Wednesday, October 3, 2007


today i saw a fire.

first i saw huge billowing clouds of smoke.

then i saw the fire.

it was controlled.

the trees on a hillside had been cleared.

the rubbish was being burned.

but i really hate that the trees are gone.

a few years ago i saw another fire ....

it was practically in our backyard at our old place.

our backyard neighbor's woodshed had caught on fire.

it had been a very dry year and it was fall.

the leaves were crisp and dry.

within seconds huge billowing clouds of smoke and fire rose over the top of the trees.

we have tall trees in these here parts.

of course the fire department came.

they spent the afternoon and most of the night putting out the fire ..

i was scared. i packed up my children, my mother, my two cats, dog, covered up the fish tank and went to my in-laws. yep, that's how scared i was ..
... i left my spouse .. :) ......................

luckily no homes were damaged.

a few months before this incident we camped with a group of friends. it was a holiday weekend. i was still awake after midnight. all of a sudden through the woods at another camp i see flames rising. huge billowing flames. some idiots had left a candle burning at their camp.
a few hours later the fire was contained. luckily nobody was hurt.

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