Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i really appreciate all the beautiful and wonderful comments in the previous posts.

my mother fell and broke her hip last night and i will be busy with that for a while.



she said...

oh foamy! i am so sorry...hang in there take lots of vitamin b's and know that you are beloved here in blogland.

/t. said...

lovely image

sorry for you & your mom

do what you need to do, and like she said, we'll be here in blogland

¤ ¤ ¤


Ruela said...

yes, take care of you.

X. Dell said...

Again? Did she break it in the same place? In the same way?

I know you're quite concerned. I'll light a candle for you.

foam said...

many thanks for the good wishes, she, /t. ruela, x.dell..
before 2 days ago she actually had not broken her hip before. she's been lucky.
this summer she broke her hand. a few years ago she broke a few ribs and her arm in multiple places. she has 2 walkers plus a wheelchair if needed. she will often not walk with her walker. so, now we are dealing with the consequences.
today i found out she she does not need a complete hip replacement. she only needs a ball bearing replaced. she will receive a nice new metal ball bearing tomorrow morning.
(oh, i know it's not called a ball bearing...but i forgot what the doc called it... i only have had a few hours of sleep)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I am so sorry Foam! You'll both be in my thoughts and prayers.

LADY LUXIE said...

a) Do take time to rest and sip smething hot and eat something really yummy...like chocolate or strawberries..or something really sweet....or not...( sweet)just as long that it's something you really really really like.....I'm so sad to hear about your mom's fall..but releived too that she would not need a hip replacement.

b) The leaves are pretty..they seem to have flttered from somewhere way up up high then decided to form themselves into a pretty pattern way down on the ground...

c) raining here

d) take care

Princess Banter said...

Oh dear -- I hope all is okay!!! Shall send a prayer her way, and yours too, m'dear :)

Rach said...

Sending you big hugs honey. Hope things settle down soon.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Sorry about your mom--what a month. We are always here.

the.red.mantissa said...

OH DEAR! best regards to you and your mum. hoping that things go smoothly for her and you ... i know the challenges. (i was an ortho nurse, too ... hip fractures were what we saw most of, unfortunately).

so ~ it sounds like you are saying she needs a full joint replacement ... compared with a hemi-arthroplasty, i think its more stable ... you know, for rehab/mobility purposes. but, yeah, of course it means longer surgery, more extensive ... blah blah.

the trick is to get her mobile as soon as possible after surgery, and to understand very clearly the restrictions on moving that limb.

i cannot, cannot cannot stress enough the importance of adequate, timely, and sufficient post operative physiotherapy for rehab ... this means is sooo important.

i will remember you and your mum. and i'm so sorry for this ... wishing her a complication-free surgery and recovery.

things to watch for ~ the wound/dressing - drainage, and infection, keeping the dressing soil-free; the plumbing/pipes - whatever they're giving her for pain may cause some ... er, disruptions; mentation ~ also the drugs/anesthetic may cause confusion ... particularly for awhile post-operatively; nutrition ~ high-protein diet needed for healing to take place; mobility means everything ... really.

you may know all this already ... but just in case. sorry if it sounds pedantic, or patronizing.

love the previous post ...

don't run yourself ragged. i've seen many adult children (usually they are daughters) run themselves ragged ... take care. even it if means sleeping at her bedside for a night or two ... get rest somehow.

love, me.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh no! Very sorry ter learn this...oh puddin'...wish't I could hep ya'...prayers for ya'll

foam said...

hey dear beloved blogging buddies,
once again thanks for all your supportive comments. my mother's surgery went well. we are kidding her about her bionic metal ball bearing and the oil of can that we'll need to keep her hip joint moving smoothly.
she starts her dance lessons tomorrow... well, that's what we are calling her physical therapy anyway. she will stay in the hospital for a few more days and then move to an extended care facility for further therapy for a week or 2.

didn't i not to long read where you mentioned that your husband told you...
once a nurse, always a nurse.
..thanks for your excellent advice.
it's always good to have as much knowledge as possible. i really appreciate your input. love you?..why of course.

/t. said...

good news
about your mom :)


Kate said...

Ouch! We are here for moral support! So sorry to hear this news!

she said...


Aunty Belle said...

Dancin' lessons?? Hee hee...keepin' ya humor--thas' good sign!

HLiza said...

Sorry to hear this..hope she'll get well fast. I read your previous post and feel very much the same. My house is not a designer house, not an organized one but good enough to raise a happy family..

Merelyme said...

oh my...i am very sorry about your mom. i had taken a bit of a break from blogging and i come back and seems everyone is having their share of woes lately. anyways...i am here for you friend.

SJ said...

Sorry about your mom... hope she is OK soon.

the.red.mantissa said...

glad to hear recovery is in motion. and mobility is going well. yeaay! that's the key - moving. within limits. and limiting time in the hospital ~ its no place for the "well-wanters" to be, really. go rehab! yeay!

we have had fun this week reading something called Einzelrichter Im Summarischen Verfahren Des Bezirkes Winterthur ... *whew* can I buy a vowel? haha. sounds like fun, don't it? (its been keeping mr. mantissa out of trouble this week, hee hee).

gotta love that Hoch Deutsch ... its a neat language ... but so serious. Swizter Deutsch, on the other hand, sounds more playful ...

Kate said...

Ohhhh good! I hope that you all find strength! Sending good thoughts your way! =]

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