Tuesday, August 28, 2007

current job description:
full-time teacher
cooker of food (that is about to burn!........shit!...oops)
wait....whew....caught it just in time......
soccer mom
scout mom
piano mom
wanna be artist.....
occasional nurse
lousy housekeeper
lousy bookkeeper

so, i'm kind of tired right now. ,,,,,feeling brain dead....
somewhat hard to get back into the school/work routine.
and finding the time to write a halfway decent post ...
much less post a halfway decent visual...


Ruela said...

:)Woman of weapons

Aunty Belle said...

s'okay, puddin'...yore folks is up and runnin', more or less, right?

That is the most important thang of all.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hope you get a lot of rest this holiday weekend.

LADY LUXIE said...

am' alousy bookkeeper to..sniff!...Be well!

Kate said...

hey we are in just about the same profession! hehehe

How about friend... lover... explorer... adventurer... singer(albeit in the shower)... creator...

You skipped all the good ones! lol
F*ck the housework! I stink at billpaying and paperwork.

dd said...

Hey, you forgot to add Lovable Blogger! Lover of Bluegrass! Keeper of the Asylum! Hey, I've seen your closet. You can run but you can't hide... you've got too many hats in active duty to deny it.

foam said...


aunty belle,
yep, we are running, walking, limping, crawling, creeping...
whatever gets the job done

yes, i hope so to. and you know what? i hope you have a great time at this convention you are going to.

the art to be a support group for lousy bookkeepers.

i was wallowing, but yes, i am all those too...:)
i figured you and my job description was pretty similar.

you are too sweet, dd. of course you love me. you've known me all my live. we're blood...
oh, and what closet? that was all mr foam's stuff. and i cleaned that up over the summer.

HLiza said...

Lousy housekeeper too here! (Warning..do not come to my house without a week announcement!)

The Lone Beader said...

Correction. You ARE an artist:)

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Artist"s recognizing artistry



Das Wildschwein

Das Wildschwein
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and she's current christmas masterpiece
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