Monday, October 1, 2007

foam needs to find a new job.

oh, she's still got her old one, but she's burning out..

foam qualifications:

good at consuming a myriad of food and drink items ... both of the delectable and junky kinds ...

good at giving back rubs .... when she is so inclined ....

good at disorganizing and loosing stuff .... all the time .... (she even lost her very first speeding ticket that she received just a few weeks ago)

good with pencils, crayons, tempera paints, markers, scissors, glue, yarn ...

good at traveling ...

good at procrastinating ...

good at being punctual ... (99% of the time)

good at being a pot and pan washer in a restaurant

good at being an early morning baker in a bakery .... when she was much younger ..

good at visiting museums, galleries, bookstores, etc.

good at going to concerts

so, she's gonna have to get with it...

her shoulders and neck muscles are all tense ...

she wonders if her pots and pans skills are still up to par ..


Little Lamb said...

You sound like an all around human being and a good one to have around.

Anonymous said...

you do, too

and, too... foam,
seriously beautiful image!

i love the composition, texture, soft-focus overall-gray... and those spashes of color... the odd green + pink -- it's beautiful!

is this charcoal (and chalk?)... or? and, how big is it?


Anonymous said...

Your qualifications are outstanding. I have the perfect job you might want to consider.

You see,my country is in a hilarious mess and needs a new president.

Oh' and since the head chief for the commission on elections finally resigned ( he is in cahoots with lady prexy there...that's my opinion)..that post is open as well. get about 6o percent commission on government projects. Plus....a broadband deal with ZTE China can earn you about..oh' saaaaay close to a 100 million......dollars....give or take a few cents.

How's that..:>>

guess who...

Anonymous said...

Oh and since you're open to travel I forgot to tell you...being President is cool coz you get to hike to all the summits around the world..ASEAn Summit..European Summit...

I heard all you have to do is stand in front of all those important folks from all over the world..( there in the summit) then you grab the mike, hold your chin up and announce that "my country is the most democratic in ASia.."..

only you have to make it sound like its true.

dd said...

I second Anonymous proposal that we elect foam president of the United States of Ourassholeasia.

Of course you are overqualified but that never stopped Lincoln, Jefferson or Roosevelt.

X. Dell said...

If you didn't have your mother to think about, I'd say you'd make a splendid travel writer.

You forgot to add that you're (at least) bilingual. I've actually seen German translating jobs in NYC. Do they have any in NC?

I don't doubt that you're burning out. You're probably conscientious. If you didn't give a $%#@!, you wouldn't be so crispy now.

I'll light a candle for you. Hope you see better days soon.

foam said...

thank you. ..and you do too.

..and same to you too, /t.

this actually is a photograph which i manipulated with the same software i've been doing all my other images.
i forgot to give credit to mr. foam.
he actually took the photograph while we were at the beach a few months ago. it's an uncropped photo. he took a series of photos of me walking back from the beach. this is the last one before i plowed him over..

ps: i wish i could draw like that..
i can probably achieve similar textures with charcoal and chalk (i'm good at creating textures) but my portraiture skills need some work.

sounds good to me..
how bouts i get to be head chief for elections and you get to be prez .. you have just the perfect smile for it ... a smile to make hearts melt .. ;)
we'll make everybody recline on soft cushiony pillows that have repitilian type creatures on them. of course, they'd have to buy them first ....

there's just one problem with that..
if dole couldn't get elected i certainly can't. i'm possibly more wooden then he in public situations. ....unless, i listened to parliament while trying to garner votes ... hmmmmm so looking forward to my visit with you in a couple of weeks.

oh, yeah, i am bilingual.
actually, i briefly worked as a translator here in NC. very brief gig that i had years ago. i was translating medical journals that were written in German .... i didn't quite have enough medical terminology skills for that gig so o quit.
i do give a #$#(*& about my job .. and you are right .. that's one of the reason's i'm burning out ..
it's hard to do it right when you have 30 minute classes back to back ..and you get to teach 10 of those during a day ... and i actually enjoy teaching the little tykes that i have including my youngest student ...
but if they don't give me the time, fewer students, etc. they can just go ^&*)(*&ck themselves ..

ps: actually i think you'd be a great travel writer ..

Ruela said...

so beautiful.

foam said...

thank you :)

The Lone Beader said...

You & I have a few things in common... :D

Auntybelle Cracker said...

Okay!! I'se needin' a dis-orderer, since I'se one too, we can make a good pair!

Love that image, Sugar.

On burn a sabbatical possible?

Anonymous said...

we might actually have a lot in common :)

oh, we'd probably make an interesting pair ... lol

as far as sabbatical. there is something where you can take a year off without pay for family reasons. i might look into that.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I do hope you will find something that makes life a little easier-
but the kids are going to be missing out on one hell of an art teacher :)
And I loved the image- it's splendid~

Can I be a travel writer? I'll have to think about that! lol :) said...

great image. burnout ... yuck. take care.

foam said...


you need to travel the beaches of the world. i think that would be right up your alley.


yep, burnout ...
c'est moi..

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