Saturday, June 16, 2007

"an independent minded foam wrote quite contently at home
she snickered alright cause she realized tonight
that wadded up panties belonged to the right."

in case you are wondering what the above little limerick is about:
Aunty Belle hosted a limerick writing contest. She was going to pick a male and a female winner. Well, lo and behold, i'm one of the winners. lol, and i really, really, really have to thank my fellow blogger she since she was the inspiration for the little ditty up there. She wrote a hoot of a limerick herself to which i couldn't help but respond. check it out at aunty's site.
there were also fun limericks from fellow bloggers which are in a couple of other posts below aunty's most recent post.

eheerm..eheeerm....Miss Foamy and Miss are the questions..( adjusting eyeglasses...and popping popcorn on mouth...)....

oh, yes, and the above.....(adjusting eyeglasses meself, sipping beer though) are some questions that Mrs Luxie came up with for us. In one of her posts she was answering questions that one of her readers asked her. she asked who might like having questions asked and i volunteered. I was interested to see what the lux would come up with:
1. any get to own a planet....( hey'..I heard land on the moon is for sale, so you never know....) how....would you design it?....Like..would it be a circle, square...triangle..planet?? what it be WI FI ready?..and would there be cable?.....would there be bloggers???.....And..would there be taxes???

1. a shimmering diaphanous sphere where colors vibrate and pulse with of a life of their own. blue hills, purple peaks, hematite laden cliffs, crystalline waters, frothy violet waterfalls. swarming, writhing snakelike, lime green grasses
. yet once trod on, thousands of grass blades turn into a velvety cushioned mass. once untrod the foam reverts back to its swarming state. vast oceans which are inhabited by thinking , telepathic, diaphanous shape changing creatures, fish whose bubbles form words of wisdom, lights that shimmer in the dark, darkness that shimmers in the light, water plants whose breath evaporates upon reaching the surface of the oceans only to form the essence of the universe.

beings who inhabit the surface of the planet. glossy, hairless creatures who shimmer in the dark. benign in their intentions they bring the dreams of which the universe is made of. light dwelling beings also hairless, noseless (noses are hard to draw), clothesless, intelligent, thinking, speaking, communicating via words emitting from an oral orifice, thoughts transmitted through the mind, thoughts that can travel the sphere and the oceans. (computers?, blogs? bloggers? puleeze, that is just so early 21st century huMAHHHN. and all cable compaies are EVIL anyways.......). beings who choose the colors and textures of their essence depending on their mood, floating, walking, swimming, flying creatures of light. this particular light creature chooses to emenate herself on herself most of the time as a glossy hematite colored being whose underlying colors undulate and pulsate with soft shades of silvers and purples. the shapes of these light beings is as they choose it to be best for them. this hematite colored being has multiple arms since she has a need to manipulate the essence of the materials around her.

yes, there are he's and she's for unmentionable pleasures. but upon arriving upon this shimmering sphere, offspring are born unisex and only upon maturity do they decide the he'ness or she'ness of their essence.
2. What would you name this planet and the creatures inhabiting it...and why that name???.... why that's simple... Planet: foam Creatures: foamers... and do i have to answer why i choose those names?

3. Now listen clearly....what...whaaat is the wiiiiiiildest ride you have ever ever taken???

4. Where would you rather be right now? this is the first question i'm answering, btw.
let's see, (swigging on a beer, a rather high octane one to boot, a victory golden monkey, uh oh, i'm a light weight when it comes to drinking) let's see: Paris, NYC, the beach...anywhere (oh, there's a cool beach on have to hike there, at least you did 20 years ago....oh, and it's nude. well, don't think i'm into that anymore. but i did witness the gods making love at that beach....and that's no lie or exageration) but, hiking anywhere that's not my immediate surroundings is still good, montana, germany, n'awlinz, mississippi.....i guess anywheres that's not here. boy, i could have saved myself some writing here.

5. What was the scariest thing you ever saw????? 2nd question i'm answering:
oh, there's all kinds of scary things. such as watching the news, listening to the news of another young soldier dieing in this war, watching the outcome of presidential elections, reading about killings on college campuses, watching the icecaps melt, but my answer will be personal:

well then........hmmmmmmmmmmm, perhaps watching as the bathroom door handle slowly turns as a strange hairy male hand wraps itself around the door, but i've done blogged about that..
i'm not sure if i was scared, but it was bizarre and i was so surprised it knocked the breath out of me. i could barely react in any kind of voice...i was flashed once...
ever since then, and to this day i distrust men that just casually hang around at parks. i guess what was scary about that incident is that at that particular instance we were completely alone for a few moments.
oh, and that little incident when a pistol was held against my chest and i made eye to eye contact with the person holding it...........tsk...
i don't know if these are proper answers to this particular question, because when these things actually happened there was no time to be scared. being scared was an afterthought...
but, what is truly scary is all these little ......(the dots) that i've gotten into the habit of putting behind each sentence. it's a gonna have to stop......oops..

oh, but this monkey beer, it's got exotic spices from the east in it. i don't know, sounds verrrry, verrry suspicious to me....and it's supposed to be 'playfully delightful' . too bad my husband is gone on a business trip again. but this beer here, this beer...the monkey on this beer logo also has an eye in it's belly. and it's got four arms and i promise i'm not seeing double. besides the monkey is yellow with a tail protruding from it's leg. oh, and the surgeon general does warn that certain folkses should not be drinking this beer. i don't know....this just might be the scariest thing i've seen in a long time. forget the above stuff.


maybe i'll just continue this post later.

now, to edit or not to edit.....naahhh.


SJ said...

Liked the answers... I did want to write "anywhere but here" too but it wasn't perverted enuf.

Princess Banter said...

Haha same here -- I could never think of a particular place I'd like to be at during a certain amount of time. But I can defo think of a thousand other places I'd rather be in right now...

Anonymous said...

foam said...

sj..well i guess it would depend on how you define 'anywhere but here'..

i guess it's the proverbial 'grass is greener' on the other side syndrome.

Anonymous said...

i remember
your limmerick
over at auntie B's...

it's funny & clever, especially in context -- congrats to you and auntie B


Imma (Alice) said...

ROFL.... That is some great writing Foam. I enjoyed reading every word.

Congrats on winning with your limerick... I'll have to go visit Auntie Belle and have a look around.

X. Dell said...

(1) Congratulations on your poetry victory. I'll remember your advice if I ever happen to find myself in panties.

(2) NYC is good.

(3) Male sexual aggression is a pretty scarry thing.

(4) I think the logo of Monkey Beer is designed to make consumers think they are drunker than they actually are.

foam said...

actually /t. i liked your limerick too. it made my mouth go all round.

hey, imma,
thanks! and look at you and your avatar. great photo of yourself.,
1. so, you'll pass those panties on them?
2. i'm not surprised you would think so.
4. it is a stouter than usual beer. up until a couple of years ago you couldn't get it in NC due to the alcohol level content.

Anonymous said...

UUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh to the scariest things you've seen Madame I glad you didn't edit...sent you an email...just now...shhhhhhh.....

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Great limerick Foam!

Ok that is some really scary stuff!

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