Friday, December 28, 2007


Ruela said...



foam said...

thank you.
i think you must be viewing it over firefox because i just viewed it on msie and the visuals do not work there.

foam said...

it also works over safari. the size is a bit different and the boxes have x's in them which i find interesting.

HLiza said...

Happy New Year Foam! You always come out with extraordinary graphic!

Ruela said...

I don't have firefox...on my computer the visuals work good.
Twinkle little stars.

foam said...

and a happy new year to you too, hliza. it's just fun playing around with the codes at times..

foam said...

that's good then.
i use a mac. perhaps that's why msie doesn't work for me so well.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Oooh pretty!

Little Lamb said...

I like this very much.

X. Dell said...

Prosit Neujahr dir. Ich wunschen dir den am frohlicher jahr immer, Freundin. Du hast mein jahr sehr gut machen.

X. Dell said...

Pardon my grammar.

foam said...

whimsy, little lamb,
thank you .. :),
gleichfalls, freund, gleichfalls. Und du hast mein Jahr auch sehr gut gemacht.

and who cares about grammar, eh?

Anonymous said...


here's to happy
and safe propelling!


-Cora said...

Happy, happy New Year Foamy :)

SJ said...

Prosit neujahr...

Iniya puthandu vazhthukal!!!

Pink said...

Happy New Year Oh Foamy one !


PS - mine doesn't twinkle but its still pretty and I like the song :)

foam said...

thanks for all the new years wishes, /t., cora, sj and pink.
i return them in kind.
sj, you'd probably get a kick out of my german pronunciation of your new years greeting (i'm assuming that is what it is)
and pink, you don't need little sparkly twinkles.
you twinkle all on your own.

Merelyme said...

awww happy new year to you my dear foam! may you have many many more!

foam said...

thanks, merelyme..same to you too.

ThursdayNext said...

Ooooo how lovely! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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