Sunday, November 4, 2007

continuation of 8 random things about myself....#4 or is it 5...who's counting anyways..

i pulled this out of draft. i wrote it a few months ago. actually, it was supposed to be random fact #1. i edited and cleaned it up some.

i took ballet classes between the ages of 4 and 18.

i still have my toe shoes, my ballet slippers. perhaps one of these days i will post some pictures. what with all this dancing, i achieved a certain amount of flexibility as a youth. i could almost do the split. I always lacked that last inch no matter how much i practiced. i could certainly bend over backwards, do handstands, rest my foot in my hand and lift the leg on up...and up again., etc. i was not necessarily that talented, probably more athletic actually. i remember my ballet teacher bemoaning the fact that i was also a kayaker as a teenager.

she felt my hands would perhaps be more graceful if they were not holding a paddle or lifting dumbbells several times a week. oh well, i did it for fun....the dancing and the kayaking. she was a good teacher. some of her students managed to get into ballet companies.

at the time in germany it was the thing to do to take dance lessons as a teen. i took several ballroom dance classes as well as a couple of rock n roll classes. yep, i learned how to leap onto the hips of my partner and swing high up into the air. i also learned how to flip over his back. this worked out very well when my partner was the son of the couple who owned the dance studio. he was a tall, strong, hefty man who could with ease lift and swing petite moi around. at the time i was really rather slender...curvy perhaps, but slender. the young man who became my 'unfortunate' permanent partner was a non blood relative of sorts. he was the son of relatives of my mother's half sister.....from her father's side of the family which was not blood related to me. i was asked if i wouldn't mind pairing up with him for these particular classes. i didn't mind. my boyfriend at the time didn't dance.

i liked my new dance partner just fine. he was nice with a fairly good sense of humor. unfortunately, although being a couple of years older he was just as small and just as petite as yah, you of those gangly youths. needless to say, ballet dancing and kayaking foam could leap with much gusto. inevitably, i would knock him flat onto the ground almost every time I came a leaping....:/ there we were collapsed unto the floor. i do think it embarrassed him and i ended up toning down my leaps with the result that we didn't collapse quite as much. i do have to give him credit. he stuck it out. and really he was a pretty good dancer expect he wasn't meant to catch leaping young lasses at the time.

in retrospect i think his parents and my mother were trying to pair us together since they asked if i would also kayak with him on a 100 km kayaking trip down the Rhein river (another random fact) which i did but that's another story. my mother's goal was to seperate me from my boyfriend at the time, a highly intelligent, politically very opinionated college student who was very outspoken with his leftist viewpoints. of course, all parents should know that separating young love is virtually impossible. however, after 2 years the relationship ended on it's own. i never did get together with my slender dance and kayaking partner. last i heard, which was ages ago, he was was married with children.....and not quite so short and skinny anymore...

ps: all the photos are wikipedia photos (added on as an afterthought since folks were starting to think i was one of the kayakers..)


Ruela said...

it's you on the photo? ^

foam said...

no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, lol....
it's just an example. all the photos are taken from wikipedia. but i was tossed almost that high. and the kayaking is exactly the type of kayaking i did. oh and yes, i'm the dude in the

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Those are two very different hobbies you had. At least you never hurt your dance partner, just knocked him down a few times.

Little Lamb said...

Mixing up random facts about yourself. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

we always wanted
to know about foam...
and now are twice as afraid to ask

i like that last pic of captain kirk tossing you up in the air (though it's not that big a deal if you were weightless at the time)


..................... said...

yes, it's a good thing his back was still young.

i am rather an unorganized person..

ah, and just think..
i'm only on #4 or 5 of my random facts..
and no that's not me being tossed in the air.
all the photos are wikipedia photos used as an example.
....although, i did at times wear pig tails like that ...
and i was almost tossed that high..

X. Dell said...

(1) I didn't think the kayakers looked anything like you.

(2) I was kinda hoping the opinionated leftist was Mr. Foam.

(3) I could see you as an athlete, but I can also see you as a dancer. I had a friend who was quite athletic and muscular, and she danced with Martha Graham.

I guess the problem was you were outmuscling your partner, knocking him to the floor and all. I'm guessing the guy wasn't much with a paddle in his hands, either.

I'm sure he married well. At least you did.

LADY LUXIE said...

wow! It must have been exhilarating to be tossed up in the air by a partner!!...fuuuun....

Took up ballet for a couple of months when I was 8....sigh...wish I had reached the point of being tossed...

You have had so many fun experiences you know...from camping ( I remember you wrote about a family camping )to kayaking....I've never done that...well'..except when I was 12 I managed to paddle a great long way from the beach riding in a yellow rubber boat that looked like a kayak...

..................... said...,

1. thank you. and i was just kidding about that..

2. nope. the opinionated leftist was definitely very german. i met mr foam later when i was 23.

3. i could do the ballroom dancing and the rock and roll pretty well but definitely lacked a certain amount of fluidity for ballet.

