Monday, June 18, 2007

foam answers luxie question #1

1. any get to own a planet....( hey'..I heard land on the moon is for sale, so you never know....) how....would you design it?....Like..would it be a circle, square...triangle..planet?? what it be WI FI ready?..and would there be cable?.....would there be bloggers???.....And..would there be taxes???


1. a shimmering diaphanous sphere where colors vibrate and pulse with of a life of their own. blue hills, purple peaks, hematite laden cliffs, crystalline waters, frothy violet waterfalls. swarming, writhing snakelike, lime green grasses
. yet once trod on, thousands of grass blades turn into a velvety cushioned mass. once untrod the mass reverts back to its swarming state.
ast oceans which are inhabited by thinking , telepathic, diaphanous shape changing creatures, fish whose bubbles form words of wisdom, lights that shimmer in the dark, darkness that shimmers in the light, water plants whose breath evaporates upon reaching the surface of the oceans only to form the essence of the universe.

beings who inhabit the surface of the planet. glossy, hairless creatures who shimmer in the dark. benign in their intentions they bring the dreams of which eternity is made of.
light dwelling beings also hairless, noseless (noses are hard to draw),
clothesless, intelligent, thinking, speaking, communicating via words emitting from an oral orifice, thoughts transmitted through the mind, thoughts that can travel the sphere and the oceans. (computers?, blogs? bloggers? puleeze, that is just so early 21st century huMAHHHN. and all cable compaies are EVIL anyways.......). beings who choose the colors and textures of their essence depending on their mood, floating, walking, swimming, flying creatures of light. this particular light creature chooses to emanate herself on herself mostly as a glossy hematite colored being whose underlying colors undulate and pulsate with soft shades of silvers and purples. the shapes of these light beings is as they choose it to be best for them. this hematite colored being has multiple arms since she has a need to manipulate the essence of the materials around her.

yes, there are he's and she's for unmentionable pleasures. but upon arriving upon this shimmering sphere, offspring are born unisex and only upon maturity do they decide the he'ness or she'ness of their essence.

2. What would you name this planet and the creatures inhabiting it...and why that name???....

why that's simple...
Planet: foam
Creatures: foamers...

and i'm not answering why i choose those names....:)

ps: i've answered luxie's questions 4 and 5 two posts down. i'll get to questions 2 and 3 at a later point.

pss: taXES?


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Foamers... I like it!
Wonderful planet BTW!

Jay said...

Well of course taxes - eventually those noseless creatures will want to retire, and someone has to pay for the lime green grasses to be cut and for the big flashy Planet Foam sign.

SJ said...

Wow I am trying to visualize the planet not very successfully but it already looks nice.

Go Foamers!

foam said...


lol, perfect answers. flashy planet foam sign?....hmmm

maybe the foamers can play the what were they called?.... 'the sems? in some kind of new invented ball game.

she said...

heeeey, that sounds great. just ripe for development. i think i will go there ..pave it over, build a theme park and call it diaphanous hematite world. keeping in tradition of naming the new for the old destroyed.

foam said...

oh, wow..
now we have a flashy planet foam sign and a hematite theme park.
okay, i'll go for both. all theme parks are heavily taXED pay for that flashy sign and mowing, you, insurance rates for theme parks are sky high and i'm the sole insurance broker....
.....oh, the power, the power...;)


X. Dell said...

Does the planet Foam have a moon named Styro?

I don't think I would mind living on your planet, but I believe I'll keep my nose.

SJ said...

Ball game with the sems!! LOL.

Sorry I had to say that. A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.

I agree with X don't wanna lose my nose. Losing a nose is nothing to be sneezed at :D

OK OK I am leaving already.

foam said... and sj,
okay, if ya'll insist on noses, by all means...
but they are just a bunch of mucusy holding, dribbling pouches of sinus pain causing .... protuberances.,
styro? nah, i'd rather name it quantum.

oh yes, a dirty mind, indeed, is a waste...../err/ i meant to say a terrible thing to waste. which one did i mean to say now? take your pick, you silly

she said...

right. the planet where insulation is mined.

Bardouble29 said...

Hi there came to check out your answers.

I love your planets!!!

Anonymous said...

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUu!!!!!!!!! Would I love to be a foameranian citizen!!!!..Oh' I would pledge allegiance to the Foamer Code of Living...

um' nose??

Luxie doodle' doo..

Princess Banter said...

Is there room for one more in that awesome planet of yours? ;)

Imma (Alice) said...

Wow, very interesting planet. I think I'll have to stop by for a visit.

I hope the Foamers don't have taxes because they are all about government and greed. At first everyone pitches in to do their share of the work to make life good, then come taxes and no one wants to do the work anymore unless they're getting paid... and the politicians, the ones in charge of the tax money, use it to make themselves richer and richer while the people suffer.

Oooppps, so much for a simple "hi".


foam said...


taxes suck.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I want to move :)
Even to your side of the mountain would be ok with me...anything to get out of this city!
Of course I realize there's trouble anywhere one goes...

Except for the planet Foam, of course! :)

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