Thursday, July 17, 2008

winter 83/84/germany  
photo taken by  mr foam who was not mr foam yet,
 since at that time we had known each other all of perhaps 6 months ..

if i could have seen into the future then ..  ..
i might just have turned around and headed off into those woods ..

and then again..

maybe not ..


boneman said...

well, it's obvious I missed something here.
Thought there was happiness with Mr. Foam, m'dear.

Sorry, it's hit hard this time....
seems like all the world's turned into rhyme.

Stoppit, boneman! Stoppit right now!
Or I swear we'll make you go eat a cooked cow.

Like Fezzik, it has my brain in a grip...
seems like poetry is easy to rip.

Aunty Belle said...

Yeah...I think--NOT. That ole "perfect" is such an enemy to the "pretty darn good."

Loved knee easel!!

boneman said...

ok ok I know how to break it ORANGE!
oh shoot, now I feel compelled to oil the door hinge.

Well, none the less, that's a pretty picture in the trees
the snow, the frost, and underneath all the leaves.

But why the second guess about the man that you married back then?
Has something in your life altered what you felt way back when?

OK, stop with the poetry, she won't take you serious.....

second time this evening I've had to cool down.
(muffled muff muff muffled muff muff and call aunty a clown)

But I can be serious, though you may not want to air it in public. I mean, it's your heart....

foam said...

we moved in with each other a month after we met..
and we've been together since ..

like all long term committed relationships it has had it's ups and downs and ups ..

i'm not always easy to live with and neither is he ..

but, all round .. we make it work "pretty darn good"

and, perhaps maybe i let a certain amount of nostalgia and melancholy slip through in this post..

SJ said...

Just consider this: if you had headed off inot teh woods you might have never gotten to know ME!!! Doesn't the very thought make you shudder?

foam said...

an sjless future? dang! now why didn't i head off into those woods...!
just kidding of course.
and, of course i wouldn't head off into those woods anyway..

dianne said...

Oh Foamie dont make me sad, I think of you and Mr Foam as the ideal couple, glad you didn't go off into those woods.
That is a lovely photo,a pretty young woman ( a pre Mrs Foam :))amongst all of that snow, gosh it must have been cold!
I have been feeling very nostalgic lately,lonely actually - marriage does have its ups and downs, mine ended ten years ago but we are still friends. :)

foam said...

but dianne..
we ARE the ideal couple ..

as long as he knows that i'm always perfect ..
and right ..
and, of course, smarter and more talented and all that good stuff ..
and i'm just kidding, of course ..

dianne said...

Well I am sure you are all of those things & more, that is why he loves you! :)

HLiza said...

I admit it.. I do have the same thought at certain point in my life..everybody does I think..what if this and what if that. But I believe we have no regrets..

..................... said...

nahhh, no regrets ..
but i do think it's normal to occasionally wonder ..

X. Dell said...

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But you have promises to keep,
And miles to go before you sleep,
And miles to go before you sleep.

Sounds like a wise decision, to me.

..................... said...

robert frost!
and .. i had to google it to figure out which poet it was.
it's a lovely poem ..

whimsical brainpan said...

It's not too late. Run Foam, run! ;-)

X. Dell said...

Get it? Frost and snow?

..................... said...

poor dear~ (pat, pat on the forehead)
the fever must have touched you in the head ..
you sounds positively like sj..

..................... said...

whimsy ..
that's what i tell myself .. i can still always ruuuuuuuun...
and then run back ..

Midsummerprism said...

ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! to what you said about heading off into the woods coz' I just pretty said the same thing an hour ago tho' course' in a different way...

we were fooling around in bed
( ahem') and he said how lucky I am to have met him (????!!) so I blurted gawd' if I had any idea..if I could have only looked into the future I would have headed in the other direction soon as I had you in sight!! Kiiiding of course, well, maybe sometimes NOT ha!ha!..but just like long as he thinks I'm perfect...hee!hee!

N'ways..the pic is soooo's like that Narnia the part where this little girl walks through this huge closet and finds herself in a place that really looks a lot like where you where in that pic...enchanted..enchanted..I hope someday to be able to walk in a place that looks like that..even just once...that's all I need..once...

foam said...

lol.. whimsy .. i it's normal to wonder at times, he he..

and actually the coat i'm wearing in the photo ..
a hand me down coat from the early 50s. it was my mom's sisters. i found it in an old closet .. :) and then wore it for years. i still have it actually although it's not in that great shape anymore.

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