Monday, October 22, 2007

...of substance, of flesh and bone...



Ruela said...

love this colours foam.

Little Lamb said...

The colors are nice. It has a softness to it.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

You really do have such an eye for color. :-)

X. Dell said...

Foam has an eye for eyes.

I hope you're feeling somewhat better. I thought I had posted a get well message on the last post, but I apparently didn't. Stupid me.

Eyes are so evocative of the soul, but this is a little bit deeper. Perhaps I see too much, but I see more than one eye staring at me (I zoomed in on it really tight). I see faces inside and outside the iris. I see the triangular framing around the eye, which of course makes me think of esoterica (the all seeing third eye). I see what appears to be handwriting in the upper-right (hell if I can make out what it says).

I love art like this, that's pregnant with imagery and meaning. I always like your work, but this one is special--and not just 'cause you dedicated it to me.

LADY LUXIE said...

Now I can truly understand what it means when one says, "the eyes are a window to our soul"...

That certainly looks like a window to what is inside...and the colors made me think of souls...

I hope my soul is color pink...just like that pretty kind of soulful pink you have there...

Enemy of the Republic said...

He had better be happy with this!

Anonymous said...

ruela and LL and whimsy,
i liked the colors too. In my tactile work (non digital) i'm always somewhat hesitant to use colors, but this computer stuff has been nice since it's easy to get rid of a color if you don't like it.,

yah, i'm a feeling better. still a bit of a sore throat, but much better. you did leave me a get well message. it was on the post prior to the one below.

i've used many different layers when i worked on this particular doodle. and not all of them are eyes. don't worry about not being able to read the writing. nothing is supposed to be very clear anyway.

your soul is whatever beautiful color it needs to be at any given moment ..

i think he is. ... and if he's not i'll just knock him upside the head..

she said...

in a mirror
an eye of chalk
"invisible" it read
a verdant green
of supple stalk
was woven in
with red

foam said...

i'm speechless.
your poem is beautiful. i'm astounded and touched to receive the gift of this beautiful poem to accompany the "ojo". .. something within me "pinged" when i read it...:)

ps: i did receive your email and will be answering soon. i'm off to visit the momma in the nursing home.


dd said...

i am at exactly the same stage. my voice is clearer but my throat is still a little sore and I can feel it a bit in my ears. I've been using a neti pot and that seems to help.

One thing is for certain - your eyes are never the "evil eye." They always seem to be benevolent and wise.

Anonymous said...


...gone over
to the dark side :)

luke, i am your foamer


foam said...

i need to check out those neti pots..
i'm getting tired of this sore throat though. but i'm glad you are better.

there are times when my students, my own children and perhaps even mr. foam don't think my eyes are so benevolent....;)

lol..., silly man..
consider yourself lucky to have never witnessed the darkness of the foaming.

she said...

the neti pot is great if you can roll with the sensation of drowning. ive got the hang of it must have the correct solution though...the saline mix i mean.

the darker side?
did dali say
the darker side of foam?
she named it substance flesh and bone
it's all of us

crud be away!

X. Dell said...

Uh-oh. I must be experiencing my first senior moment.

foam said...,
that's okay...
i've already had several.

foam said...

actually, she...
i don't use a neti pot. i use something that is different, but also works as a saline rinse for the nose. it also flushes out the nasal passages. yes, it is great. and what i should have done instead of taking that over the counter medicine a week ago.

Anonymous said...

Is that the crud? hehehe just kidding! i love the colors and the texture!

Hope you are having a good week Foam!

xoxo k8

foam said...

who knows, kate. i did work on it while have the 'crud'..

Anonymous said...

Listen to the rain in your part of the world...I bet the birdies over there are chirping as well..I can here about 8 different singsongs around me...:>

Luxie doo'

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