Sunday, October 28, 2007

on the continued united statesianization of the foam

foam in the act of watching the "World Series"

foam has come a long say. last year at this time she didn't even know what the "World Series" is. of course she knew that there was a sport called baseball, but that there was something called the World Series?

when she moved to the united states from Germany 21 years ago she was rather clueless as to any of the ball sports popular in the United States: basketball, football, baseball.
growing up in Germany she knew about fussball (soccer).
she wasn't specifically a fan, but friends who were took her to games. she couldn't help but to absorb the rules, to understand the game. she got the rivalries, she payed attention to the FIFA World Cup. It was the sport that was watched.
Travelling into Morocco in 1986 she knew to keep her mouth shut about being German (actually 1/2 German), being able to speak German because the Moroccan soccer team had just lost to the German soccer team.
Oh, it was, oddly enough, okay to be from the United States. And this despite the fact that Reagan had bombed Libya just 3 weeks earlier. But it wasn't okay to be from Germany for those few weeks. Sports rivalries .... tsk ....

Speaking of sports rivalries....
Sports rivalries can actually cause havoc within an elementary classroom.
during certain times of the year the foam had to forbid talk of sports within her classes because tempers flared. this regularly seems to happen during march madness.
it's taken foam 18 years to not be caught by surprise by march madness....the fact that college basketball finals were held in march completely eluded her.
this is actually pretty amazing considering how important the ACC and the NCAA are in the family that the foam has married into.
she's even gone to some of those games.

i won't tell you how long it took her to learn when the Super Bowl was.
to her credit she actually seemed to always know that the super bowl involves football.

....3 balls and a strike....

the game is on ..

the hubz is hogging the couch again.

i think he's snoozing.

i'm actually kind of ticked that he hogs the couch.
i think i'm gonna have to buy me my own couch.
one that is not over 6 feet long. a short one just for moi.

i'm actually pulling for the red sox.
i decided to do this a few weeks ago when i rummaged through my youngest's bedroom.
i discovered his baseball with a red B on it.
the one and only time he played in the Little League his team was called the red sox.

.....way out into left...

what they hey..
it's somewhere in the 7th inning...

the foam is gonna hit the sack.

she's gonna leave her hubz snoozing on the couch. he thinks he's watching the game afterall.
maybe she'll become a fan next year.
or the year after that..
but then again, if she had a couch....

ps: and i have absolutely no idea why i keep referring to myself in the 3rd person...

pss: one thing that she doesn't get .... why do fighter pilots fly in formation over these games? why are we paying money for that?


X. Dell said...

I dig the picture. The writing says "This is your mind," but the image says "This is your mind on sports."

Any questions?

You know, they show major league baseball on Eurosport. I saw the Padres and Braves (if memory serves) on one broadcast.

Back in the 1990s, I used to play baseball in Central Park every Sunday. A friend of ours from Germany came by to see us with her boyfriend (who had just flown in the day before). We talked to him a little before starting the game, and he sniffed something like "Oh yes, I have seen baseball on Eurosport. It is very boring."

Still, he watched.

In the eighth inning, with the score knotted at 5, a foul tip snuck under the mask of our catcher, and loosened his teeth (his mouth was completely red). We could con one of the outfielders to don a catcher's gear, but we were still a player short.

So we wound up giving a young German a sixty-second course on how to play baseball, gave him a right-handed glove (we later found out he was a lefty, but since he had never played the game, he didn't know he had on the wrong glove on), stuck him out in right field, and prayed that the other team couldn't hit one to him.

We were lucky. They never did hit it to him.

But we were still tied, and needed just one run in the bottom of the ninth inning. It then dawned on us that "Hans" was our leadoff batter. We didn't have time to explain any rules to him, and we were just too plain stubborn to give up an out (the penalty for skipping over someone).

So I took "Hans" aside, and asked if he had ever played squash. Fortunately, he had. I told him to imagine a forehand, and pointed out on the bat where the sweet spot was. I then told him to run down to first and keep going after he hit the bag. After that, look out for what the first base and third base coaches tell him to do.

I went to coach third, while the manager coached first. On the first pitch that "Hans" had ever seen in his life, he smacked an 80mph slider to left-center field for a base hit.

The next batter came up, and quickly got down two strikes. So, he choked up on the bat, shortened his swing, and hit it down the line. The manager told "Hans" to run, and then look for me. But as he rounded second, the ball hooked foul, so I waved to him to go back to first.

The batter then fould off the next five or six pitches, and every time, our German friend would round second base. Because he was extremely swift of foot, he made it to third base a couple of times. But each and every time, he had to go back.

Our batter finally got a hit. "Hans" motored into third, with a big grin on his face, and said, "I love this game."

Truly a man after my own heart.

Might feel the same way, if you played too.

BTW, he did score the winning run.

