Tuesday, July 17, 2007

foamy at 12 w/bro

belle tagged me.

after seeing her baby picture and that tie her dad wore i'm dropping the aunty.

aunty, indeed, ole biddy, indeed......tsk...

anywho, she wanted us to post a silly teenage photo. well, actually an embarrassing one.

i don't know how embarrassing this is. and i don't have a scanner that works.

and i was twelve, still a few months shy of being a teen....

but this'll have to do for now.


Aunty Belle said...

I love it !! Youse a cute kid--and your bro too. What fun--I can see how ya would wind uopa lovely woman....

how's yore Mama?

SJ said...

Love it! I too need a scanner to make all those photos bloggable.

Anonymous said...

we had a permanent cast put on my mother since she kept taking the other one off. she's settled into her cast (for better or for worse).
she's okay...


X. Dell said...

Wonderful photo of the two of you. I'm assuming this was in Germany.

The two of you look as though you really liked each other.

Anonymous said...

actually, x., it was in the Deep South during a family reunion. it was one of the 2 summers that we spent in the States during the whole 70s.

we, also fought like cats and dogs though..

Jay said...

Aw, it's pretty sweet :)

she said...

i love it! i love it! its the best thing ive seen today. yay foamy! no kidding deep south i know those pines anywhere

Anonymous said...

yep,it was..:)

yes, those are probably loblolly pines. they make good pulp wood.

SJ said...

xo right back :)

lonesterdog said...

Great image! Takes us to a place of innocence and laughter...not embarrassment.

The Lone Beader said...

I love photos like this... Makes me wish I was a kid again... but I guess I'll always be a kid at heart... :)

foam said...

good to see you here..:)
yes, it was the innocence before fullfledged puberty hit..

yes, i still carry part of that 12 year old girl within me. but mostly i carry a 23 year old girl/woman within me.

dd said...

it was on Grenada Lake - just our two families. It was overcast but we made the best of it.

foam said...

thanks for clarifying that, dd. hey, it was with family i hadn't seen in a long time.....seemed like a reunion to me. i do remember a family reunion that year though. we packed so much in that summer...memories are getting jumbled.
i do specifically remember being at the lake during the family reunion when we came back in 78 though.

X. Dell said...

I'll bet you had more times like this than you had cat-and-dog times.

BTW, who was the cat, and who was the dog?

foam said...

actually, x., i probably fought more like a charging bull.

Princess Banter said...

Awwwww that was a very sweet picture!!! You were very pretty -- and I'm sure you still are!

captain corky said...

Cool pic Foam! I need a scanner too.

SJ said...

evrytime I read the title I can't help but think of "foamy at 12 Westboro"

Anonymous said...

princess, corky,


hmmmm, no 12 westboro in these here parts..

Anonymous said...

hehehe love the photo! Its funny, my little girl is 12 right now and not nearly as curvy as you...she will be a late bloomer like her mama! =]

I will have to go to Aunties to see what the tag was!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

haha... everybody blooms at their own pace.
as long as we eventually get there.

Enemy of the Republic said...

It's a nice one, friend. And I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Looks like so much fun...even if you did fight like cats and dogs :)

Anonymous said...

thanks. what bad blogger? i don't see any around here..:)

you're all airy!
we had our issues with each other but we did love each other dearly too.

SJ said...

Have added a chatbox too - a la Enemy

LADY LUXIE said...

Ohhh..you're baaack!!..Goody! goodie!..juz' like old times!!...

And really nice cool pics...Hmmm' I looked weird when I was 12...yeah' remember..had a pink ribbon tied on my blouse during my 12th birthday..plus I was made to wear a bra..uuugh...itchy uggh'...

Read about what happened to your mom...hope she's doing better...

Thanks for dropping by my bloggy' home while I was away....xo xo xo to yah!!

Anonymous said...

hey luxie! i'm so glad you are properly back online.

i've certainly blogged more then i intended. but when my mother fell writing about it was an enormous stress relief....and that is what a blog can be at times. i also decided that just because i may not be writing as much presently..(this last post was posted over a week ago) i don't have to cut myself off from all my blogging friends. i can visit and still get the things done i need to get done. denying myself from visiting ya'll is like inflicting punishment on poor wittle me.

Rach said...

Cute bikini, you both look so lovely.

Andromeda said...

awww well look at you...what a great pic! just stopping by to say hello. how is it going my friend?

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