Saturday, August 4, 2007

"For a long time I limited myself to one color - as a form of discipline"

- Pablo Picasso ..........

I have no discipline whatsoever....

I try everything.


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LADY LUXIE said...

Hmm' I've often been told
( specifically when I was a kid..and then some when I grew up...) how I needed to get some discipline inside my bones...Somehow I have a distaste for discipline..the connotes pain for me...

buut..I love nudies!...I mean...artful ones like this!

Aunty Belle said...

Hmnn...thinkin' on discipline....why does we only think of it as pain and punishment, when it can also be an achievement?

Athletic talent goes no place iffin' the body ain't disciplined, right? And the athlete what achieves that discipline masters hisself, and then he can use that talent fer a finer thang.

foam said...

luxie, aunty belle...

discipline has different meanings for different people.
i was thinking of picasso's displine in mastering the different hues and values of one color.
i consider myself a mixed media artist who is presently playing and dabbling around with this software that came with the computer when i bought it.
as a mixed media artist i dabble in all media.....therefore, i often joke that i have not mastered any of them. let's not say mastered, let's just say become very competent .....and, in a way, it's very true.

Anonymous said...

foamy one!

maybe not a masterwork,
but there's a spark there -- keep going


SJ said...

Blue people are supposed to be from Pluto if I remember I sci-fi right. Green from Mars...

You are most certainly very competent.

dd said...

they look very friendly...

foam said...

i've been sparkin' all my life..

who wants to live where folks are just blue or green. although those certainly might be more interesting then all these different gradations of browns and beiges we have here on earth.

they do? hmmmm. didn't really think of them as friendsly or unfriendly..

X. Dell said...

Did you draw this one on the computer? Really impressive. The human figure seems so complex, that I couldn't imagine drawing a nude (especially on a computer). I think I'd prefer a go at still life.

..................... said...

yes, it's a doodle drawn on the computer. i've been doing these computerized nudie doodles off and on for years. depends what kind of program i have access to. most of the doodles are linear though.

i have also drawn nudes from life models, male and female...
years ago...
man, hadn't thought of that in a while. our male model asked me out on a date. nothing like being asked out on a date by a naked man.
talk about checking out the
i declined though since i had a boyfriend.....the future mr foam.

she said...

my favorite life drawing model was 300 pounds or more. then it became more like drawing a landscape...she was the best ever at holding a pose and had the pinkest feet ive ever seen.

this blue one of yours has a bit of a scary vibe to it...not just color but compositionand suggestion of a big long face.

foam said...

methinks somebody has been into the
pulpue again....:) and has been drawing too many zombies....:)

...and now thanks to you, oh she dawgy, i see a long face too..
i think i ought to add a moustache.
watcha think?

X. Dell said...

Well, you're one up on me. I've never been asked out by a naked man.

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