Thursday, October 4, 2007

bric a brac

the nude was created by dd
the woman in the photo is my mom's sister, my aunt, meine tante ..
the photo was taken in the 50's, i believe
she died in the late 60's
i laid awake in bed and listened to her die
my mother was with her..
my mother has always said that she felt the universe expand
at the moment of my aunts passing

i found the antler out yonder in montana, oh so many years and moons ago..
all these objects are laying on a piece of pottery i made ..
a platter

the fish pot in the back was made by an adult student of mine who had suffered a traumatic head injury and became severely disabled ...
not so much physically, but mentally
he was born the same year as I
i purchased the fish pot at a gallery that was displaying it.
i was teaching pottery to adults with disabilities on a volunteer basis ..
that was during another lifetime it seems.

the photo in the pot is of a bridge in Prague
I loved Prague when i visited ..
i used to travel a fair amount.
not so much these days.

i'm gonna travel a bit pretty soon.
a brief jaunt up to virginia
i'll be visiting a beloved relative and her spouse.
it will be my birthday weekend..
and this beloved relative is baking me a cake ..
except she doesn't know about it ..
about the baking me a cake i mean.
she does know i'm coming.
maybe i oughta tell her i expect a cake ..

yo, dd...!

ps: this is part 3 of my "8 random things about me series".


Rach said...

I lurve this pic and the words to describe it all, so gorgeous. Hope you are ok, and can't wait to hear how the travelling plans are going!

LADY LUXIE said...

So that's why I have this feeling that October is special!..Happy Birthday Miss Foam! I want to say that I have found you to be a very warm, funny, down to earth, no nonsense, extremely interesting bloggy' friend. In my mind we are both 19!..Honestly...when I write here it feels that way...

I'm excited about this trip you are about to take. Do have lots and lots of fun..( and a photo here and there)...

I can just imagine how lovely your October is over there...oh' how pretty it must be!!..I have a friend coming home from the States..the only thing I asked of her is to bring me leaves..leaves..of all shapes and sizes and color!! ( that and if she can just manage a chipmunk..or a squirrel...I've never seen one for real!)

The picture is a world of nostalgia...and your words are even more...I do feel sad for the student who had an accident...

I would like to learn about pottery...I think this is something I would extremely enjoy doing...will research...

Little Lamb said...

Happy birthday!

foam said...

thanks, rach.
heck, the traveling plans involve francticly throwing laundry in the wash on friday, then procrastinating when it comes to packing, then francticly packing friday morning and finally leaving 2 hours later then planned ..
and then we'll just hang out, visit dd's show, visit the folk festival.
we always have a good time together.

luxie do,
thanks for the birthday wishes. i might actually post a cake on the actual day here pretty soon.
i guess i could say that i've found you an extremely delightful, interesting bloggy friend too. yep, and it's exactly 19 i'll be turning here pretty soon ....... plus 29 years ... sigh.
i'd love to just sit and talk to you.
you want some rodents? ... why we have squirrels and chipmunks galore. why a few years ago a cat of mine chased a chipmunk into our house. what a cacophany of activity that was!
pottery can be tons of fun. i love to get my hands messy with clay.
you should see if you have an art center that teaches pottery to beginners. i'm talking handbuilding and wheel throwing skills. not painting premade ceramics.

foam said...

oh, hey little lamb...:)

X. Dell said...

Have a good time in VA.

That's an interesting collage of images, especially those with meaning. What has the most meaning to me is the reflection.

I never made it to Prague. But this particular piece makes me think that you've had a wealth of different experiences.

foam said...

yes, i consider myself blessed to have been able to have different experiences. sameness would be boring. i'm sure if i saw your bric a brac and a reflection of you, the reflection would mean the most to me too.

HLiza said...

Love this Foam! I knew there's something so very artistic about you..I seem to get easily attracted to artistic people (but not as life partner..wonder why though..)Happy birthday to you..Tell Luxie..I'm 19 too!

foam said...

we should form a club of the 19 year olds ... anybody who feels like 19 can join .. as long as they are over 21 that is ..:)

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I'm in...the 19 club that is ;)
Sigh- so close to me and yet so far day- one day- our
paths will match up!

Happy b-day...even though I think I'm late :)

foam said...

nope you are not late ..
yes, and one day we'll meet .. :) said...

a lovely post ~ love the contrast of variety. hope you're birthday and travel was a good one.

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