..................... said...,
did i give the impression i don't like baseball? alas, i didn't really mean to. however, i am having quite a bit of fun with that skull. actually as a sport and a whole cultural phenomenon i have always thought it was kind of fascinating. but that doesn't mean i will pay attention to it nonstop. i'm not geared that way

all kinds of sport are now played on eurosport these days. when i was growing up in germany during the 70s we had our 3 channels. when i left in the mid 80s cable was not that common yet. of course, i knew about baseball. you could find the amaerican military folks and their families playing impromptu softball/baseball games when a grassy field was available. of course the bases had proper sports fields to play on ... for all the popular american ball sports.
it's amazing when i went back to visit just a few years after i left germany, cable was completely widespread and you could find all kinds of american sports on tv. my cousin's children became huge fans of the charlotte hornets.

i doubt i'll find myself running around a diamond anytime soon......
unless i use my wii avatar that baseball wii is pretty popular in our house.
running is still not good for this bum foot i have.
the few games i have seen live, i've enjoyed. it's been a while though. the last live game i saw was several years ago...the bull durhams.

btw. i know you are a red sox fan.
congratulations! i'm just hearing on the news that they won. but then again, i fully expected them to.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

I liked your post and's comments. I used to love baseball and would watch it or play it constantly. When the players started getting so greedy and so wrapped up in themselves I lost a whole lot of interest. I grew to like ice hockey by having someone invite me to a hockey game. I still cannot watch it on TV but I love to go to an arena whether it be major league or minor league. BTW your portrait seems to be showing more of your inner qualities.:)

she said...

one of my fondest memories is watching the braves (los bravos) play in the world series while down in oaxaca on the coast at puerta a little thatched hut bar thing with a satellite link up.

i LIKE ear bleeding jet flyovers. money well spent! i also like when at braves games they have that eagle fly around the stadium and land in center field.

Ruela said...

I love basketball.
cool image ;)

..................... said...

i do think it's fun to go to the occasional live game. nothing like seeing the whole field and having a complete visual. my inner qualities are lovely...don't you think?

that would be a great place to watch a game. i don't know about those jet planes. still seems a waste of money although it is an awesome display of power.
...and i guess i just answered my question...

i married into a basketball loving family.
...and thanks..

Little Lamb said...

I know a little about sports, not much.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

LOL! Considering where you live you should know that the month of March is practically sacred here.

foam said...

well, obviously i don't know a whole lot more about sports than you do.

yep, lol is right, especially considering the family i married into. but like my husband sometimes likes to point out, i can be dense.

Anonymous said...

we play
with a frozen
mukluk on the ice

you're looking especially meaty today, foam :)


LADY LUXIE said...

I like syncronized ( did I spell that right..anyway) swimming. That's about the only sport I'd watch..and gymnastics...

I dunno..I'e tried watching anything with balls and nothing registers...

That pic you have of you is me as well :)

foam said...

a frozen mukluk? and why......?
i'd prefer to keep my boot on my foot.

synchronized swimming confuses me.
yes, that pic of me is all of us..

X. Dell said...

I didn't know you were still suffering from that foot. Is it as much of a problem as when you first posted about it (not to pry--okay, a little bit)?

I'm actually a Cincinnati Reds fans. Cora likes the Sox (I suspect because she doesn't like the Yankees;-). Me, I can't stand 'em.

Anonymous said...,
no, it's not nearly as bad. just a mild case of it. but it's there. and running and pounding against surfaces is pretty much out. but i can walk all i need to.

so, it's cora who's the red sox fan. i knew somebody i blogged with was a fan. i'm afraid if my son's ballcap had been a yankee cap or a braves cap, for example,
i would have pulled for them if they had gotten that far.
of course, it would make sense that you are a cincinatti reds fan.
so, you don't like the yankees or the boston red sox?

HLiza said...

I don't understand the American football at football means soccer in USA. Not that I understand soccer too..The only thing I ever play is netball, badminton and volleyball...and whenever I play people think I'm te!

HLiza said...

Oooppss..I didn't know you're German! Germany is the first foreign country I've ever fly too..7 years ago!

foam said...

yes, i'm kind of clowish when i play ball sports too. although, i used to be pretty good at badminton...but then again, that didn't involve a ball...
and yes, i'm half german. i grew up in germany.

X. Dell said...

Yeah, I root against both of them.

Aunty Belle said...

huh? Whoa--what an image of our Foam!
What's wrong wif' yore foot?

Kate said...

Personally I think that once Halloween is over 'she (meaning foam)' ought to ditch the icky skeleton like photos of herself and get back to the beautiful eyes she used to do... but thats just my little opinion! =] I will visit even if you do scare me every time I look at the bio pic! hehehe

I dont care for baseball. I have been working with the NFL and I still am sketchy about the teams (although I am pretty up on the game as I dated a player in high school for a while) anywho... My hubby is snoring right her next to me in the bed and I think I may go on out to the sofa to get some sleep! Maybe I should have tevoed the game so as to get to sleep better! *wink

Happy Halloween girlfriend! Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

just a flare up of the plantar fasciitis. 'it's the architecture of my foot' as that foot doctor said last year..

kate, got it.

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