Sunday, August 12, 2007

8 random facts...

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  • i used to smoke..
  • i quit about 25 years ago..
to be cont......

if and when i feel like it..


SJ said...

How about:

I like spread my memes across multiple posts?

X. Dell said...

Welol it's a good thing you stopped 25 years ago. I'd hate the thought of you smouldering for all that time.

Anonymous said...

I used to smoke wen I was in college..peer look cool...When I got married this stopped....

This also reminds me...

One time my hubz took the boys for lunch at this place..So happened that there were lots of rich kids hangin' out there at the same time ( restau was near a very prominent high posh international school where the girls wear cute checkered mini uniforms...-gawd' should see their uniforms!!...Just below'..bum...- and knee socks...)

So..he sits the kids ( my kids ) purposely outside ( al fresco) where all these other preppy looking high school kids their age were puffing...and looking so learned and cool with their cussing and puffing and smoke was just wafting everywhere...

Finally my eldest asks his dad if they could please move inside...

As they were gathering their plates my youngest mumbles that..

"He would never ever smoke"....

We never told them they couldn't smoke..We said the decision is up to them...but we trust that they would be wise enough to make the right one..

Hope you're feelin' great..Am fine except that our weid weather over here has given me a darn cold...

Luxie'..( the hungry....will get pancakes...minus syrup...well..maybe just a quick drip..)

Anonymous said...


_very colorful!!!


foam said...

sj, that's what will probably happen too...or not..
ya, me too. i'd be reaking to high heavan.


i smoked because it was fun. it was fun because i really only smoked when i went out. i didn't smoke at work at all although i worked in a really smoky office. i quit when i noticed that i would have hangovers when i smoked while drinking. but no hangovers when i didn't smoke. so i i could continue to party....:)
now i can't party like that at all whatsoever anymore. ...and that's a good thing..

foam said...

oh thanks! /t.
yes, it is colorful which is surprising since previous old works of art, albeit mixed media fiber works, were not colorful at all. but that's probably cause i used a lot of stuff out of my fireplace such as ashes and charcoal.

Ruela said...

cool and powerful!

foam said...

thanks, ruela.

dd said...

this image suits you. I think its the best self portrait of them all!

Anonymous said...


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