even the clothes bit! I am totally with ya!)

I have such a soft spot for the elderly. I have often worked with children with special needs and even terminal illness... I can do that without it really getting to me too much... but for some reason seeing the elderly in homes... there as mere shells of what they once probably were... it crushes me! I bet you make that mans day... week and probably month each time you pay him some attention! You are sweet!

You need to take some time for yourself Foam! Even if its a cup of tea in the garden (ok so perhaps not the garden since its 'fall' allergies giving you the crud ) but you know what I mean! Be kind to yourself. Its really important.


The Lone Beader said...

I agree with Whimsical. Art is important, and too many people think that it is not. I remember that when I was small, I had teachers who made art and music seem exciting. They are the ones who have made a lasting impression on me.... Keep up the good work:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for you sweet comment.
i've also worked with a variety of pupulations but never really with the elderly. going into the nursing home is something else.

thanks, lb...:):)

HLiza said...

Your baggy outfits must look inspiring enough Foam..LOL..I feel like that all the time with my job..urrghh..

Jay said...

I think I'm having visions of "the crud" now.

jin said...

Cute story about the nursing home guy!

I have an elderly customer that comes in once a month with his daughter. He's faced numerous bouts with cancer but he's a fighter and never complains. Even though my pastries are pretty darn good I swear that's not what he comes in for! We all line up (me & my 3 elderly female volunteers) and he gets hugs & kisses from all of us! You know what? Sometimes I think we all appreciate that kindness just as much as he does.

Anonymous said...

foamy thank you for stopping by...i am recovering but the truth has set in now that the euphoria of being out of extrordiany pain has not where i was before and it will take time and a change of behavior to regain autonomy and mobility. my surgeon fixed me...and this is the second time; wisdom around me warns that if i dont heal up right maybe i wont be so lucky agian. i feel weird and burdensome. forv=give me for such a personal note on your space but i do not have an email for you
you have the crud ...i am with you in spirit my friend. i hope you feel better soon. (i d love to see that school picture someday!) i will write more at the yard about what happened...i can only type a little while but i didnt want to let much time pass with out saying thank you for remembering me when you have so many demands on your own life. i so appreciate your note


foam said... so....

jay.. i hope not!

jin ..
ah, what a great place to receive "sugah", as we say here in the south, all the way around. ;)

hey she baby, sweet pea!

i had gathered just from blog hopping that you were facing surgery. second surgery? yikes.
with all my heart i hope that your physical therapy brings the expected results. xoxoxo
ps: oh, i had my email up. but all my info, including my profile was listed waaaaaay at the bottom of my blog where, of course, most people never look. i moved it back up onto the side. still got some stuff on the bottom though.

Merelyme said...

i bet you are a wonderful teacher...what a great compliment! i do hope you feel better soon...i am not familiar with the sounds...cruddy.

Anonymous said...

i'm surprised, merelyme..
i know you know what sweet tea is.
for sure, i'd would have assumed you know what 'the crud' is ... lol

Aunty Belle said...

Youse amazin'! All this wif' Mama to boot...b e good to yoreself, darlin'.

foam said...

thanks belle, but, no, not really amazing, just the kind of stupid person who will smile through a migraine and tell folks i'm fine. i'm trying to get over that.
..and i did take the rest of the week off.

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