Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ruela's site at neo - artes

i've just come back from visiting ruela's art blog. i'm always completely amazed by his photography, his digital art, his sculptures ... and lately his portraits of blogging buddies ... ... ruela can have a sense of humor, i'm telling you.... he has these portraits labeled under freak show .. at least the past few are....lol..

here is a detail of his most recent portrait:

go ahead..
click on it


LADY LUXIE said...

I went there..uuuuu..sooooo..spikey spooky in a sultry seductive sort ov' way...Like I don't want to go in but want to at the same time..then when I finally do I stop and stare and just....WAIT my son ( youngest) is showing me his halloween props....

Oh' draaats!!! ( I almost pulled his ears off!!!..just the thing to show me grrrrr....he was holding onto a knife ( faaake) which he stabbed into his thigh and this bloody red stuff oozed out from him!!!...Red dye it turns out..grrrr...I bet that won't come off his white shirt!

Take care Miss Foam..I gotta' deal with this kid!

foam said...

yes, i agree, luxie, it's a visually very compelling site. i like it.

last year my youngest went as death. the mask he wore had a tube running from it with a hand pump that was hidden behind the robe. when you pressed the pump all kinds of oozy blood ran down the face ...
just lovely.
he's into all this gory stuff.

Ruela said...

spectacular...click, click ;)
and foam change into a freak.
foam listen George Clinton & the Parliament Freakadelic(P-Freak all stars) - Play That Freaky Music White Boy? ;))))
Thanks foam.

X. Dell said...

So he's transplanted your eyes onto a model washing the floor? Interesting. She looks like you, but doesn't.

Rutela's got a lot of very cool images on his site. The layout is beautiful. Truly an artist's blog.

Not to split hairs, but "Play that Funky Music" was Wild Cherry, not Parliament/Funkadelic.

Ruela said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ruela said...

oooHH! Ops! you're right x. bell
thanks ;) error ;)))
because of:
"Dr.Funkenstein"(Parliament) or Dr. Freakenstein.
Foam is not washing the floor,
it is throw stones.

foam said...

actually ... never mind ..
x.dell already mentioned that "play that funky music" is by a different band. i didn't remember which band just that it wasn't parliament. the song i was thinking about is from the album 'uncle jam wants you' and is called "Freak of the Week".


yes, his is truly an artist's site.

i didn't know it was white cherry who played 'play that funky music'.
it's always good to have a music specialist on board. if i mention music i try to make sure i've crossed my t's and dotted my i's because i know you'll be reading..:).


i knew that i wasn't washing the floors but i didn't know i was throwing stones ... interesting indeed .. :)

the.red.mantissa said...


Ruela said...

only for protection foam...don't be addicted.
lol ;)

jin said...

Very cool job Ruela did on you!
I like how you posted your eyes next to those he manipulated. Very neat!

Anonymous said...

eyed lady



foam said...

mantissa, jin..
thanks ..:)

of course, only for protection of myself and perhaps others ..

green eyed lady, huh? lol...
i think he turned me into the green lady.
hadn't thought of that song in yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars, /t.

Little Lamb said...

I like how you've this.

Angie said...

Very, very interesting.

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