Tuesday, August 14, 2007

screw 'em

you know...
after dealing with draggy headachey feelings for several days...
during which I was really insulted by somebody...screw folks who insult me..
dealing with a sloooooooooow computer today and yesterday
(i knew how to remedy the slowness but, for some reason i apparently didn't know what i was talking about...).....screw men who think i don't know what i'm talking about..
waking up with a whopper of a headache today....

......i'm finally able to sit down and relax with a glass of beer... i'm feeling good.

and i purchased my table today.

foam pots in the old house. coil. the front pot is probably 3 feet tall, the back pots about 2 feet..

ps: SHE, KATE: RE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW: i use Photoimpression which is software that came with my computer. i drew my first computer nudie on an Apple IIgs (I think) years ago.

pss: actually forget the screwing part....
i don't have time to do all that screwing with all these insulting folks and men....

psss: ooops. i not having very nice matters!

and just when KATE gave me a nice matters award.

that's was veryvery sweet of you to think of me..\
i couldn't possibly pass it on to just five folks since
everybody who visits my blog has had just the nicest matters.
i've enjoyed the supportive comments, as well as the humorous ones..
they all were just what i needed to hear.

so, and know that i have that sucker i can turn back into the true grump that foam actually is
no, really..

smooch anybody?
(taken at the beach this summer by moi)


SJ said...

Me for the smooch :)
You are quite brave wearing lipstick and contacts of a color that rinky dink town mightn't appreciate.

Surgery is around the corner but not actually there. I'll post abt it soonish. Not in a bloggy mood today.

foam said...

so, you're going to brave a digital purple smooch? brave soul..
you'd be surprised at some of the looks you can find in a rinky dink town.

Anonymous said...

looks like
we have something
more in common, foam...

i live in a rinky dink town, too
i sometimes like to wear purple lip color ;)


SJ said...

Frailty thy name is Sridhar. Have blogged after all and how -updated all 3 blogs :)

..................... said...

a stache and purple lip color...?
i think i'm about to swoon!

well then..
i reckon we have to share the name of frailty, sridhar, since i thought it was all mine.
i'll be on over yonder shortly..

dd said...

Is that an exotic product (the lipstick) made in the eastern block or can I order it on-line from LUSH?
oooh la la!

foam said...

oh, but dd, all the best products come from china. of course, it's a chinese product.... i get off on the ingredients.
and you know i wear something purple when i plan to party..
and off we go.
all the most fashionable folkses arrive late after all, don't they?

b o o said...

love one :X

foam said...


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Congratulations on the award and I love the purple lipstick!

X. Dell said...

I guess I shouldn't be surprise that men don't think you know what you're talking about, presumably because you're a woman. If it helps in any way, we're not all that stupid. I hope that you, of all people, know that I, of all people, have a good deal of respect for your intellect, your sagacity, and your artistic vision.

As for those other people, male or female, you might insult you, I'd tell them to go screw themselves.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if I can find that particular kind of shade over here...and if only I have those eyes....wow...sigh...



foam said...

whimsy, thanks..:)

ya, and in all my sagaciousness i promptly went and had to look up that word...,thanks sweat pea (lawdy, did i just call you sweat pea? i've been in the south too long. but then again i'm 1/2 southern. maybe it's genetic)

and since i'm in a southern mode...

luxie, dahhhhhhling...
if'n you want i can lend you some purple.
those green eyes come from internal venom..i'm afraid i'm presently out. i can't stay in that mode for too long.

Anonymous said...

hello!!..shhhh....I've had a wee' bit to drink...but nobody knows...hee! hee!..placed it inside a starbucks cup...n'ways...I'm going to attempt...to speak in German...here gooes..


"guthen morgen!"...

I dunno' if that's right but years ago we had a visitor who stayed for a week...Mr. H. Bergner...He was german...We promised him we would visit him in Germany...It's been five years now...and he's married now to a lovely lady with yellow hair..N'ways..in the mornings I'd say that to him...

I gotta'go...I fried fish but lost its tail in the process...dwats...

have fun!


Anonymous said...

Guten Abend, luxie...
well, i reckon in your neck of the woods it's Guten Morgen...
soooo, exactly what was in that starbuck's coffee?

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