Saturday, September 1, 2007

this is an abstraction of that itty bitty blue area which is
located under the bluish/green highlights in my eye.
we're talking a tiny bit of blue here.
the eye is posted in the previous post.

this is an abstraction of the bluish/greenish reflection in foams eye which is posted below.
somewhere in there i seemed to detect just a wee bit of gray...
so, therefore, i changed the whole composition to a gray hue. i love gray anyway.
...and of course, i tweaked the image a bit....just for fun...


Anonymous said...

i love
the blue, foam

the square pixels,
regular surface division, and those light effects are strongly reminiscent of the amazing work of (hungarian?) artist victor vasarely (check google images)

i'd like to see this 4x4'...


Ruela said...

Yes hungarian consolidated in France :)
I agree to /t.
Changes in blogue... good :)

Merelyme said...

very cool! how are you doing dear foam? just stopping by to see you. stop on by any old time.

LADY LUXIE said...

uuuuuuuuhhhh......feels like being submerged undersea...with bubbles floating up...

Anonymous said...

yabba yabba


HLiza said...

I love blue..especially the bluest blue in the kind of make me lost in the deepest emotional ocean..

X. Dell said...

Your eyes are blue, or simply the highlights? I always pictured you as a person with brown eyes.

I've always thought that a touch of gray looks good on a lady. I'm sure it looks good on you too.


X. Dell said...

Okay, I've looked at the post below. Forget what I said in the previous comment. I see what you mean now.

Very cool, that abstraction.

X. Dell said...

Regarding your previous posts:

(1) "Lousy housekeeper" and "Lousy bookkeeper" are job descriptions? I wonder what kind of requirements are needed for those gigs. I might be able to get one.

Methinks you're being a bit hard on yourself. But if you aren't then you have three other able bodies in that house. Surely one of them knows something about housecleaning.

(3) I'm glad you put that sticker on your son's shirt instead of his jeans.

SJ said...

If I posted something like this would it be an eye for an eye.

foam said...

man, i'm exhausted....
i've come back from a long road trip not too long ago.
thanks for all your comments and sometime this week, hopefully tommorow, i'll answer all of them.

Little Lamb said...

I like the blue.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Didn't I'd say I would know you when I saw you?????????

But I thought.....

Aunty Belle said...

Mercy! How'd ya do this? I seen all yore other photos in prior posts--dang good too.

foam said...

ah, vasarely's geometric optical illusion type artwork. i have much respect for it, especially since i would be miserable working like that.
it's one thing to do it on the computer, quite another thing to paint or construct with such geometric precision.

i'd actually like to see the blue piece as a quilt. a 4 x 4 quilt would be fine but i'd probably become very frustrated working with such precision.

yes, he was a hungarian who settled in france.
you like my blog changes. thanks. :) i change fairly often, actually.

always good to see you here! you know i always wish the best for your health.

lady luxie,
lol, well i'm laughing because that reminds me of my youngest at the pool over a week ago saying he could survive underwater on his farts alone.


thank you, hliza,
i like blue too. that computerized blue is pretty amazing.,
hey, gray is one of my favorite colors. ....regardless where it shows up on me. okay, i'm just to lazy to do anything about the gray in the hair. and i doubt i ever will.
oh, we all pitch in more or less, sort of, with the housework.
i'm glad i didn't put that sticker on his britches either. not that i ever would have done that or even thought of that. my humor only extends so far.

why not.

little lamb,
yes, the blue matches that blue pipe you are smoking..
oh, wait, that's a drink. never mind...
ps:looks like a pipe though..

you ever find yourself in a cosco with a strange woman hanging from your neck, it'll probably be me.

well thank you. thank you very much.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow. Lovely. I wish I could do that.

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