Thursday, October 11, 2007

foaming furiously ...


Anonymous said...


this is some
furious foaming

hmmm, i don't know what it is i'm looking at, but i like it a lot -- especially your careful color balance, foam -- nice work!


Jay said...

Your fury is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

thanks, /t. ...
and might i add that colors are influenced by some of your green and red art .. ruela was also an influence with all that freaky red and green stuff.

thank you. one des try ... lol ..


Little Lamb said...

This is pretty. I like it. Red is my favorite color,

Anonymous said...

yes, red does have it's definite appeal ..

Ruela said...

Oh yes! love it.
Good stuff foam.

X. Dell said...

Too bad you're not more well-known. You could have then titled your post "foaming furiously, famously." Were you ignited at the same time, you could have titled it "fiery foamng furiously, famously."

All kidding aside, I hope Foam isn't actually too furious, or that her routine is.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I absolutely love the colors here Foam!

HLiza said...

Aww..have a rough day? said...

i love red. not just any red, though. i love that deep crimson red ~ the colour of passion, the colour of blood, the colour of carnage. red is beautiful, yet savage, all at once.


Merelyme said...

i love it! i need to find a way to "foam furiously" too. get it all out!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Yeah, the head on that beer...well, I won't go there. This is spectacular.

foam said...

thank you ..
you know you were an inspiration.,
lez seeeeee here........

how bouts..

foam's famous fiercely, furious foaming fiery flume

thank you, whimsy ..
they sort of match my nose which is taking on a reddish hue from all the nose blowing i've done this weekend ... allergies ..

it's that obvious? lol..

yes, i like red too. it does have the quality of being able to convey certain emotions when used in a certain way.

well, let me give you the recipe ... bottle it all in for a looooooooooooooooong time ..
and then wait for the internal explosion that nobody hear's but you.


thanks. actually a good head on a beer can have a calming effect on me. :)

jin said...

I like it too!
Esp. the hints of puple in there!
Were you passionately foaming furiously?
(Wow, try saing that 3x fast! ;-)

foam said...

i'm not even going to attempt to say that 3 times fast.
purple is my favorite color ..

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