Saturday, September 22, 2007

just doodling around


/t. said...


there is
a ghostly, subtle
quality to this one

i like it, foam -- it's softer (somehow) -- less 'digital' (maybe)

not really sure, but it might be something to continue exploring(?)

(hope yr mom is mending :)


foam said...

i just keep playing around with this program i have and discovering new little things to do. it takes me a while since i don't have the directions for it. it's kind of therapeutic and fun for me right now.

it's something i'll continue exploring especially since this is sort of what i was trying to achieve without knowing how to do it.
when i work with tactile media (non digital) i'm really into working with layers and textures that blend and harmonize with each other.
(for me, at least....other folks think it looks like it's rotting off a tree)

my mom is mending slowly, slowly. we are just taking it one day at a time. she will be moved into a nursing home rehab center and stay there a bit longer than anticipated. but then again, she is a tough old gal...frail, slender and petite but tough. perhaps sheer stubbornness will enable her to come home sooner. ....if it just wasn't for the dementia...
i have a hard time reconciling myself to it

SJ said...

Where's the purple kiss?

And glad to hear that your mom is recovering.

foam said...

i said give me a moment (at least i think i said that). i know i definitely didn't say give me a nanosecond, impatient silly

The Lone Beader said...

Dark.... :D

Ruela said...

i see you ;)

foam said...

yes, it is rather dark.

not really though..;)

LADY LUXIE said...


Relieved to read that your mom's surgery went' still thinking of the pie...

cyber hugs your way !

Anonymous said...

maybe this fall i'll make another apple pie, luxie.

X. Dell said...

Your doodles are very good. I really like how you can capture mood and meaning in your compositions. 'Tis a true gift.

Anonymous said...

thanks, x...

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I think this is my favorite one so far Foam.

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