Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my window is open.
i'm listening to the sounds of rain.
it's miraculous.
i'd almost forgotten what it sounds like.
it's a good kind of rain.....steady and gentle.
the kind of rain that soaks into the ground.
we've had extreme drought conditions.
our water reservoir is 6 feet below normal.
i'm thankful for the rain.

my children are quiet..
i have a cat purring on my lap.
i always have a cat purring on my lap when i'm on the computer.
my husband is gone...travelling.
no noisy tv.
no music.

the gentle sounds of the rain..
the trickling noises of the aquarium..

all is quiet.


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful beyond words- isn't it? I turned everything off today (air purifier, tv) so I could listen too~ :)
Sigh...felt like everything outside was singing again :)

-Cora :)

Anonymous said... drippy wetty comment was a post down...I placed it in a few moments ago...( 15 minutes I think)...Here it's cool..and the sun is shinning nice...the grounds are'll rain gently again later this afternoon I'm sure...lotsa' birds are partying...I hear them all neighbor is doing the laundry...Bushy is yapping at some dog outside my gate...and I've got "You've Got A Friend by AnA Caram" playing on the comes Bushy...he jumped up and curled on the chair beside me...he needs a hubby' left as well...travelling travelling faaaar from home to work...Oooops..there goes Bushy..jumped off the chair yapping again in response to the neighbor's yapping dog...I'm hungry..."Spooky" is being sang by Christy Baron now...I think it'llbe a nice quiet rest of the day for me...except I need to talk to our accountant about taxes..


Antonia said...

this is soothing. it makes me long for rain here too, especially at night and in the dark.

X. Dell said...

We had rain here too, today. As long as I don't have to drive in it, I love the sound, the smell, the darkness of the sky.

Actually, it's kinda soothing, don't you think?

foam said...

exactly, cora..
the grass was actually singing yippie ai yay..!

yes, i did see your drippy wetty comment below. ughhh on talking to accountant about taxes. i've had to do some of that lately.

i love a gentle rain. ... and welcome..:),

it's still raining this morning. i had kind of hoped it would stop while i have to drive 35 minutes in it this morning. oh well, it's still good and yes, it's soothing.

Little Lamb said...

Must be nice to have a purring cat on your lap. When I had a cat she was not a lap cat.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Sounds like bliss. Nothing like a rain storm, a quiet yet warm house, a good feline friend (or poochy), a good book and just enjoy.

Wizened Wizard said...

Such a soothing image. Although it strikes me as humorously incongruous that a plastic/glass/metal/electronic machine conveys the lovely, poetic thoughts. Just don't let it rain on that computer!

Anonymous said...


you make
cats, rain, silence
sound almost desireable... though i'd be more likely to throw the cat out into the rain and crank up some tunes


Kate said...

'sounds' wonderful! As I have gotten older I have learned to hate background noise... I normally have nothing in the house if I am home alone... nothing but that roaring laptop motor keepingme company! heehhe

Its threatened to rain all day today but hasnt. It is wonderfully cool though (like 70!!) I bought some firewood and am planning an outside firepit evening! We have some friends in from Philly this week so if it doesnt rain they will be happier...

Anyway, enjoy your peace!


How are you feeling?

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

It is such a beautiful sound after not hearing it for so long!

If it was warmer I'd be out dancing in it.

Ruela said...

i love the rain...;) i'm aquarius

foam said...

both my cats are lap cats..
my dog would be too, but alas, she's just a smidgeon too big.

yes, that is bliss..
no noisy hubby around ... ;)

unless the roof leaks there's no danger of a wet computer ..
come to think of it, we do need to replace the roof soon...sigh...

sitting around a fire pit with friends sounds like fun.
feeling better, but i have this cough that doesn't want to abate.

me too. i'd have been dancing in the rain.

aquarius ruela...
i'm a libra. i like my rain to be balanced by sunshine. enough rain, enough sun. i don't like too much of either.

she said...

grrerherhaha! when mr she is gone i have no tv either!! when he is here its on in every room often different channels. insane!

yes the rain was such a glad you got it ...and coe-ruh too.

enjoy the sounds of real living things foamy.

Greg said...

That sounds wonderful.


foam said...

oops, /t. didn't mean to overlook you in my answers...
...i have my moments when i also crank up the tunes...

just how many tv's does ya'll have? lol...

it is wonderful..

Little Lamb said...

Gee, you can have a lap full of animals. Go for it!

foam said...

there's one problem..
my laps not that big.

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