Friday, October 26, 2007


it's two in the morning.
my window is not open this time.
i'm listening to the sounds of the tv.
my beloved spouse is snoozing on the couch.

it's miraculous that i managed to stay awake.

just thirty minutes earlier i had stepped out into the dank coolness of a dripping wet night.
as i drove off into the drizzly dark coolness, a bunny dashed across the yard and disappeared into the bushes. it startled me. luckily, my destination was close at hand. my oldest son was returning from an outing with a youth group.

we are now at home. the sons are asleep. the spouse is asleep on that couch. the cats are asleep, the dog is asleep. our guests downstairs are asleep. i'm assuming that the fish is doing it's fishy sleep thing. that tv is still on...canned laughter. and i'm still awake.

it's a workday tomorrow. the children will be at home. i have decided to stay at home.
i want to visit my mother, spend time with the children, carve pumpkins, doodle in the house....

.....that is, as soon as i wake up sometime today...

*skull snagged from wikipedia commons
then manipulated by the foam


Anonymous said...


nice piece

i'll send you this in a couple of hours:

"It's four in the morning, the end of December
I'm writing you now just to see if you're better..."

Famous Blue Raincoat
- Leonard Cohen


foam said...

thanks, /t.!

" york is cold, but i like where i'm living..."

leonard cohen has been an absolute favorite of mine since i discovered his music at 14...

"she sends her regard"..

Little Lamb said...

Are you awake yet?

foam said...

i can't tell..

X. Dell said...

I thought I was the only insomniac around here. I'd suggest that I call you up and bore you to sleep. Problem is, I'm afraid that I might overdo it, and bore you to death.

Hope you made it through this day okay, and that you're sound asleep now.

foam said...,
didn't sleep worth a hoot last night.. and got up early.

i doubt you'd bore me to sleep. i, however, might bore you to sleep.

dd said...

mI've been relying on my Ambien way too much... partially because I need sleep to get well and then there has been that performace thang we did... so now I hope my insomnia end and I'll be able to zzzz with the best of them. SLEEP IS GOOD, Schaumi! Happy Halloween.

Merelyme said...

beautiful writing...

i love that part of the day when everyone is asleep and all is still. this is the time to write!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hope you had a nice, restful, lazy day.

foam said...

i wish i had been able to see that performance thang ya'll did. yes, sleep IS good and usually i sleep fairly well...not uninterrupted, but fairly well.

thanks, merelyme.
it's nice to have stillness at times.

no, not really, but i accomplished things that really needed to get accomplished.

Little Lamb said...

foam, how do I tell you this? Your eyes are missing. 8-/

Ruela said...

what happened to your face?
need a plastic surgery?

foam said...

my eyes! ohhhh, and i just noticed that my two front teeth are missing too. i'm falling apaaaaaart....

Ruela said...

and... go to the dentist's!

foam said...

that bad, huh?

Kate said...

Ohhhh I hate it when I cant sleep! At least you decided that you were going to take the day off and do your own thing... But with company it probably means that you didnt get to sleep in either! Hope things went well today... ummmm and scary picture!

foam said...

the company would have let me sleep in, kate.
it's the hubz that woke me up.
what scary picture?

Little Lamb said...

You now have eyes.

Rach said...

Lovely words honey, i sense the still and calm when everyone is asleep.

antonia said...

oh you are a fellow can be so nice to be awake while everyone is asleep, but then can be not so nice when one has to get up....early.

Anonymous said...

actually those eyes were there before

to tell the truth just 30 minutes later it was not still and calm at all.

i'd rather be a good sleeper. although there is something about late night.


she said...

no no...sleep is good. sleeptime tea does work. and a slice of turkey. but you are enjoying it so desregard this advice. leaves popped yet? very pretty here today. happy sunday foamy!!

Little Lamb said...

Ok, so I'm just noticing your eyes. Better late than never. :-)

foam said...

thanks, she, i indeed had a great sunday. i hope you are recuperating well.

see? maybe you should stop spiking your drink.

HLiza said...

Had commented earlier but didn't go through..blame my poor internet service here! I love your rain post..and even this beautifully written Foam! Now it's 4am here..I just got up to read blogs coz daytime hubby will not like the sight of me blogging..grrr

Anonymous said...

what is it with our men not liking the fact that we blog? mine doesn't like it either.

LADY LUXIE said...

I'm sure the fishy went to sleep too! The running bunny must have been cute to watch...We don't have running bunnies here...You can just buy them from a petshop..I used to own two..bugsy and bunny...I'd like to see bunnies that are just free to roam...Don't they nibble on your plants?

It's fun to blog really late at night or in the early computer is inside my bedroom so I can't do that...he would call me again and agan to go to sleep...I usually sleep around 12 midnight or 1 am..I slept around 2 am and got up around six... now I feel sleepy still..

foam said...

luxie, the bunnies probably nibble on plants. but really, i've never noticed much damage. insects wreck more havoc. if our computer were in the bedroom i wouldn't be blogging on it either while my husband was asleep.

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