4. perhaps i outmuscled him at the time. probably not now. actually he wasn't bad with a paddle.

5. yes, i did.


yes, it was fun and exhilirating being tossed by the tall strong fellow at
i'm lucky that my mother enabled me to have many experiences. but, i'm sure that i would think yours were just as differenct and unique to me as mine are to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh' I had a lot of mischief up my sleeves in those days..that I recall he! he!...

I gotta' go to bed..way past midnight and there's still much to do..but I've been uo too long already...

have a fun day...I'm trying to picture you twirling in your must post a picture :))....

Luxie' doo'

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Oh the things we learn about you. Actually I am a little envious. I never learned to dance and that is something my wife loves to do. Guess who has suffered for 42 years; not me. I played for danced when I was younger.
Here I thought I would finally get to see what the REAL foam looked like and you tell me it is not you in the picture.
Well it is getting closer to Christmas time and your "Maid a Leaping" innerself will surface and you can knock down someone..., er dance with someone I meant to say.:)

The Ramblin Irishman said...

P.S. I forgot to tell you about my kayaking experience. Let's just say I was the first one to tip over and I wasn't 10 feet from the shore.

..................... said...

i do have a photo of myself in a tutu..
i might post it complete with a whole in my stocking.
ya' needs to be posting some on that mischief..;)

seems your cheryl survived just fine sans a dance partner. my hubz is not much of a dancer either.
i don't know where my inner leaping maid went to. i ought to find her
so i don't turn into my regular curmudgeonly winter self.
your kayaking experience sounds like blog fodder to me...;)

jin said...

I knew you weren't the chick in the kayak!

Uh... I figured you were the chick in the ballet painting.

HLiza said...

Wow..that's a nice info about you..dancing and kayaking..two things I like to try myself..but I did join some traditional dancing long time ago..which don't involve pairing up with guys. Must be a very nice segment of life back then Foam..I'm imagining how curvy and slender you were..he he..if you never add that last one, I thought the photos are yours..

foam said...

lol, really? i thought perhaps i looked like the kayaker in the back afterall.
yep, and that ballet painting is all me..hehe..

i've done some traditional dancing to...although the definition of that always depends on which culture you are speaking of. i took greek dancing.

Rach said...

And there I was thinking that you were one of those action girls that put us all to shame, kayaking and being thrown around by a man in very dodgy tight tights. Glad to hear you are normal

she said...

i saw a guy go upside down in the river where the kayaking for the olympics were held.....and he couldnt get back around...some other kayakers came and got him right...he was scared sputtering and coughing...i dont think i would like that...maybe a gentle paddle down a slow river like the sewanee

not class 3 or 4...i will stick with that big yellow rubber raft. go foamy

..................... said...

rach, i was fairly active in my teens..
in a low key laid back non competitive kind of way, although i did kayak competitively.


when i had my strong ab muscles during my teens i could flip my kayak and roll it back around. i did that in the whitewater kayaks. i wasn't really a whitewater kayaker though, although i did acquire some skills should i ever find myself in rougher waters....
which i did at one time.
it's been years since i've kayaked.

Little Lamb said...

I took dancing lessons when I was little.

Ruela said...

i wanna dance with
Little Lamb :)

foam said...

just hold off, ruela, buddy boy.....
you can dance with that little lamb as soon as I knit a nice warm winter sweater out of her wool. i hear that little lamb wool is of the finest.

Little Lamb said...

Ok, foam, you can have some wool and I can dance with Ruela.

Anonymous said...

you are such a sweet accomodating little lamb..:)


Jac said...

My first here, thanks for visiting my window.

As I am new here, after reading this, I wonder, how you look like, a kayaker or a dancer ?

In a kayaker you may not find the graceness of a dancer.

Merelyme said... have some cool talents and skills. i took ballet once and i remember the teacher went around to give critique and compliments. she stood there a very long time for me and told me i had good balance. not anymore.

kayaking sounds like so much fun. i should learn how to swim before i would try anything like that.

anyways...just stopping by to say hello and to see how you are doing. i hope you have a wonderful day!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I took ballet classes. I'm a great dancer, but I suck at ballet.

Ruela said...

let's dance L.Lamb because i'm cold

foam said...


welcome to my blogging home. :)
i don't look like a kayaker specifically or a dancer. i look just like regular, normal ole me..
i'll be back to visit you.

it's always good to see you. thanks for popping in. and, yes, it's always nice to know how to swim when kayaking....
although swim vests can be worn.

actually i'm probably not even a good dancer anymore.

do you need that sweater i'm knitting out of Little Lamb's wool?
you could wear it while dancing with her.

Ruela said...

good idea

yoymimismo said...

I believe that you are a very beautifull person, I bless you now and every day of your life



she said...

a rooster sporting a band aid came to my studio today! i couldnt stop smiling! and now some chicks are headed your way, but they are in fine condition. \ i hope you smile too. thanks foamy.

this should be peak weekend for fall color! i know you'll be out in it. be physical for me, okay?

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