Thursday, October 18, 2007

idiot - c'est moi .... biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig time..

this is not well written, not edited or barely edited as i was typing. it's also kind of boring.

i'm blaming it on this major head congestion crud i have going on, plus an intermittent hacking cough plus some other issues.

i forgot to take my blood pressure medicine for 1 1/2 days in a row. when i realized i had forgotten to take it i got my medicine container only to realize that i needed a refill, it was empty. i drive to the pharmacy around 4:30 pm to get it refilled. i drop off the prescription and run a couple of other errands. when i go back to pick up the prescription i find out that they could not refill the prescription since it had run out. an attempt had been made to call the doctor's office but nobody was answering at that time. i remembered i had a written prescription from the doctor at home. During an appointment with said doctor a few weeks prior, we had decided that this particular medicine is the right medicine for me. he wrote a prescription for a year. could i find it? no, of course not. foam looses everything ... except the stuff she'd like to loose. soooooooo, no blood pressure medicine. she checks her blood pressure with her monitor at home .... slightly elevated, but still very much within normal ranges, so she figures another night without the medicine will do.

she goes to work the next morning, see below ... all good right? at work she also realizes that she has left her purse at home. and her coughing and wheeziness continues, she's slightly worried about not having any medicine, she is without a driver's license .... her head is pounding. ...........nothing to do but to take the afternoon off and take care of the foam. she calls the doctor's office and leaves after teaching 2 more classes.
on her way home she is verrrrrry careful to drive the speed limit since she had just received her very first speeding ticket a few weeks back ..... very traumatic for the foam .... and it wouldn't do to get caught without a license. she finds her purse on top of the kitchen table where it's supposed to be in the mornings. she grabs it and quickly heads out to the pharmacy. she plans on just picking up her prescription. however, as she walks through the aisle where all the products for stuffy noses, congestion, etc. etc. etc. are stocked .... she pauses. she had been talking to a few colleagues who've had a similar crud and they took a certain product which helped them feel better. It's supposed to loosen confestion and suppress a cough at the same time. foam finds the product and checks it out. foam reads warning labels. nothing is mentioned about negative interactions with blood pressure medicine. she's aware that certain decongestants can raise blood pressure. but she's not buying a decongestant. an internal little voice nudges foam to perhaps ask the pharmacist or to even call her doctor and ask about interactions, esp. since she hadn't been on her medicine for close to a couple of days.
but no, she doesn't listen to that internal voice. she buys the stuff.
now foam has barely taken any pain pills, or any over the counter products since she's been on blood pressure medicine. she's usually very careful bout that. for sinus congestion she uses a saline rinse that flushes the whole sinus passages. it works wonders.
but for some reason the inadvertent commercial appeal of a well known brand and the testimonials of other folks made foam grab for the product
she eagerly went home with her medicine and her new product. she took her medicine. she ignored that internal little voice again and took the product ... which was good for 12 hours

first the product made her sleepy.
then the product made her nervous.
then the product made her hyper.
then it kind of normalized itself.
it did suppress the cough .... it did what it said it would do.
she checked her blood pressure. it had gone up, but she's not alarmed and she goes about her business of trying to rest while sick.
waaaaaaay later as the gets ready to go to bed, she checks her blood pressure again. it's waaaaaaay high. she's alarmed, but then she remembers what her doctor said when she ended up in the ER room during a blood pressure spike during her early diagnosis. "You are on the lowest level of thi particular prescription. if your blood pressure is normally in control and it spikes take another pill and keep monitoring it. .....and take a warm bath because you seem to get nervous and anxious when your blood pressure rises." (well, duuuuuh, i thought). i did take his advice.'s dropped 20 points and hopefully is continuing to drop.
i'll be monitoring it.
and instead of that bath, i checked out some emails around midnight and decided to blog to my blog.
thanks, blog, for listening.

ps: yikes..2:30! am... i don't think i'm going to work tomorrow.

pss: i'm not sleepy. i think i'll go blog hopping next and leave no comments ..;)


foam said...

..and it's down 43 points ..
i'm going to bed now

Little Lamb said...

Oh, go on and leave a comment on other blogs, you know you want to.

I hope your blood pressure continues to go down to normal. High blood pressure is not good. And remember to take your medicine, and don't run out again!

foam said...

yes, mama!

Anonymous said...

vs the crud

we're pullin' for ya, foam


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Do you live a double life where part of you is in our house as well? That sounded like a conversation (in part) I had with my wife this morning. I forgot to take my bp med's and paid the price all night long. Must be the weather causing brain shortouts. Glad to hear the bp is coming down; it is not fun when it is high.

foam said...

yes, thanks, i'm slowly beating it.

you are right..
it is not fun at all when it is high, but it's finally within normal ranges...

X. Dell said...

Oh boy.

Nothing like a scare to keep the blood pressure elevated, huh?

Since Foam is writing about herself in the third person, it must be a little embarrissing for her, since she's usually the sensible person around.

I wouldn't attribute your actions to stupidity, however. They seem more out of desperation, the normal human tendency to want to take care of something once and for all after putting up with it for so long.

I'm actually hoping you took a day off. You can use some r&r. Besides, better a couple of days now, than a chronically sick Foam later on.

I'm gonna check out that sinus rinse too, sense I get a lot of sinus congestion.

foam said...


i was just kind of surprised at my stupidity. but, yes, i was desperate. as far as that saline rinse, which i was actually wanting to buy instead of the pharmaceutical product, it's one of these saline rinses that rinses out the whole nose. it helps me a would be worth trying.

Ruela said...

foam running-in ;)

foam said...

more like foam running in circles going nowhere..:)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Always listen to the voice Foam!

I hope the pressure is steady and that you get rid of this crud post-haste.

LADY LUXIE said...

Yikes! Oh' I'm just relieved that everything has settled back...Do take care...

huggy hug hug:)

foam said...

yes, when the voice practically hollers atcha, it's really best to listen.

...actually, you take care!

jin said...

Hope you are feeling better by now!

Have you ever had a Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath???

When I was first introduced to them by my Naturopath I was like, Ewwwww... LOL! But now I always keep one on hand! Great for colds, flu, sore muscles, etc.

foam said...

thanks for the tip, jin. i've used different bath's for therapeutic healing purposes before. i'll look out for that one.

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